Our very own Kate Dillon spoke at the World Wide Rally for Freedom outside the Google Headquarters in Sydney on 20 May 2023. Given time restraints for each speaker, she was able to speak only in a broad manner on the Dangers of Smart Cities. Watch this 10-minute video for her brief overview on this subject which is planned to become centre-stage in people's awareness in Australia (and globally) over the next few years.

Summary of Points Kate would have liked to elaborate on

  • The Trojan Horse of Smart Cities being the predecessor of the trojan horse called the Covid solution. Smart Cities are also referred to as Futuristic Cities, Six Cities, Greater Cities, Precincts, Zones, 15, 20 & 30-minute Cities, and Human Habitats/settlements.
  • Smart Cities first announced for Australia by Party Boy Malcom Turnbull in 2016 and, as the game goes, his wife Lucy was given the top job in the Greater Cities Commission to get the ball rolling.
  • Over 25% of local councils are piloting Smart City Projects to various degrees, that equates to around 135 councils Australia-wide.
  • Smart Cities run off a global blueprint, its tentacles reaching back to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The WEF’s Fourth Industrial Revolution or Fourth Reich, the Rockefeller Foundation, Public-Private Partnerships, Google and other corporate stakeholders have strong-armed their way into Australia.
  • Smart Cities likened to Open-Prisons due to (1) erosion of civil rights and privacy, (2) restricted movement in geo-fenced infrastructures, (3) health status being aligned with predesignated community expectations, (4) high-density housing units and home resumption, (5) 'environmental conservation' leading to 3D printed meat and insect-based foods, and limitation of movement for humans in nature, and (6) digital infrastructure taking away your personal choice of where and when you can travel or what you can do.

The above is a major summary, and each point has a vast array of evidence to support it in regard to this dystopian-plan of the philanthropic, corporate, government cartels pushing this Smart City Agenda. They are no less than dictators and tyrants!

Some of our posts relating to Smart Cities

We have produced many posts on Smart Cities, Digital ID, and the Internet of Things (IOT), and invite you to educate yourself on this hot topic. Gain perspectives relating to this multi-faceted diamond of Smart Cities that will not be related to you by the mainstream media. Here are some of our posts:

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Finally, here are two short films that shows a perhaps more honest visual of what is really intended for humanity in their Smart City lives:

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