Vegans may celebrate this, but the majority of Australia and the world are now being punished for their traditional hunter/gatherer diets. 

This United Nations (UN) measure could, in turn, deprive 80 million people of protein.

"The UN will soon abolish small farms, eliminating global food chains that have fed the world for hundreds of years."

Malcolm Roberts During Address to Parliament

We will see megafarms control the production and volume of meat, in the name of science.

The Rise of FAKE FOOD

What we are witnessing is not just the rising cost of food, but the blatant misrepresentation of fake meat posing as the real thing.

These products are so cleverly developed that it can be hard to tell the difference. Meat is sold that doesn't even taste like meat, including bacon that looks to be 3D-printed, with minimal flavour or substance.

  • The rise in the cost of REAL MEAT is at a historic high.
  • Farmers are being crucified with Net Zero regulations and culling their livestock.
  • Climate alarmists and animal rights activists are shaming the population on their carnivore status, all adding to the external enforcement of less meat purchases for most families.

This cannot be allowed to continue.

Read the Transcript for the Malcolm Roberts speech on the ban on meat and government overreach on peoples diets.

Listen to World Economic Forum Audio podcast on the future of food

Source: DDG Creative Commons

Plant-based meat is nutritionally inferior to real meat. The body cannot absorb the nutrients added to fake meat, making these foods nutritionally void. "These meat substitutes contained high levels of phytates, anti-nutrients that inhibit the absorption of minerals in the body,”

In addition, it is mostly made from a foundation of soy and pea protein, with much of it being commercially-produced legumes, beans and cereals that are Genetically Modified and highly sprayed with MONSANTO/BAYER pesticides, glyphosates, herbicides, and synthetic fertilisers, and are also highly processed.

Genetically Modified foods have been found to have multiple harmful effects. Many studies have been done by Universities and Scientists who are funded by technocratic organisations pushing for de-population. The World Health Organisation, World Economic Forum, The United Nations and the Rockefeller Foundation are certainly not institutions that can be trusted with your nutrition, health and wellbeing.

One comment on “United Nations Plans Imminent "GLOBAL PUSH" for Lab-Grown and Plant-based Meat to Replace "The Real Thing"”
  1. I am a vegetarian and I won't eat those plant based meats. They are terrible.
    I also have had meat eaters on my case for being a vegetarian and for not eating meat I must be unhealthy so I can't believe meat eaters around the world aren't protesting wildly about this.
    Plant based "meats" should not be purchased. Call a boycott on them. They can't be forced on people.

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