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Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest is Australia's second richest magnate and iron-ore mining billionaire. He sees himself as the Australian equivalent to Bill Gates, George Soros, Richard Branson, David Rockefeller and the Warren Buffets of this world. They are all tied to the World Economic Forum, Davos, United Nations, Net Zero carbon scam, and the Covid-19 profit machine.

Twiggy & Zelensky. Cutting a deal or adding to Zelensky's bondage toolbox?

Forrest's Review into Employment and Training (Forrest 2014) and the Minderoo Foundation (through which Andrew and his wife Nicola run their idealistic schemes) was originally known as the Australian Children's Trust (isn't that interesting). That Report developed the 'Basics" or Healthy Welfare card under Ex-Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

Andrew and Nicola's Minderoo Foundation is also a Founding Partner of the GLOBAL COVID-19 DATA ALLIANCE amongst other things. The webs they weave.

A Finger in Every Pie

True to form, these billionaires in their philanthropic overtures push their social bandaids onto the less powerful in their god-given wisdom and self-entitled opinion of how the rest of us should be living and what they deem is best for us.

Otherwise known as Philanthropic Harm - philanthropy often perpetuates a harmful colonial system and mentality which fails most of the time. Tainted donors and tainted charitable money must be tricky to dodge, considering the company kept.

Accused of exploitation by the Vatican - A case of the pot calling the kettle black

Pope Francis joined leaders of the world's religious faiths in the Vatican to sign a declaration aimed at ending modern slavery.

The event was organised by Mr Forrest's Global Freedom Network (GFN), one of a number of entities controlled by Mr Forrest aimed at ending human trafficking and slavery.

The Vatican has accused Australian mining magnate Andrew Forrest of exploiting the Pope.

Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, told reporters the Vatican had walked away from Mr Forrest's campaign to end slavery because it felt the Pope had been exploited.

"We do not want to be used," Bishop Sanchez said.

"A businessman has the right to make money but not by using the Pope."

Our query - We ask, how does this mining magnate wield that much influence? And how is he profiting off his philanthropic 'end slavery' initiative to have the Vatican balking at it after an initial agreement? Only the likes of someone akin to a powerful and arrogant cartel type figure would ever have the gall to dare try to exploit one who wields considerable global power, such as the head of the Vatican.

ABC News
Influence and Lobbying pays off

Philanthropy is becoming a DIRTY word thanks to anti-democratic dystopian programs

"Peter Buffett, the second son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, worries that the state of philanthropy in America “just keeps the existing structure of inequality in place.” At meetings of charitable foundations, he says “you witness heads of state meeting with investment managers and corporate leaders. All are searching for answers with their right hand to problems that others in the room have created with their left.”

"While pretending to fix inequality, contemporary philanthropy’s actual role has been to strengthen the arrangements that make gross inequality possible in the first place. It has become a weapon in the class warfare of the 1%".

"Bill and Melinda Gates ... charitable foundation, by far the world’s largest, has long been scrutinized for attempting to fix with one hand the problems it creates with another. In 2007, the Los Angeles Times uncovered 'hundreds of Gates Foundation investments — totalling at least $8.7 billion, or 41% of its assets… in companies that countered the foundation’s charitable goals or socially concerned philosophy.'"

Our opinion - The contradictory nature of philanthropic virtue-signalling appears to be incongruent with the business dealings engaged in by these 'saviours'. While the rest of us are chided for our carbon footprints and the poorest punished for their social ills and addictions, which the wealth gap has much to answer for, the wealthiest do-gooders are inconsistent in ethical investing across the board, clearly not walking their talk.

Forrest's Initiative - Infantilising people's capacity to make their own decisions

What a GOOD Boy am I !

Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest (Davos Attendee) spouts that he cares and wants to help. His heart may well be in the right place from his perspective, but these "overlord missionary" tactics of the saviour mentality take away empowerment and choice, support social humiliation, impose limitations - whilst omitting effective and plentiful social support.

Surely grassroots practical programs could exist rather than sitting the program recipients in the naughty corner and expecting them to behave. For example:

  • creating community gardens and livestock industry for self-sustainable options;
  • cost-free fruit and vegetables;
  • small business training and support; and
  • a limit on cigarettes and full strength alcohol;
  • Free unlimited mental health and addiction counselling and rehab services

The Cashless Debit Card (CDC) which Forrest initiated is a debit card which can be used for any purchases excluding certain forms of gambling, alcohol and drugs.

This is unlike the Basics Card, which prohibits purchase of a similar range of goods and services but can only be used in registered stores. The CDC is meant to be acceptable to any retailer for all purchases other than the prohibited categories. It is also labelled "income management".

The card has been a symbol of disempowerment, a symbol of state intervention, and punitive intervention over someone's life.

The cashless debit card quarantines 70-80% of a person’s income support payment to a debit card which cannot be used to purchase alcohol, gambling or withdraw cash, in an effort to change behaviour associated with addiction.

The CDC and non-cash withdrawal restriction also hinders the options to purchase goods in a market or roadside farmer's stall, give as birthday presents, to pay for exchange of community labour, and purchase second-hand goods from locals.

It is to be used for basics and "reasonable" expenses. Bureaucrats with zero clue as to living off extremely limited funds determine what is 'reasonable'?

The card applies to all people receiving a working age income support payment, irrespective of whether they have an addiction to alcohol, drugs or gambling if referred to Centrelink by a social worker. Carers, parents, people with disability and people locked out of paid work, are all subjected to the card if they live in certain locations such as The Northern Territory or are referred by an authorised organisation or social worker.

The CDC system was operating across Australia in specified locations and various states, at times blanketing whole communities rather than individuals, through Centrelink payments. As of February 2023, the use of the card is now more targeted toward individuals, except in the NT where it will remain for all. In other States it will now be voluntary for some, but with oversight and monitoring, while being mandated and enforced on others.

Statistics from the WA Police have noted a "significant" increase in robbery and threatening behaviour in the East Kimberly town of Kununurra since the cashless card trial began. The new changes have come in after years of research showing that it was detrimental to the wellbeing and mental health of recipients. It is in the very sense, state-sanctioned financial abuse, even if it is meant to protect vulnerable families, children and people from themselves.

"Perhaps this card can help in your community too.” No thank you. Zero data given on the claimed statistics mentioned.

“There is no evidence that it improves the wellbeing of individuals or communities, either by reducing substance abuse or by increasing employment outcomes. The cashless debit card carries a high risk of unintended and expensive consequences for government and the community, including social exclusion and stigmatisation, increased financial hardship, the erosion of individual autonomy and dignity and an increase in the overall cost of social security provision.”

Minister for Social Services Ann Ruston has been quoted in the media as saying that she wants the cashless debit card to become a “more universal platform,” as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, on 1st February 2020.

  • There is no reliable evidence that restricting access to cash and banning the purchase of alcohol or gambling helps people receiving income support or their communities.

More than three quarters of people subjected to the card identify as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. ATSI and every Australian must have control over the policies and programs that affect them. The Cashless Debit Card and enhanced Income Management system fails this test.

Will we see it rolling out to us all along with the CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) that track everyone's spending, carbon credit score, social credit score and Digital ID, which is being implemented NOW?

Considering 'Twiggy's' affiliations with with those who applaud a cashless society, was his CDC intervention a practice precursor to the current CBDCs that Australian and Global Banks are rolling out?

The discriminatory & controlled cashless debit cards

Advocates are not convinced that cashless debit cards will do much for those with substance abuse issues. “People with addictions will find a way to get their substance."

The blanket approach of the policy “forces us all onto Income Management, when in fact people on welfare are the best at managing their reduced finances. We have committed no social offences or broken no laws, and are in every sense good citizens of our community, yet we will be treated in this discriminatory way".

Consultations with those it affects the most were non-existent until after the legislation had already passed parliament.

Using violent and ghetto-style imagery in the below video, and then offering a one-dimensional, paternalistic and previously failed approach to a complex problem, shows that Andrew Forrest is more concerned about furthering his ideologies than looking at what works. The Aboriginal people are collectively painted in this light.

The Start of 'Twiggy's' monitored CDC Australia Wide?

Current legislation around cashless cards for Aboriginal communities is maintained as Alice Springs sinks into lawlessness due to defunding of NT Police. Alice Springs may be used as a pilot for The Australia-wide digital ID cashless system, according to Josephine Cashman.

Forrest is setting up with Bill Gates in the Net Zero scam while he snaps up the biggest cattle ranches in Australia.

He is also heavily involved in the International Covid-19 Data Alliance, Collection and Covid-19 health measures scheme (which is basically a track and trace scheme of everyone on the planet, including migrating children for global governance).

This links in with Forrest's 'ending slavery program', but is it really only about safety of children, or does it relate more to track and trace of every human on the planet which is part of the WEF's Digital Identity and Social contract agenda as written on their website.

Supported and implemented by Forrest’s foundation, Mindaroo is aligned to globalist international corporations and Mastercard UK data research (proponents of facial recognition, digital ID, CBDCs and criminals such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg). Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest is also a member of the United Nations Global Citizen philanthropy group.

The picture forms as to who is in cahoots with who in the global cartel. This is NOT about helping the indigenous and less fortunate, but is about implementing Australia-wide CBDCs (pushed by the World Economic Forum, social credit scores and Digital ID). It is becoming crystal clear where this is all going.

The International Covid-19 Data Alliance Strategies

  • Providing general guidelines to collect or link important social and behavioral data in all pandemic studies.
  • Evidencing the importance of sharing research software alongside the research data it analyses, and providing guidelines and best practices for enabling this.
  • Offering general guidance to navigate the applicable rule of law and exploit relevant ethical frameworks relating to the collection, analysis and sharing of data in similar emergency situations.
  • Looking at data-management and sharing issues related to the technical, social, legal and ethical considerations from the community participation perspective.

It is truly amazing that they had all of this ready to go in early 2020, with so many global parts and well-organised responses and the arms of the emergency solution that nobody knew would occur, allegedly.

This is not the first time Forrest is seen in bed with Gates, Warren Buffet and the other wealthy cartel members. The company you keep, in private and business dealings, says more than the 'worthy causes' they champion.

The worthy causes are the tax havens, gravy trains and stairways to power that these philanthropists financially benefit from either directly or indirectly. Simultaneously, they portray their 'brands' as being socially responsible contributors to the betterment of society' in order to counteract, excuse and justify their complementary anti-human schemes.

It appears that the Forrests and their foundations are heavily invested in invasive health data, carbon capture wealth transfer, and top-down control via Digital ID, CBDCs and cashless card systems.

These are their 'philanthropic gifts' to help the most vulnerable - purely to benefit and empower those who aren't as fortunate. (Without financial gain to themselves? - yeah right)

Whatever blows the wind up your skirt, Twiggy.

This article is commentary only. Written in the Public's Interest.

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