Dr Illya Sandra Perlingieri - Speaking at the Massechusetts School of Law
Dr Ilya Sandra Perlingieri - Speaking at the Massachusetts School of Law

Chemtrails are 100% verifiable and pose a hidden danger to everyone. They are witnessed worldwide, and the frequency of aerial activity in this field is increasing at an alarming rate.

There is a link between exposure to invisible environmental toxins and dramatic increases in illness. The video below goes into extensive detail on the effects.

According to the late Dr Ilya Perlingieri (Educator, author and activist) who was long at the forefront of the public chemtrails debate, the damaging effects to us from this aerial fallout include cancers, damaged DNA, memory issues, headaches/migraines, compromised immunity, weakness, and a lower seizure threshold.

There are more than 150 Weather Control Programs Around the World

Watch Dr Perlingieri speaking on this topic at the Massachusetts School of Law. She explains that there are more than 150 weather control programs globally, many of which are operated by the military.

What IS Weather Modification?

Weather Modification means "the act of intentionally manipulating or altering the weather".

Screenshot from video of Dr Ilya Perlingieri
Weather modification - John Hopkins University 1997

Cloud-seeding was already going on the 20th Century. Ingredients for the chemtrail concoction are a mix of toxic chemicals and other biological agents. Examples include:

  • Pathogenic moulds.
  • Fungi.
  • Weaponised viruses.
  • Barium (high doses affect the heart and nervous system – toxic to all animals).
  • Aluminium particles (diminish kidney function and destroy brain cells and cognitive function. Aluminium is released as nanoparticles, and when they reach the earth environment, they cause extreme problems for wildlife as well as humans).

Dr Perlingieri questions the extent of the damage these chemicals must be doing to the human body, as they affect the way we think, feel and function, not to mention the damage to worldwide climate.

For further information, please watch this video "The Dimming".

Geoengineeringwatch.org have an abundance of videos and articles on jet chemical spraying being carried out across our skies.

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