This short video is to show those people who have been fear-mongered to death about their carbon foot-print, and gives a quick look at the composition of the earth's atmosphere.

It doesn't take more than 0.4% common sense to realise the truth.

One comment on “0.4% - A Quick Look at the Composition of the Earth's Atmosphere and Carbon Dioxide Levels”
  1. It asks in the video "how stupid do they think we are?"
    Obviously the majority are stupid. Al Gore, flunked science at Harvard, got into politics because of his senator daddy. He became vice president.
    No degree in astrophysics or meteorology but he brought out a movie full of dire consequences for earth because of man made carbon and the masses believed it.
    Gore made two global ice age predictions. The first in 2012 that the ice age would come in 2013. In 2013 he predicted it would be in 2014. In 2014 no ice age emerged and Gore just didnt bring it up again.
    Gore is now worth billions from his climate change job.
    Why would people believe him with no credentials to predict rain tomorrow, let alone a global ice age?
    But the average person does.
    They must not doubt it at all. They must not think well he did predict an ice age coming in one year and then the next and no explanation why it didn't eventuate. Let's just brush it under the carpet
    Just like when I ask these people why they believe these UN scientists and non scientists who have made 41 weather predictions since 1967 that haven't come true? 41 failed predictions and no one thinks that's a red flag.
    It's just one red flag out of many.
    People won't research or doubt these people. Like the Clintons or Gates, they just forget the evil connected to them.
    If people don't see beyond their own yard we can't fight this universal scam.

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