Has there been a focus on moral based societal concerns as a distraction to the nefarious release of invasive tech? Individuals and environmentalists have been highlighting the focus onto issues such as microplastics for the last 15 or so years. This environmental issue has been all over the news and brought to our attention to a major environmental catastrophe that affects marine life and food sources as well as affect our and animals DNA, with the consequence being the banning of plastic bags, plastic products including straws, microbeads in cosmetics and so on.

It is truly a real concern, one that the government and corporations ignored from the get go until the microplastics in our food couldn't be hidden any longer. But what you should all be very concerned about is not just the selective distractions such as the above, that media chose to give air time to, but the hidden and even more nefarious development and application of SMART DUST without the public's knowledge.

To understand why SMART DUST is relevant and detrimental to everyday folk, we need to understand the mechanics and applications of SMART DUST and how each of us are interacting with SMART DUST in our everyday lives, without us even being aware of it.

The implementation of SMART DUST into the wider environment comes with integration and direct relation to The Internet of Things (IoT). There are peak factors that need to be understood in order to make the connection to how this is rolling out into the general public. These include, but not limited to; the IoT, the World Economic Forum, the value of the Data Driven Economy, the possible connection to Covid and PCR Tests and the SMART DUST as the intermediary technology. We'll explore all of these to give a brief overview.

Smart Dust and Associated Integration

IoT: The Internet of Things also known as The Internet of Everything is the platform/ for a “hyperconnected world”.......The term Internet of Things generally refers to scenarios where network connectivity and computing capability extends to objects, sensors on everyday items not normally considered computers, allowing these devices to generate, exchange and consume data with minimal human intervention.

IoT serves as an enabling platform to facilitate implementation of artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive decision support systems, big data analytics, machine intelligence, and smart healthcare. The effective development of smart solutions, that require IoT, also need cloud storage and processing facilities to manage and process the raw data, collected by the IoT-enabled sensors.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

Smart Cities and Homes: Smart dust has it's place in 'Smart' living. Connected to whitegoods, the internet, people and infrastructure, Smart dust can connect to your Digital ID, CBDC bank accounts, services, surveillance, utilities and whitegoods, where automation of living is promoted as beneficial and convenient but there is much room for mismanagement, control and nefarious usage to control and monitor the population, where information can be used about you, or even against you, via your choices. Eg: Say you like have a beer or wine in the evenings or weekends, your purchases and consumption will be monitored and if you go over what the 'acceptable' allocations are for you, depending on your health status, carbon balance, social behaviour history etc, you will be registered as having a drinking problem, have your purchases restricted and offered mandatory AA sessions or tagged as a health risk to society. Smart Dust within Smart Cities and homes will track and monitor your every move, essentially making people a free-range prisoner.

World Economic Forum (WEF): The founding fathers of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and partners to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are now dictating global policy, support the full integration with the IoT and SMART technologies. Digital fabrication technologies are interacting with the biological world on a daily basis. Engineers, designers, and architects are combining computational design, additive manufacturing, materials engineering, and synthetic biology to pioneer a symbiosis between microorganisms, our bodies, the products we consume, and even the buildings we inhabit, such as SMART Cities.

Data Driven Economy: Data is the new gold and a trillion dollar commodity. Data comes from all manufacturing, products, sales, transactions, information input and output for every transaction, whether it be commercial or a social interaction such as sharing your thoughts on social media. Consumer and biological Data is a HUGE business. Data from the natural environment is also a commodity to be transacted and value driven by the carbon economy. Data is transferred via Blockchain technology, which is in use to track and trace every single item bought, produced, sourced, sold and consumed, this can then be used to measure a companies or individuals carbon usage or patterns and thus can then sold business to business (B2B), be taxed or even fines could be issued based on the data.

5G: 5G is rolling out across the world, amongst much debate on the safety issue surrounding the EMF emissions from 5G. 5G enables the and supports the IoT and connectivity of every digital application and SMART enabled device, including SMART DUST micro-electromechanical sensors. 5G is short range and requires more 5G towers in closer distances in order to collect massive amounts of data. 5G is NOT about faster connectivity for you as a consumer, though it is promoted to the public as an improved service for phone and internet coverage, it is only about data collection via applied accounting, monitoring and connectivity to the IoT devices, SMART DUST requires multiple access points of connectivity in order to disseminate data ongoing. 5G meets that need.

SMART DUST: Find the original 1993 SMART dust funding proposal here, which Darpa got behind for military development.

What is "Smart dust? General purpose computing, sensors, and wireless networking, all bundled up in millimeter-scale motes drifting in the air currents, flecks of computing power, settling on your skin, ingested, monitoring you inside and outsince the late 90′s.

The diffusion of computing into the environment will mean not just that computing power is always available, but that this computing power will drive ubiquitous monitoring and surveillance." Alisdair Allen.

Informative overview of the benefits and threats of Smart Dust. from 2014.

"Smart Dust consists of sensors at the nanotechnology level that can be deployed in the millions to billions, with a myriad of applications. Smart Dust is both the ultimate instantiation and the ultimate nightmare for IoT (Internet of Everything). On an individual level, the Smart Dust devices are referred to as MOTES or MEMS. “MOTES” refers to a generic tiny particle, while “MEMS” is a more specialized term that stands for “micro-electromechanical sensors.” These devices are the wave of the future for anything from global weather management and smart city monitoring to war theatre mapping and internal medicine.

They are a single package with sensing, computation, communication, and power to collect data and report it back to home base. They could easily be misused for surveillance and environmental data collection, possibly manipulation, in any location. Being as small as they are, if dropped near a target facility, the personnel entering would be covered in them and even inhale them, making a secure facility obsolete. Since they CAN BE INHALED, even standard procedures such as clothing changes, dust suits, and broad spectrum communications jamming would be ineffectual because once the person leaves the environment with the sensors inside of them, the sensors can report back on what they discovered." 2017 David Monahan, Research Director, Security and Risk Management

Enterprise Management Associates 

Go to 11 mins in if you are short of time to watch the rest.

Proposed Biological Usage

"By using tiny particles that are equipped with sensors and communication capabilities, doctors can monitor and intervene with vital signs without having to remove or insert devices into the body. The technology doesn’t require any type of infrastructure to be laid down before it can be used. It is easy to deploy, flexible, and goes undetected, so it can be deployed in hard-to-reach areas like inside buildings. Smart particles can be used to detect intruders by tracking movements. It is a tiny item that can be used to track and monitor objects and people. as it is a digital technology, there is also a risk of cyberattacks. Cybersecurity breaches can compromise the smart dust network with malware." And what do cyberattacks and malware mean for those when they have this inside of their bodies?

“Using the peripheral nervous system as a medium for delivering therapy is largely new territory and it’s rich with potential to manage many of the conditions that impact the readiness of our military and, more generally, the health of the nation,” Darpa.

However, this also leaves the application of SMART DUST open to abuse by those who wish to control and monitor their population, think North Korea, China and now apply it to western countries via AI based Smart Cities and Smart device tech.

Security and invasion into peoples lives:

"Tiny cameras or radars also can be tacked onto the data-collecting network to detect the presence of people or vehicles., with you being under constant, secret surveillance, via the implementation of putting trillions of monitors all over the world.

"It's a very, very, very huge potential privacy invasion because we're talking about very, very small sensors that can be undetectable, effectively," said Lee Tien, an attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a privacy advocate.

They are there in such numbers that you really can't do anything about them in terms of easy countermeasures." That doesn't mean that researchers should stop working on smart dust. But they should be mindful of privacy as the work progresses."

What does mean for not just your privacy but also your data? Kris Pister, inventor of the Smart Dust said, "the wireless frequencies that smart dust sensors use to communicate which work kind of like Wi-Fi, have security built into them. So the data is public only if the person or company that installed the sensor wants it to be, he said. (meaning that whoever controls the smart dust sensors that may have been ingested or inhaled, have access and control over your information, sounds dystopian and open to abuse).

"Clearly, there are security concerns and privacy concerns," Pister said, "and the good news is that when the radio technology was being developed for this stuff, it was shortly after all of the big concerns about Wi-Fi security. We've got all the security tools we need underneath to make this information private." He said this a couple of decades ago, before hackers became more sophisticated and before we were seeing daily cyberattacks on secure platforms.

Further privacy concerns may arise if another vision for smart dust comes true. Some researchers are looking into making mobile phones into sensors. In this scenario, the billions of people roaming the Earth with cell phones become the "smart dust.

The big picture is clear, the use of Smart Dust and the relation between this and what is occurring in our society via Smart Cities, the WEF and Rockefeller Foundations Inventory of Everything, and what is rolling out where the inhaled Smart Dust within our bodies provides the powers that be with distance surveillance and use for their economic data...eg; gov spending on health, housing, hospitals, 5G and collaboration with the IoT, lockdowns and biodata tracking.

Consider the following Possibilities:

  • Is Smart Dust part of the Chemtrail cocktail. Is Barium, Aluminium, Graphene and other heavy metals found in Chemtrails needed to act as conduits for the Smart Dust and the 4 and 5G connection?
  • Is the spraying of smart dust being used to assist Lidar technology to measure carbon storage for economic commodity gain and therefore deployed in large areas, including rural populated areas?
  • Is Smart Dust on your clothing or inhaled via the air, being used to track, trace and monitor the general public?
  • Will dispersed Smart Dust be integrated with frequency weapons as used in Australia and New Zealand on peaceful protesters or linked with the robotic police dogs, we may soon see in Australia and as being used in New York, to identify and intercept individuals, even innocent ones?
  • Will Smart Dust be used as a biomarker to determine if you have a flu and report this back to health and police authorities so that you can be enforced into lockdown. And if you live in a Smart Home, will the house lock you in until you take your 'prescribed' pharmaceuticals or vaccine and until you are 'deemed' well enough to integrate with society? Could that happen with people with depression or other benign mental health conditions too?
  • Are you ingesting Smart Dust via the food that it has been sprayed on? Does the Smart Dust integrate into the plant as the seeds grow through Smart dusted soils?
  • Are we now actually hackable Humans, rather than just a psychopaths fantasy, if we have ingested Smart Dust, such as spoken about by Yuval Noah Harari?
  • If we have ingested Smart Dust, does that make us all more susceptible to the unhealthy EMF frequencies from 4G and 5G, microwaves, telco towers and can this cause cancers?
  • Is this the reason why more and more people are reporting that their phone and search engines seem to be able to 'read their minds' and show posts/news articles related to thoughts rather then actual searches or verbalised topics?
  • Were PCR Tests a direct intrusive method of delivering Smart Dust via nasal membranes (often touching the brain barrier membranes) in billions of people world wide and without CONSENT?

4 comments on “SMART Dust, IoT and Nanohumans”
  1. I have a question.....is there a test to see if a person has inhaled this filth?
    If something magnetic, one could think of some magnets to grasp them from the air but other components wouldn't be magnetic.

    This whole thing from the the first day of the fake pandemic and fake vaccine in 2019 is a murderous action towards the population. And still the people are brain dead to what is happening.

  2. Further to Barb's question,are they brain dead because of smart dust already at work inside their bodies/ brains?

    And would detoxing for heavy metals get rid of smart dust?

  3. Further to Barb's question, would smart dust be causing this brain dead effect if being able to utilise as a weapon, and would a heavy metal detox remove smart dust from the body and brain?

    1. Anything is possible. It’s hard to know at this point but we will do further research to see if anyone has come uo with any detox methods. We don’t know for sure that it is being used at this point as it seems rather expensive to just be dumping on us willy nilly.

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