CBDCs - A surplus fossil fuel tax will be taken from your account this month based on your mileage records

NSW has an ambitious target to have 50% of all new cars sold by 2030 to be Electric Vehicles (EVs), with fuel-based combustion vehicles off the road by 2050, replacing them with pushbikes, fast rail, feet and unaffordable, unreliable EVs within Smart Cities. As if EVs weren't expensive enough, your move to an 'apparent' greener car will also attract a per-kilometre tax by 2027.

Where do all the defunct vehicles go?

In relation to the controlled transfer to EVs, the question that hasn't been answered by the governments that are pushing Net Zero and the transition from fuel is;

  • What is the plan for the disposal of billions of vehicles and the machinery in manufacturing plants that need to switch over to Electric?
  • What will happen to the left-over fuel and refineries?
  • Where do all these materials go?
  • How much of the materials will be re-used?
  • What is the eco cost in recycling these materials?
  • How much pollution and landfill will this exercise produce?
  • Will we have city sized dumps for planes, trains, trucks, ships, manufacturing, farm equipment and other obsolete machinery?
  • Going green is promoted as a moral issue, but it's an absolute immoral disaster for the planet.
EV and their chargers are all derived from crude oil

The Green movement to environmental degradation

Nominee for the 2022 Pulitzer Prize, Ronald Stein, does an excellent job of discussing the lack of transparency regarding the environmental degradation and humanitarian atrocities occurring in developing countries mining for exotic minerals and metals to support the “green” movement.

Additionally, the power to run the EVs is no longer readily available, and its reliability is in question: "In the UK, new chargers in the home and workplace now automatically switch off in peak times to avoid potential blackouts. New UK chargers are pre-set to not function during 9-hours of peak loads, from 8am to 11am (3-hours), and 4pm to 10pm (6-hours)".

There's currently no national plan on what should be done with all of this emerging waste from renewable energy products.

Read why environmental mandates will be the death of the automobile industry

Senator Gerard Rennick gives an overview of Electric Vehicles, their environmental and financial cost.

Landfill Pollution - Electric cars won’t save the planet without a clean energy overhaul

What they are not telling you

Electric cars are NOT zero-emission vehicles. The 2021 paper in the Journal of Cleaner Production has now addressed this issue, and "it shows electric cars emit more toxic pollution than gasoline-powered cars. An assessment published by the Journal of Cleaner Production in 2021 shatters the notion that electric cars are cleaner than conventional ones, much less “zero emission.” "Manufacturing, charging, operating, and disposing of electric vehicles produces more of every major category of pollutants than conventional cars.

This includes: 

  • An increase in fine particulate matter formation (26%)
  • Human carcinogenic (20%)
  • Non-carcinogenic toxicity (61%)
  • Terrestrial ecotoxicity (31%)
  • Freshwater ecotoxicity (39%)
  • Marine ecotoxicity (41%) relative to petrol vehicles

Both the manufacturers and EV owners can virtue-signal and pretend to adopt green behaviour without actually bothering to do so.

Read more here on how electric vehicles are not zero emission:

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