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American Doctor,

Former US Army Major and NZ resident,

passed away in suspicious circumstances

on 18 May 2023.

Elizabeth Rose : Report on Dr Buttar's death - from 35 mins in on below video on the Stew Peters Show

*Another Doctor speaking out is Dr Brian Ardis, who is on a hit list for releasing his discovery on the

dangers of Remdesivir, and also of Snake Venom in COVID-19 vaccines and has shown US patents outlining the venom to be released into public water and food.

Dr Buttar believed he was injected with Snake Venom. See Dr Ardis' Documentary below.

New Zealand Documentary Trailer - River of Lies featuring Dr Buttar. Full Documentary coming soon.

Dr Buttar is not the only Doctor or Scientist to have died well before their time, in mysterious and suspicious circumstances.

University of Pittsburgh professor, Dr Bing Lui, was very close to finding a cure for COVID-19. He was was on the verge of making very significant findings toward understanding the cellular mechanisms that underlie SARS-CoV-2 infection.

He was shot multiple times in an apparent murder-suicide in May 2020. Did he get too close to the truth that the virus was a man made bioweapon?

Scientist, Dr Carrie Madej who discovered Hydra-vulgaris and Graphene Oxide in the COVID-19 vaccines, nearly died in mysterious plane crash in 2022. Many suspect that the plane was tampered with.

Thousands of Doctors and Scientists have been fired, threatened and/or deregistered for speaking out against the COVID narrative. Holistic Doctors who have spoken out against Big Pharma, and raised awareness of cancer within vaccines and vaccine injuries including Autism, and who have promoted healthy effective treatments, have been targets for years, with hundreds of suspicious deaths recorded.

Even Doctors who have criticised or warned the public about the COVID response or disagreed with authorities have been censored or killed, such as occurred in Russia.

Politicians have not been spared either. At the start of COVID, when four African leaders refused to accept the World Health Organisation COVID response, they were soon disposed of in mysterious circumstances.

Four African leaders who died in office - John Magulfi (the late president of Tanzania), Hamed Bakayoko (Ivory Coast’s Prime Minister), Ambrose Dlamini (Prime Minister of Eswatini) and Pierre Nkurunziza (Burundi’s president). All were aged between 52 and 61 years, and three were dead within three months of each other.

All had questioned the COVID pandemic response and vaccination treatment, with some reports saying they believed the pandemic overreaction to be unnecessary. They also refused to have any Vaccines that Bill Gates and GAVI was behind due to the past vaccine deaths and injuries Gates was behind with his enforced Polio and HPV vaccines. Were these African leaders assassinated?

Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, was assassinated in July 2022. He was seen and criticised by the

COVID-pushers to be indecisive and irresponsible by not engaging in the WHO's recommended responses. Depending on the perception you view from, you may see that criticism in a very different light, as a heroic one.

Shinzo Abe was instrumental in rejecting over 1.6 million Moderna Covid-19 Vaccines due to black particles being found in them. Was he already well aware of the game being played globally? Was he erased because he wasn't playing the genocide game?

Questions must be asked, deductive reasoning should be employed and conclusions can be drawn. Especially when there is a plethora of main stream media character assassinations on many of these targets, as well as ridiculous and nonsensical explanations for many of the deaths given by the authorities in these high profile cases.

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