Davos - the Privatisation of the Solutions to Public Problems

Davos is the name of the meeting place of the most wealthy and influential philanthropists, CEOs, influential academics, investors, economists, celebrities and self-labelled movers and shakers who have risen like effluent to the top of the ivory tower of power over humanity.

The Davos Summit is held in the Swiss Alpine ski resort of Davos annually. Journalists are invited, with their access restricted only to the summit talks that the organisers want leaked out to the public.

The remaining discussions are held behind closed doors for the privileged few who plan how they will infiltrate and govern the world.

Davos 2023 'Cooperation in a Fragmented World' (Source: Unsplash)

2019: Time magazine editor-at-large Anand Giridharadas described Davos as “a family reunion for the people who broke the modern world”

The first meeting in Davos—then known as the European Management Forum—in 1971, drew 450 participants.

In recent years, over 3000 self-titled elites (CEOs of billion dollar NGOs, Intelligence agency heads, UN Ambassadors, Royalty, religious leaders, and political envoys from signatory countries including Australia), have knelt at the feet of unelected think tank megalomaniacs, to get their share of the new world economy and vie for power as they reconstruct the globe.

A ticket costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, funding the World Economic Forum's (WEF) evil plans for world dominance.

Over 1,400 private Jets flew in Davos attendees, some from only 100 kms away, completely contradicting their narrative they preach on reducing carbon and saving the planet.

Taking the train is good enough for us, but they wouldn't dream of mixing with the regular folk on public transport or giving up their Jetstream's.

Security includes rooftop snipers, over 5000 Swiss military personnel using taxpayer money, restricted access for a 2km radius, high volume CCTV, and a no-fly zone for non-delegates due to the rising unease of the global population who question the techno-tyranny of the WEF. Globalists intend to eradicate all borders, dismantle the free market, and drastically reduce the global population in the Great Reset.

What plans unfold at Davos?

The WEF Chairman, Klaus Schwab, has pioneered the concept of stakeholder capitalism.

According to Schwab, “it is a form of capitalism in which companies do not only optimize short-term profits for shareholders, but seek long term value creation [only for the wealthy partnerships], by taking into account the needs of all their stakeholders, and society at large.”

But society is not who they have cradled close to their calculating hearts.

A Few of the Topics

  • They warned of global cyber attacks on energy, finance, and infrastructure (sounds like they have inside information; Digital ID will be pushed heavily as a solution).
  • Billions more dollars for Ukraine, while the countries who fund them are on the brink of an economic collapse. (Ukraine's First Lady attends Davos and shops in Paris. The President attends the Golden Globes remotely, and welcomes celebrities to a country under apparent attack).
  • Financing the global transition to a greener future much faster than they have been doing so far (which translates to severe restrictions on fossil fuels for energy and manufacturing, and subsequent reduction of nitrates for fertilisers for food crops).

The World Economic Forum and its founder Klaus Schwab "has pillaged the global economy, exploiting workers, plundering energy, housing and health care, and dismantling government programs while transferring the bounty to his personal bank accounts tucked in jurisdictions beyond the reach of any pain-in-the-ass tax collector. The resulting inequality constitutes a potent threat to peace, a source of mass grievance that has helped propel anti-democratic populists to prominence around much of the globe."

Vanity Fair
Last day at Davos 2023

The WEF has shifted its language from ‘Great Reset’ to an ambiguous ‘New System’ and has urged Davos attendees to come up with “better narratives” to persuade people. They need to do this as increasingly more people become aware of the plan they are implementing for a one world order (global governance) which takes away your rights and choices.

Former US Vice-President, John Kerry, made controversial comments at Davos, referring to the attendees as “almost extra-terrestrial” and insinuated that everyday people would not understand their plans. Read more in this article by George Christenson.

All Hail the High Council of Super Villains - Head Warlock, Klaus Schwab

Time magazine editor-at-large Anand Giridharadas animation explains the system.

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