Digital ID - Sinister Trap/Silent Weapon

Digital ID is already here. We saw an introduction to it via myGov accounts, digital car registration, digital drivers licences, smart phone tracking apps, QR Code sign-ins and a plethora of other online digital services.

What this is gradually leading us into is a more sinister trap. Digital ID is easily stolen, and has been used for nefarious purposes by governments, as seen with food and the biometric ID in Iran, track-and-tracing of citizens under the guise of public health and 'safety', and social credit score monitoring in China.

Digital ID can easily be weaponised against people

Are we headed for a world of digital tracking of your psychological state with pre-crime judgements made, based on detection of feelings of anger or fleeting negative thoughts, regardless of whether it's acted upon, such as in the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is about tracking and tracing everything - each piece of grain, each tree and each human, as stated by the World Economic Forum. Don't think it won't happen to you.

Do you VALUE your freedom?

Aman Jabbi discusses Smart Technology with Kate Mason, and how it will surveil, monitor and capture the detail of every aspect of your life. Newcastle is already a designated Smart City, and other Australian towns are tagged for becoming one. What exactly does this mean for us all?

Aman holds a BS in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and MS in Chemistry from BITS in India, an MS in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University, and studied Computer Science at Stanford University, more about Aman here.

Source: Bitchute

Compliance WILL lead to an open prison

Here is a perfect example of the control which governments can exercise via enforced Digital ID. Once Smart Cities are set up in Australia, they will all be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). Residents will be required to sign up for a Digital ID. With this, comes dangers and vulnerability to your security.

They already did a test-run of this through Covid with the Vaccination Green pass and the QR-code sign-in app. Separating society, denying access to services for half of society, encouraging self-righteous virtue -signalling, pitting friends against friends, and family against family through the process.

Many in society were compliant due to media-scaremongering of fear of illness or possible death. Thus, this global exercise came screaming into our lives like a runaway bullet train.

At a recent Tech Summit run by Business NSW we attended recently, we listened to speaker after speaker, including government representatives from The Greater Cities Commission, Local MP's, NBN, the Tech Council of Australia and their partnered tech companies, including META, discuss the push forward for the following;

  • To establish a new workforce of over 650,000 tech based jobs to meet the digital network needs by 2030
  • The goal of 'effective digitally connected Precinct infrastructure' (Smart Cities) starting in 2023
  • Where every product will have geotags and sensors
  • Where Starlink and SkyNet will provide the connection via multiple low orbit satellites
  • Where 'digitisation' and 'disruption' is the key to growth
  • For businesses to upgrade their digital connections, train employees on digital and cyber security skills
  • For businesses to capture data from their customers

These were the main points we took away from the Summit. It all alludes to a tightly controlled, digitally linked residential and commercial region. See our posts on Smart Cities for more information on how this applies in practice.

Digital ID = Social Credit Score = Removal of Personal Freedom

Digital ID is not just about monitoring criminal activities, convenience or managing cyber security. It is about controlling the masses and removing freedoms from individuals. It is a precursor of what will be implemented in Australia as well, and we need to say NO.

Recently 73 million Nigerian Phone services were cut off for those who wouldn't accept the country's Biometric National Identity Number (NIN)/Digital ID. Over 10 African countries have been rolling this out for over a decade - phone sim cards, driver licenses and other essential services cannot be accessed unless people sign up for the NIN. See the Reuters article here.

In China four years ago, Foreign Correspondent ran a piece on Smart Cities. What he speaks of in the below video is now fully implemented there relating to surveillance, data collection and social credit score (also known as behavioural modification or reward versus punishment).

4 comments on “Digital ID or Digital Prison?”
  1. It is time that Australians realised we have a corrupt government that steals money from it's population.The government use of the MOBILE PHONE is tantamount to outright THEFT. The individuals mobile phone is a personal communication device funded by the individual, in the forms of purchase and fees to a supplier. At my last investigation? the costs involved with owning and using a mobile phone was not a legitimate claim for every citizen of this nation. I am suggesting it was time to bring this THIEF known as government to task and DEMAND all mobile phone expenses be a legitimate TAX CLAIM and all Pensioners be supplied with a suitable unit in order that they can comply with this illegal and draconian demand by corrupt government. If this brings the nation into bankruptcy? I remind all who came up with this lame brained scheme.

  2. Not interested in words I want to see action to save our country I fought for it am still prepared to die for it

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