Short animated film Beyond the Reset by Oleg Kuznetsov

Based on Klaus Schwab's book, Covid-19: The Great Reset, is a 'new world' plan that was miraculously conceptualised and catapulted off COVID-19, just a few short months into the pandemic. It has been promoted globally through his speeches via the World Economic Forum, DAVOS and "think tanks".

This film looks at the worst case scenario of a dystopian humanity, not from a vivid imagination, but from observations of current world events, promoted policies, governmental implementation and anecdotal records.

Many of the scenarios within the film are in reality already implemented in government policies.

They are rolling out via various policies, military and scientific research, and development organisations such as the CSIRO. These policies are being pushed through via Smart Cities and ongoing threats and upcoming prophesied pandemics by Bill Gates and the WHO.

It is there for the eye to see and the mind to concur via deductive reasoning

  • The fearmongering of CO2 and NET Zero - The UN and WEF's 'New Green Deal' is being implemented globally via our governments, the news and businesses.
  • Quarantine/FEMA camps - These are actually concentration camps, built in Australia and globally. Who are they for? Why would governments spend millions on these camps for a surprise pandemic that they apparently didn't expect.
  • 24-hour surveillance - Smart Meters, smart whitegoods, bio-sensors in personal Fitbit technologies, drone surveillance used by police and military in Australia during lockdowns, and drones being promoted by food delivery companies (eg, MenuLog and Uber Eats).
  • Digital ID - linked to surveillance, vaccine passports, law enforcement and military, your bank accounts, your business (Directors Digital ID), your medical records and your ability to travel.
  • Digital Currency / CBDCs - Central Bank Digital Currencies: the loss of and disuse of cash being implemented across the world, including Australia. As part of the Covid Pandemic, cash was targeted as a germ spreader and the move towards a cashless society was well underway in global banks. The CBDC new financial system was steamrolled into action. Cashless means total control over the surveillance of your spending and linked to fines and social credit scores such as seen in China.
  • Censorship - Like the era of the Dark Ages, censorship of non-government funded science, the truth, opinions, whistle-blowers, and old versions of books and movies are now banned or censored. Australia has colluded with Google to implement censorship of the search engine and what you can find on the internet. Anything that is against the government narrative is fact-checked and censored, akin to China's authoritarian control over information.
  • Universal Basic Income - allocated via welfare payments due to loss of jobs and businesses, and higher unemployment rates as a symptom of Covid lockdowns. This was contrarily promoted as a utopian solution where you won't have to work, and can spend more time on hobbies and life enhancing pursuits. In short - a Communist/Marxist system where everyone is poor except the very wealthy minority at the top.
  • Vaccine Coercion - Coercion using the ability to travel, entry into certain countries, bribing with free food (McDonalds, Krispy Kreme etc) and cash (in Indigenous communities in Australia) used as incentives. Other coercion tactics were used to deny entry into universities, colleges, clubs, pubs, restaurants, participating shops, the workplace and gyms. People faced Nazi-style discrimination and abuse during this time which was encouraged by the State and Federal governments, and endorsed by a compliant and ignorant general public.
  • Experimental Vaccines - with ZERO liability granted to Pharmaceutical companies and Medical Associations. The Covid-19 vaccines and mutated variant vaccines are still not technically classed as a vaccine. They are classed as experimental therapy because they still have not gone through the appropriate human trials. The global population were the human Guinea-pig trials. As a result, deaths globally are up exponentially across the board, with ZERO admittance or accountability by our government.

Hundreds of Millions spent on Quarantine camps in Australia

Australian Quarantine Camps have been built, with more still under construction. Some were named 'Centres for National Resilience'. This was done under the guise of accommodation for natural disasters and immigrants quarantining as they arrive in Australia.

Christmas Island: North West Point Immigration Detention Centre, Phosphate Hill, Construction Camp Alternative Places of Detention (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie).

Northern Territory: National Resilience Centre (a.k.a., Manigurr-ma) and the Todd Facility (part of the Mercure Alice Springs Resort).

Queensland: Damascus Barracks (a.k.a., National Resilience Centre) and Queensland Regional Accommodation Centre.

Victoria: Alternative Quarantine Accommodation (a.k.a., National Resilience Centre, Mickleham).

Western Australia: Bullsbrook Training Area (a.k.a., National Resilience Centre).

How long will the above camps last and will additional ones be built?

Referring to his State’s vaccination programme and health passport system, Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews said: “Why would you have that thing up and running and then pull all the architecture that you have built, the culture that you have changed – why would you change that four, five weeks later? We will not do that. (Source: Tott News)

Below: Manigurr-ma accommodation village at Howard Springs, Darwin, which houses over 3,500 inmates.

We can also see this type of dystopia occurring with the resumption of farmers' lands, climate lockdowns for towns in England, Digital ID needed to access clean water and food in other countries, the track-and-trace of phones and via the use of QR Codes, shutting down of bank accounts of protesting farmers, and fines to farmers on cattle methane emissions. Furthermore, the increasing cost of food, especially meat, triple-fold energy costs, the current rental housing crisis and increased homelessness are being encouraged.

Last but not least is the handing over of control and authorisation given to unelected departments such as the Greater Cities Commission and Private Public Partnerships (PPPs) in each State in Australia to enforce and roll out local council-backed smart cities, which encompasses most of the above dystopian factors within its planning.

Will you allow humanity to go back down the path of Gulags and Concentration Camps?

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