Bill Gates wants to create a massive chemical cloud that could cool the earth via solar geo-engineering and Biden is backing this insanity

This is HIGHLY controversial and VERY likely to create what is identical to a NUCLEAR WINTER

Solar Radiation Management would block a large portion of the sun’s light from hitting the surface of our planet, causing a cooling effect. The plan is that high-altitude planes would use nozzles to inject millions of tons of light-reflecting particles into the stratosphere, using calcium carbonate (CaCO3) or sulphur, creating the said chemical cloud.  This would be akin to the effect of a large volcanic eruption which cools the earth.

Is geo-engineering what we have been seeing over the past few years with chemtrails and subsequent stagnant cloud canopy for days and weeks on end? Is this a cause of the excess flooding seen around the world all of a sudden?

Graphic: US National Academy of Science

Psychopaths are running the Asylum

"What they are proposing to do is identical to what we feared would occur after nuclear war in the 1980s, which is nuclear winter, the idea that you cool the planet deliberately."

"It's grossly irresponsible," he said. "They know for a fact that they will never get international agreement on this. So they are basically trying to socialize the idea, normalize the idea, make us comfortable with an idea that should make us externally uncomfortable."

Michael Shellenberger - Fox News
Blocking the sun runs the risk of nuclear winter scenario,
Source: NASA

Solar geo-engineering would affect climates of different regions of the world, making some areas drier and others wetter.  But what other effects might it create?

  • Decline in natural Vitamin D affects the immune system (thus more susceptible to illness and pandemics)
  • Increase in Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Will this kill off crops, forests and other flora? Plants require the sun!
  • If Flora is grossly affected, food sources are negatively-affected for Humans and Animals
  • Possible mini ice-age and nuclear winter scenario
  • Possible extinction of many lifeforms

"The biggest problem is Bill Gates and other billionaire psychopath members of the Silicon valley World Domination Club do not even consider the possibility of their being wrong. They do not conduct scientific experiments in the real world and observe the results.

Instead they pay computer nerds make mathematical models of reality and tweak the data until the equations give the required answer. And then they proceed on the assumption that computers are infallible. 

Such arrogance, detachment from all that is real, such madness, is usually the territory of warrior kings, tyrants who achieve power by conquest. They are bad enough, but the tyranny of the weak, the nerds, those who hunger for power but will always be too weak to seize it, who instead work their way into positions of influence through double talk, trickery and deception, they are a million times more dangerous".

Basil Hallward:

Watch this video for a brief overview of the arguments for and against distorting the sun’s effect on the earth and humanity. 

David Keith, a Professor of Applied Physics and Public Policy at Harvard University, recognizes the “very many real concerns of geoengineering. It is true that no one knows what will happen until the CaCO3 is released and then studied afterward."

..."has proposed the creation of a “risk pool” to compensate smaller nations for collateral damage caused by such tests, but such a payout might be little comfort to those displaced (or dead) by unliveable conditions."


Why blocking the sun is seen as an option for sociopathic scientists
One comment on “Pandora's Box - Bill Gates Is funding Solar Geoengineering Research to block out the Sun”
  1. Another way for Global Dimming
    Many years ago I was playing with my Grandaughter casting Shadows on the wall she said look the further away you are the larger the shadow
    It got me thinking yes on hot days we look for shade or use an umbrella to shade ourselves
    Well I started to think they can keep Satellites between the Sun and Earth at a constant orbit all we need is a hew hundred Satellites with very large folding shades which is possible in space to control the amount of shade that we need simply keep them in the mid day zone around the world and activate the amount of shade you need for each part of the world as it rotates
    More shade for the Desert and high average temperature ranges
    It’s all about controlling Global Dinning where you can turn it off and on without the use of harmful substances
    Shadows are harmless and they will be around for as long as we have a sun so it’s a solution that needs some study we all know Elon Musk will cast more shadows the more Satellites he puts into space so why not make better use of them The Arabs with their line concept should have invested in Shadow Global Dimming to make an oasis for their people
    I could go on an on about this as it was around 10 years ago that I played shadows on the wall with a candle and hands with my grandchildren

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