"The Shadow State" examines the environmental, social, and governance industry (ESG), a growing multi-trillion dollar power structure that joins governments and corporations in pursuit of a new world of climate and social justice.

The documentary explores how the ESG operates, its objectives, and the individuals leading it.

Questions are asked whether:

  • This global alliance will result in a cleaner, more peaceful, and fair future or bring shortages, poverty, and political turmoil?
  • Will this partnership of government, banking, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), multi-national foundations and tech companies bring prosperity and liberty - or control our lives in ways that past totalitarian regimes could only imagine?

Watch and decide for yourself:

The ESG is a 'Movement' with a set of goals and targets for the world population to attain, and for the ultra-wealthy to gain increased control and prosperity.

The ESG is made up of Mega Corporations, Pension Funds, the world's largest Banks, the World's largest Asset Managers (eg, BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street), global clubs of CEOs and political leaders (eg, The WEF and UN) and a host of other activist-financed sectors.

What are the Goals of the ESG?

They have an iron in every fire! Some of their goals are: Disinvestment in fossil fuels, cutting pollution from farming, reducing the use of gas-powered cars, subsidising wind, solar and electric cars, enforcing social justice, fighting for social and gender equity, taking stands on how companies must facilitate their employees' abortions, gun control, voting laws and the transgender issue.

Screenshot from https://www.bitchute.com/video/ddZLEXmZwZz6/
Bank Australia - car loans only for Electric Vehicles from 2025

With this powerful conglomerate of wealth being distributed into the ESG movement, we are seeing a merger of the corporate private sector and government - a terrifying level of control over the world population! Governments on their own have become merely mouthpieces for these multi-billion dollar corporate leaders, big banks and technological companies.

Environmental, Social & Governance Aspects of ESG (Source: Wikipedia)

Have corporations become an enforcement arm of government, doing what governments cannot under the law do? "... If you can’t get it done in government, get the companies to do it,” said Heidi Welsh at Sustainable Investments Institute, a corporate responsibility nonprofit."

Where capitalism has now transformed into Stakeholder Capitalism (where the stakeholders do extraordinarily well financially by creating the appearance of doing good for the population (who never actually benefit at all from these 'good deeds toward the planet and industry').

Enjoy the video! Learn what others are afraid to know.

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