Director General Of WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

The International Treaty on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response, run by the World Health Organisation (WHO), is an Accord which will apply to every signatory. This agreement gives the WHO total control over what medical treatment you do or don't receive receive.

The WHO, an agency of the United Nations, is not an independent, unbiased, and ethical organization that aims to achieve the common good. Its goals and agendas are set by its donors, including some of the world’s richest countries and most influential philanthropists.

This agreement, to be ratified 13th January 2023, will grant the WHO the power to declare a pandemic, based on its own vaguely defined criteria, in any of its 194 member countries at any point in the future. It will also permit the WHO to unilaterally determine what measures will be imposed in response to these future declared pandemics, including lockdown policies, mandatory masking, social distancing, and coercing the population into undergoing medical treatments and vaccinations, all within their 100 day pandemic action plan. Under this plan, we have the Australian version - 'Healthy Cities, related to Smart Cities.

According to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO, and whom has a dubious past, this treaty represents an “opportunity to strengthen the global health architecture to protect and promote the well-being of all people.” If passed, the Pandemic Treaty will allow the WHO to make radical changes to the healthcare systems of its member countries starting in 2024.

The Pandemic Treaty will also give the WHO the authority to issue dictates within the private spheres of individuals and to exercise control over their social and public lives, the institutions of their society and governments, all in the name of public health. In doing so, it will suppress civil liberties, undermine patient-doctor relationships and do away with informed consent.

The WHO will impose its own value judgment on the world population, thereby ignoring the fact that values differ significantly between people, cultures, traditions, and nations. In other words, it will disregard the diversity of people when it comes to making decisions about their own bodies based on their own religious beliefs, commitments, views and cultural and traditional values. A one-size fits all.

Is it legally binding?

The actual legality is debateable, but YES. "It is a general principle of international law that once an international law instrument is in force, it would be binding on the parties to it, and would have to be performed by those parties in “good faith.” Read article titled "Pandemic prevention, preparedness and response accord" by the WHO.

The WHO is an unelected non-governmental organisation and has ZERO authority over you, yet total control over the governments who are signatories (Australia included). (It is yet unclear if Australia is a signatory to this specific accord, it will remain to be seen as they have signed up to everything else with WHO and the WHO agendas are reflected within the Australian Healthy Cities policies). Signatories to this Pandemic Accord must follow and obey; hence our government can effectively signed our rights over to them without our consent.

The Power behind the WHO

Tedros Adhanom Ghegreyesus & Bill Gates

The Gates Foundation and Bill Gates (medically unqualified) owned GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccine Initiative) and, prior to that, the Rockefeller Foundation. They have been shaping global health policies not only through their direct grant-making, but also through the provision of matching funds and the support of selected research programs.

In the video below, a WHO Insider whistleblower on the WHO and GAVI, discusses the Pandemic Treaty Accord. "GAVI has TOTAL Immunity even from the Police, pays zero tax since 2009, and have qualified diplomatic immunity".

China is reported to have a close relationship and considerable sway with the WHO Director General. When dictators, philanthropists and their foundations advance their own interests, they do so at the expense of the common interests of society.

The individual alone must possess absolute responsibility for his own well-being, assuming that he is of mature age and of sound mind. That is to say, the individual is the only one permitted to make decisions that affect his body, his life, and his future, absent of the coercive power of any external authority.

We suggest that each individual start writing their concerns about this totalitarian coup on your health to their local Ministers of Parliament, as well as:

This is a Documentary on the Corruption of the World Health Organisation. It is long, but worth knowing who dictates your health.

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