There have been a myriad of studies showing the adverse effects of RFR (radio frequency radiation) exposure on the human body.

In the past, we have been able to turn off our mobile phones and various other devices to protect ourselves to some degree; however, we cannot turn off the 5G antennas that are being rolled out en masse throughout our neighbourhoods.

Our governments have ignored the concerns of so many scientists across the world. This article is a compilation of some of the extensive research that highlights the dangers of 5G, and addresses the industry-funded studies that may be hiding those dangers. 

Please be aware that children are most susceptible to radio frequency as their blood-brain barrier is not yet fully developed. Parents, please be vigilant and fully inform yourselves to protect your precious children.

Did you know that independent studies have associated long-term, low-level RFR (radio frequency radiation) exposure with a litany of health effects, including but not limited to:

To view more peer-reviewed scientific research of adverse effects, click here.

Is there a 5G tower near your child’s school?

A 2018 study, “Mobile Phone Base Station Tower Settings Adjacent to School Buildings: Impact on Students’ Cognitive Health” published in the American Journal of Men’s Health, investigated male students in schools near cell towers.

The researchers concluded that exposure to higher RF levels is associated with negative impacts on motor skills, memory and attention.

Examples of other effects linked to cell towers in research studies include neuropsychiatric problems (published in NeuroToxicology), elevated diabetes (published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health), headaches (published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine), and sleep problems and genetic damage (published in the French journal Pathologie Biologie).

RF (radio frequency) is classified as a "possible carcinogen"

Radio-frequency (RF) radiation was classified as "Group 2B, a possible human carcinogen" by the World Health Organisation, meaning there is some evidence that it can cause cancer. Further epidemiological, animal, and mechanistic studies have strengthened the association. In spite of this, in most countries, little or nothing has been done to reduce exposure and educate people on the health hazards of RF radiation. (source - Library of Medicine).

Ollie Johansson, director of neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute, says that some people react more severely than others to EMF exposure due to having electrohypersensitivity.

259 EMF scientists warn about the dangers

Note that radio frequency is a type of electromagnetic field (EMF) produced at a high frequency through the use of large-scale wireless equipment and data transmission.

There is overwhelming support from scientists around the world to ban 5G.

As of 11 April 2024, 304,879 signatories, including 259 EMF scientists, from 218 nations and territories have signed an appeal to ban 5G, including 3,207 organisations, of which more than 350 are environmental organisations. View the signatories here at the 5G Space Appeal

If you wish to sign, go to 'sign here' on the website's menu.

Given this concern from experts, why are our governments allowing the rollout of more and more 5G towers and the installation of 5G antennas in every new LED street light?

ARPANSA (Australian Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) even states on their website that there are "gaps in the global knowledge on this topic” in regards to health effects from radio frequencies. Yet they continue to allow the expansion of 5G base stations. From July 2021 to May 2022, telecommunications carriers deployed 2,883 5G base stations.

Below is an informative 17 minute video featuring Australian physicist Victor Leach:

Most studies funded by the telecommunications and related industries coincidentally find little to no adverse effects of RF (radio frequency).

If you are conducting research that is being funded by industry and you are coming up with results that are not favourable to industry, you would not expect to receive any further funding from those companies. However, if you were to deliver results that are more favourable to industry, you would be more likely to receive further funding from them. There is very much a bias to slant research towards the person who is providing the funding (source: Parliament of Australia).

ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection) is the organisation that governments look to for guidelines on safe levels of EMF exposure. It has longstanding ties to telecommunications industries which creates conflicts of interest.

The ICNIRP is accountable to no one. It is important to note that the initial studies that ICNIRP used to determine these "safe" levels of EMF appear to be based on flawed research and assumptions. Here is a paper that examines a multitude of research projects that have taken place over the last few decades. It finds that the current EMF limits, which were established in 1990 and were reaffirmed in 2020, fail to protect human health (source: Springer Link).

Watch a short video (under 2 minutes) explaining how the most recent 2019 study was rejected by the FDA after they themselves commissioned itClick here to watch.

Getting back to the subject of possible conflicts of interest influencing which studies the ICNIRP accept or dismiss:

A 2021 study by Hardell et al found that, as a general rule, the ICNIRP, WHO (World Health Organisation), SCENIHR (Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks), and SSM (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority) have for many years dismissed available studies showing harmful effects from non-thermal RF exposure, and have based their conclusions mainly on studies showing no effects.

Results showing risk are criticised, disregarded, or not even cited, while studies showing no risk are accepted as evidence of no risk in spite of severe methodological problems. Many statements by these agencies are misleading and not correct. They are easily rebutted by reading the relevant publications.

It seems that, as usual, money is valued over public safety. For example, the telecom group AMTA is the funder for the research on electromagnetic radiation administered by the National Health and Medical Research Council.(source: Allocation of Australian radiofrequency electromagnetic energy programme funds).

According to the Australian research group ORSAA, “the money that the Australian NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council) receives in order to provide grants for medical research has mostly gone to industry-friendly researchers who have direct links with the wireless industry. For example, the largest recipient of these NHMRC research funds is Prof. Rodney Croft. He has essentially been the head of RF-EMR health research in Australia, despite his questionable qualifications for this health research role.” ORSAA explains how Prof. Croft has received ample direct industry funding in addition to his lucrative NHMRC grants (source: The Environmental Health Trust).

This same issue regarding conflicts of interest is prevalent across the world. Another example is Anders Ahlbom, who led all Swedish investigations into EMF exposure. He was also part of a panel of experts set to evaluate the cancer risks posed by mobile phones. However, he failed to declare that he was on the board of his brother Gunnar Ahlbom’s consulting firm, which was a centre for lobbyists of a major Swedish mobile phone operator. Thanks to the great research of a Swedish journalist, Anders was removed from the panel.

Listen to Dr. Lennart Hardell, a professor in oncology and cancer epidemiology, give a lecture in Tallinn on June 3, 2019, describing the concerning conflicts of interest between ICNIRP, the WHO EMF Project, and other groups in this short one and a half minute video below:

Watch the full video here.

Electromagnetic smog increasing tumours?

Örjan Hallberg, former environmental manager for Ericsson, a telecommunications company, notes an increase in tumours since the increase in EMF radiation.

In a scientific study, it was concluded that the melanoma epidemic is mainly a result of the modern man-made environment that forces us to live and sleep in invisible but unhealthy electromagnetic smog (source: National Library of Medicine).

The Bioeffects of Millimeter Waves were documented decades ago

Keep in mind that 5G broadcasts millimetre waves (source).

"Biological Effect of Millimetre Waves," a Russian review on millimetre waves declassified by the CIA in 2012, reported multiple research findings and concluded that “morphological, functional, and biochemical studies conducted on humans and animals revealed that millimetre waves caused changes in the body, manifested in structural alterations in the skin and internal organs, caused qualitative and quantitative changes of the blood and bone marrow composition, and changes of the conditioned reflex activity, tissue respiration, activity of enzymes participating in the process of tissue respiration, and nucleic metabolism” (source: Zalyubovskaya, 1977). 

The United Nations was made aware of 5G concerns in 2018

Former UN staffer Claire Edwards addressed the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, alerting him to scientific studies and the reported health complications suffered by fellow UN staffers.

Is the situation much more dire?

Mark Steele, who is featured in the video below, is a weapons research scientist who worked on a secret weapons site in Northern Scotland for 2–3 years in the 1980s. Mark explains that he went on to work in the oil and gas industry, in a sub-sea centre, where he built weapons target rigs that conducted target testing for what was called "the torpedo project." He has invented products to mitigate the harms of weapons systems in the battlespace.

Barry Trower is a physicist, an EMF weapons expert, and a former navy advisor specialising in microwave warfare. They both speak about how 5G is not just a telecommunications system, but that it doubles as a weapons system that is designed to intrusively surveil and cause harm to the populace. He refers to it as "a long-range urban acquisition/kill system."

They discuss how microwaves have already been used as weapons in the past, and are currently being used for crowd control. They alert us to the issue that the EMF that surrounds us is below the threshold detectable by the body, and thus the body is not able to recognise the threat and neutralise it.

Not just innocent streetlights

You may have noticed that your local street lights are being replaced. As Mark Steele discusses in the video above, these aren’t just your average lights; they contain technology that scans and monitors and are part of the “smart city infrastructure” that is being built around us.

These lights will be able to take video footage, monitor sound, analyse the surrounding atmosphere, and will be used for "aiding the deployment of autonomous vehicles” (source: article).

This feels extremely dystopian and may conjure up feelings about “Big Brother.” If you are not familiar with smart cities, read our article about them here.

Mark Steele and Barry Trower are not the only scientists who believe that 5G is a military-grade weapons system. Particle physicist Katherine Horton believes that 5G can be used as a directed energy weapon by tyrannical governments to control a population.

Horton has a PhD in particle physics from Oxford University, and has worked on some of the most interesting and dangerous projects in the world, including the famous Hadron Collider (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland, and the slightly less well-known Electronsyncrotron (DESY) in Hamburg, Germany.

While at Oxford, she also worked as a research assistant at St. Johns College, where she studied medical physics and human systems, including systems analysis research in economics, law, and crime. Read more here.

The video below gives an in-depth explanation of how this technology works.

Is there a link between 5G and the COVID-19 vaccines?

Dr Robert O. Young gives a presentation revealing what he has found in human blood samples. His findings include the presence of graphene and nanotechnology that he says was administered through the COVID-19 vaccines, which he has personally analysed.

He has also found these substances in the blood of unvaccinated individuals, and he details an explanation as to how that is possible. This presentation explains how this injected technology can react with 5G millimetre waves and turn the body into a Wireless Body Area Sensor Network. 

Dr Young references a peer reviewed scientific paper he published, which you can access here.

Please note that we cannot substantiate the effectiveness of the product that is mentioned in this presentation.

EMF Hazards Summit 2024 | Day 1

On Day 1 of the 2024 EMF Hazards Summit, viewers heard from a variety of guests on the topic of electromagnetic radiation. They discussed litigation and legislation related to wireless tech infrastructure, including cell towers and personal devices, as well as the ways in which sensitivities to them can manifest. They also discuss regulatory capture.

Watch Day 1 of the summit here.

Putting the entire globe at risk?

Dr Joel M. Moskowitz phD, a public health professor at the University of California, Berkeley, sent in a submission to the Australian Government regarding the deployment of 5G. He warned that "5G is dangerous and will harm every living being.” He cited a few scientific studies, some of which included research that showed 5G was capable of penetrating and absorbing into the skin, adverse effects on heart rate, cataracts, antibiotic resistance, immune suppression and negative effects on the ecosystem.
To read his full submission, click here.

Insect apocalypse

"Wireless radiation has caused a dramatic decline in insect and animal life on the island of Samos in Greece, and 5G signals have seriously exacerbated the situation, says Diana Kordas.

Diana and her husband, Samos residents and wildlife lovers, have documented their observations of declining populations of land and water dwellers from 2012 to 2022. They observed declines in different species, that could not be explained by other environmental factors, concurrent with each generation of wireless technology on the island.

After the introduction of 3G, all the frogs disappeared. After the introduction of 4G/LTE (2016) all the terrapins disappeared from the wetlands, while bird numbers and species began to decline rapidly, especially small birds such as sparrows, chaffinches, linnets, greenfinches, goldfinches and serins. Insect numbers also declined. In addition, after 4G was deliberately aimed at the southern beaches, sea life declined as well. Octopi, sea slugs, sea hares, nudibranches, starfish and a type of sea horse became very scarce or disappeared altogether… The sea bed close to where we live, which does not get agricultural runoff, has lost all its corals, starfish, lobsters, cuttlefish, sea slugs and sea hares as well as most octopi, flounders and urchins. There are far fewer fish; in fact there is very little aquatic life compared to ten years ago.

After 5G was activated in July 2021, the decline in animal species reached new levels. ‘From late July, overall insect numbers visibly diminished,’ Kordas noticed that there were fewer butterflies and moths, beetles, caterpillars, wasps, grasshoppers, crickets, mantises, cicadas, spiders, hornets, flies and bees."

To read the full article go to EMR Australia.

Radiation from mobile phones could have contributed to the dramatic decline in insect populations seen in much of Europe in recent years, a German study showed. The analysis of 190 scientific studies was carried out by Germany's Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) together with two NGOs, one from Germany and one from Luxembourg.

Of the 83 studies deemed scientifically relevant, 72 showed that radiation had a negative effect on bees, wasps and flies.

To read the full article go to

Are our Honey bees in danger?

A recent 2023 study provides conclusive evidence of detrimental impacts of EMF on honey bees' pollination behaviour, leading to negative effects on the plant community (Source - Science Advances).

In a separate carefully-designed experiment, zoologists from Punjab University in Chandigarh have identified cellphones as the main culprit behind the vanishing act of bees from their hives.

The scientists found that the honey-storing ability declined due to loss of returning bees. At the end of the experiment, there were neither honey, nor pollen and bees left in the colony, resulting in its collapse (source: Deccan Herald).

Fire fighters exempt from 5g towers on their stations

Californian firefighters have an exemption from 5G legal bill 649 because of its complicated dangers to their health.

The Environmental Health Trust writes: "Firefighter groups in the United States have long opposed cell towers on their stations. Not only that, but in California firefighters have lobbied for and sometimes achieved certain exemptions from  forced placement of towers on their stations because of their strong opposition due to health concerns from the radiation. Firefighters have long contended they are willing to risk their lives for their fellow citizens; they are unwilling to risk deadly consequences as a result of living with cell towers on their stations in order to facilitate corporate profits.''

Terrifying results in study on firefighters exposed to cell towers on their stations.

Medical writer Susan Foster wrote an article where she testifies:

"As you read the results of a small pilot study we conducted of California firefighters exposed to cell towers on their stations for five years, understand that this brain damage occurred to the strongest of the strong among us after a five-year exposure to 2G from a tower that was measured at 1/1000th of the FCC allowable limit of RF radiation. That was three generations of wireless ago, so the question must be asked: What is going to happen to when 5G cell towers are built out in nearly every neighborhood, next to every school, daycare center, nursing home, hospital, place of work and place of worship – in other words, in every corner of our lives 24/7?

In 2001 I was asked by San Diego, California firefighters to write an appeal when cell towers were permitted for their station. I began hearing more and more stories of firefighters who literally could not function in the job that establishes firefighters as the guardians of society. Once cell towers were activated on or adjacent to their stations, many firefighters could no longer function due to severe headache, inability to sleep, and foggy thinking. These are not symptoms we wish to see in our First Responders.

In 2004 I organized a SPECT brain scan pilot study of firefighters who had been exposed to a cell tower on their station for over five years. The study was conducted Gunnar Heuser, M.D., PhD. We found brain abnormalities in all six firefighters tested.

The symptoms experienced by the firefighters who participated in the SPECT brain scan study were similar to firefighters in other stations who live in the shadow of cell towers. Yet specific to the men we studied, it is important to note all the men had passed rigorous physical and cognitive exams prior to being hired by the fire department. Their symptoms included:

  • headaches
  • extreme fatigue
  • cognitive impairment
  • anesthesia-like sleep where the men woke up for 911 calls “as if they were drugged”
  • inability to sleep
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • unexplained anger
  • immune-suppression manifest in frequent colds and flu-like symptoms"

Read the full article here.

What can you do to protect yourself and your family?

  • Ideally don’t have wifi if you can avoid it.
  • If you have to have internet, use broadband instead.
  • Make sure your wifi modem is not near your bed.
  • Switch wifi off when not using it.
  • Have your smart metre removed.
  • Go to council meetings and voice your concerns.
  • Allen Brennan from the CHD (Children’s Health Defence) 5G team, breaks down radiation and simple ways to protect yourself and your children from its effects in this video.
  • Find like-minded people in groups like ours on telegram.

Further information

Dr Annie Sasco MD DrPH gave this expert lecture on 31 July 2017 at an expert symposium in Jackson, Wyoming, alongside other international experts in the field:

Devra Davis PhD MPH - A Scientific Update with Practical Recommendations:

Anthony Miller, MD, Professor Emeritus at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto, and an advisor to the World Health Organization:

Nicole Bijlsma. Building Biologist and author - From the Australian College of Environmental Studies.

The dangers of AirPods

Fariha Husain presents research on the mechanisms of this technology. Additionally, regarding the use of electrical devices, she clarifies misconceptions and acknowledges that it could take “years or decades before the effects are fully realized.”
Watch video here.

Would you like to spread awareness with a flyer or a shirt?

These flyers and shirts feature a link to this article.

All our shirts are produced by an Australian 'Print on Demand' Company and are available 100% at cost price. We do not add a penny.

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