There are many professionals speaking about the nature of the Covid-19 virus, the ingredients of the vaccines, and the long-term effects on those who have taken these injections.

Watch this video where Dr Richard Fleming expounds with profound expertise scientific evidence on how the COVID-19 virus has never been isolated. He shows the virus was developed as a bioweapon, with the subsequent bioweapons (the COVID-19 Vaccines) being set in motion against humanity.

The professional credentials of Dr Richard M. Fleming, PhD, MD, JD, can be seen on his website here. His areas of expertise are prolific (Cardiologist, Nuclear Cardiologist, Certified in Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Juris Prudence Doctor of Law, Researcher, Inventor and Author.
Gain of Function for Bioweapons

"He now has written a book documenting his research into COVID-19, its cause (a virus designated SARS-CoV-2), and, to a lesser extent, the experimental vaccines now being forced on the world population."

"Dr. Fleming concludes that COVID-19 is a sinister biological weapon currently being used to kill people throughout the world, and to throw nations into disarray. Early fabrications about COVID-19 arising naturally from bats and a Chinese wet market are scientifically debunked. Dr. Fleming provides documented proof that 20 years of funding and scientific development has culminated in the COVID-19 bioweapon, and that the funds and scientific expertise come from the United States and China. He names specific institutions and individuals responsible for the COVID-19 bioweapon."

"The book explains “Gain of Function” research. In its best light, GoF might have been used to benefit world health, but it is now being used to destroy world heath. A pathogen with “Gain of Function” can be made more contagious, more deadly, or both. The book includes documented paper trails of the funding and the scientific components of the GoF COVID-19 bioweapon."

"The book avoids politics. Instead, it concentrates on scientific evidence. Indeed, the international politics of COVID-19 remains a dark mystery."

Paul T Richards, VINE VOICE

Dr Fleming's investigation into SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 in 2020 compelled him to write and publish his book “Is Covid-19 a bioweapon? A Scientific and Forensic Investigation”.

From the introduction of Dr Fleming's book:

"By 1999, US Federal Agencies began funding Gain-of-Function research. Research that by its very nature is designed to increase the ability of pathogens to infect and harm people.

In 2019, one of those pathogens was intentionally released upon the world in the Wuhan Wet Market. The key to proving and understanding this bioweapon is its spike protein.

The very same spike protein now being made in millions of people after the COVID vaccines are injected into them. These vaccines are nothing more than the genetic code of this bioweapon.

This book traces the publication and money trail of COVID-19; showing who is ultimately criminally responsible for the design and development of this weapon, which violates the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) Treaty, exposing those who have committed crimes against humanity. Dr. Fleming will reveal the ultimate conspiracy: one that puts the future of the entire world at stake." (taken from the comments)
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