The UN 30x30 Plan - The Full Details

Update April 2023. NSW Local Government underhanded theft of Farmers land under the "Conservation and Environment' veil. Happening in a town near you. See the video below.

Update: 23 December 2022.

UN formalises the 30 by 30 agreement at the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) in Montreal on December 19th 2022. Click on the link to read more.

What is the 30 by 30 Plan? Named “30 by 30” and managed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)), the goal is to incorporate 30% of Australia’s landmass into a National Reserve System by 2030. This 30 by 30 is a global initiative, no country will be immune to the massive land grab.

The ultimate intent is for 50% of Earth to be withheld from humans by 2050. The objective is to migrate humans into highly controlled and restrictive ‘human settlement zones’. This will result in most of the continent being off-limits in the name of conservation and climate change.

Environmental protection and conservation is aimed at removing people’s private property rights, placing control in the hands of unelected technocrats and NGOs.

Why is this happening?

It all comes down to the ‘carbon economy’. The capture and storage of carbon will be the new currency for global producers of goods and energy. Carbon-credit trading from managed lands is the new big business. This will entail a massive expansion of national parks, marine exclusion zones, wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, conservation easements, rural road and stock route closures and Indigenous Protected Areas.

Eventually, all human activity will simply be banned from these areas, including stock grazing, mining, timber production and all forms of recreational and Indigenous land use. Their plan is to usher people into settlements in the name of eco protection. (Parks Journal)

What does this mean in practice?

Stephen Andrew, MP for Mirani, Queensland, gave an insightful analysis of the 30 by 30 recently. He explains that the "30 by 30 grew out of a thesis by the eugenicist Dr Edward O Wilson of Harvard University, who maintained that humans should occupy no more than one half of the earth – and not the best half either".

Governance - Control - Greed

As Stephen Andrew says, "The ultimate goal is to lock away 50% of the earth by 2050. Setting aside that much land and water for conservation will ultimately destroy food production and regional economies."

For decades, Australian governments have pursued policies harmful to agriculture and a productive economy, and now we see the implementation of the carbon tax and carbon capture, and rush for harsh emissions reductions which will decimate many farmers.

He goes on to say,

  • "For 30 by 30 to work, the government will need Australia’s Traditional Land-owners to surrender all rights to access and use of the land held in their name".
  • "This dispossession of Indigenous rights has been hidden behind endless platitudes about “treaties”, “conservation management agreements” and letting them “have a say” in what is happening, but the sub-text is clear".
  • "30 by 30’s goal will restrict ALL human access to the land and waterways."

"That is why Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, more than anyone else, should be raising hell about 30 by 30. All the platitudes, treaties and ‘compensations’ in the world will be nothing beside the permanent loss of their sovereign right to roam over and use the land itself".

Backed up by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and United Nations Smart City Agenda, the goal is to move humans into highly controlled ‘human settlement zones/UN Habitats’, leaving most of the continent off-limits.

It is aimed at removing people’s private property rights and placing control in the hands of an elite band of unelected technocrats, NGOs and third-tier governments. An article by Parks Journal, outlines the plan to usher people into 'settlements' in the name of eco-protection.

How does the Aboriginal Land Council feature in the 30 by 30 plan?

Additionally, the Aboriginal Land Council claim they own over 250,000 hectares of land in NSW (617,700 acres) and that in the 2022-2026 strategic plan supplement, the objective is to acquire an additional 20%, which equates to 300,000 hectares (741,240 acres), as well as securing more management of National Parks and main waterways. 

A reasonable person would consider this a fair and just result (the First Nations people cared for and maintained the land before white settlement, doing a far better job, some might say), while others might agree that compensation is well deserved. However, the facts of the 30 by 30 plan are less palatable.

What is not openly disclosed is that the NSW Aboriginal Land Council, in particular Darkinjung, resides within the auspices of the “Smart Cities Plan” as Partners, backed by the WEF, UN Habitat Agenda and other unelected venture capitalists.

These organisations are all working with Local, State and Federal government to achieve the remodelling and relocation of community, from the present form of home ownership (aka the great Aussie dream) to a society that lives in high-density, high-surveillance “Smart Cities”, with no-one owning any form of residence.

The 30 by 30 plan is a Commonwealth partnered WEF initiative. You can read and educate yourself on the Orwellian objectives of the Smart Cities Plan here

Once this land is captured, most Indigenous communities will NOT benefit from the Aboriginal Land Council’s economic grab, or from the Land Council’s shady NWO partnerships.

One must ask whether all Australians are going to be allowed on land owned by the Aboriginal Land Council and National Parks. Or will it all be leased or sold out to venture capitalists via the stock exchange which lists Natural Assets (NACS) for sale, for the purpose of carbon trading, with the benefit being financial gain for the Land Council?

The question also is whether the Aboriginal Land Council is being used and exploited by the globalists and polluting businesses who will ultimately own and control vast areas of NSW and other Australian States.

Stephen Andrew says that "Once 2030 rolls around, much harsher ‘targets’ will be set for 2040 and 2050". Each benchmark geared towards gently easing the human race into perpetual serfdom".

This is not about protecting the earth or about climate change. None of this is about anything other than wealth accumulation, a new economy, greed and control.

Global Greed and Theft

What may look beneficial on paper is not as it appears in practice. You can find here an article outlining the guise of what the UN 30 by 30 agenda is proposed to be.

How is the 30 by 30 plan rolling out?

Originally published on the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) website, the 30 by 30 plan is for all of Australia. “Our government will set a goal of protecting 30% of our land and 30% of our oceans by 2030,” said the Hon. Tania Plibersek MP, Minister for the Environment and Water, during her National Press Club speech on 19 July 2022.

An additional 50mha (50 million square hectares) or 3% of land area (equivalent to roughly the area of the State of Victoria), would need to be added within the next eight years to reach the 30% target (see Reuters article confirming the number of hectares).

While this appears to be wonderful for the environment, there is a real adverse cost to the people living on the additional 50 million hectares (123,552,690 acres) of land that they want to requisition by 2030. This does not include the 50% land acquisition by 2050.

  • Where will these people go?
  • Who will manage all of this land?
  • Will it be leased or sold off for carbon credits for big polluters to balance their carbon usage?

Money, Money, Money!

According to Dr Martin Taylor from the WWF, this 30% of land conservation is worth quite a bit of money, and it could "generate $29 billion in carbon sink value by establishing a carbon sink of 10.8BtCO2-e". It is hard to imagine that this is all about caring for the earth when prices on carbon sequestration is so readily calculated with the greedy rubbing of palms.

Everything is referred to as an 'economy' or 'capital' with a financial value placed on it in every government or NGO paper or policy written about the land conservation, including the Smart City plans.

It's not hard to see that these so called leaders see earth and ALL that resides on her as a commodity to be financially exploited. Find out more in the Australian Department of Agriculture, water and environment paper on Natural Capital/Private Finance

International Union for Conservation of Nature, in partnership and alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, explains how nature needs to be protected from humans. Read article here or visit the IUCN website for more. IUCN consider themselves a global authority on nature conservation, aligned with the UN
The Role of Government - Claiming the natural environment in the name of climate is a cash cow for business.
Do Not Enter

Read more on the High Ambition Coalition and Aichi Targets and their reasoning for 30 by 30 here

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