The last few years have brought to the surface the war against natural immune systems, the earth's ability to right herself, CO2/Carbon, and the animal food sources that feed the masses.

Livestock has been condemned for years as the demon that is destroying our planet and contributing to the overall CO2 via methane emissions, and destruction of natural habitat and pollution caused by the farming of mass production livestock. Mass corporate-sized farming of livestock has its negatives.

Many would agree that the conditions of mass livestock agriculture has negative effects for the animals in question, and that corporate food manufactures and global franchises such as McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks, corporate food manufacturers and large supermarkets all play a part in this, which vastly contributes to the problems we see today with livestock diseases and environmental damage.

However, rather than hold these global mass producers accountable for the over-demand and provision of meat (much of which is wasted), governments and unelected policy drivers such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals and WEF have placed the blame solely upon the small farmer, consumer and everyday Joe. Thus we see the push for NET ZERO climate change rhetoric and the war on meat.

With this comes the controlled demise of the livestock industry, exorbitant price hikes for consumers of meat, and bribing of farmers to re-plant native flora and re-purpose grazing land as carbon capture as an alternate income stream.

Thus it becomes more profitable with government-backed reward programs to turn to carbon sequestrian, and reduce livestock and agricultural production.

This also plays directly into the hands of the push and promotion of lab-grown meat and the growing industry of insect protein as a replacement source of protein.

Australia has been a global player in the production of meat, exporting much of what it produces for decades, and has been relied upon as a world class producer and exporter of high quality and safe source beef, lamb and poultry.

What is the current climate on livestock and alarm bells being seen?

  • Sell-offs of huge livestock stations/ranches throughout Australia, some consisting of millions of acres and often generational holdings.
  • The fines for and the war against cow farts and methane.
  • The sudden push for reducing livestock methane gases.
  • The war against livestock feed sources.
  • The talk about imminent mRNA gene-altering vaccines.
  • The promotion of plant-based meat and lab-grown meat.
  • Bribery to encourage reduction of livestock and grazing land.
  • The nonsensical increase in meat prices for consumers.
  • Fines and bans for the use of fertilisers, as seen in Ireland, Holland, The US and New Zealand.
  • Resumption of farming land as seen in Holland, and re-zoning of farm land to conservation land without the land owners consultation (see video below).

New Zealand has been under fire recently by agricultural groups and farmers for reigniting the proposal of the introduction of a livestock burp tax. The NZ government is deeply under the control of the UN and WEF Sustainable Development Goals and food security rhetoric. They are pushing for the world to be carbon-neutral by 2050 along with all of the other signatories to G20.

Their extreme agenda has domino consequences, including farmers walking off the land, meat shortages, and an additional devastating economic hit for consumers on top of the recent escalation of food costs.

Direct from the horse's mouth, Jacinda Ardern stated, "The farm levy would be a world first, and farmers should be able to recoup the cost by charging more for climate-friendly products" - making meat a luxury food item instead of a regular staple in the population's diet.

A CSIRO-developed food additive developed from a native Australian seaweed, (Asparagopsis), has been developed which slashes the amount of greenhouse gases from cattle burp and fart into the atmosphere by 90-99.9%, and is being used in mainstream livestock agriculture. This is a simple and cheap solution at face value. "With the use of Asparagopsis as a supplement, Instead of going into producing methane, other microbes come along and then produce the good things, the fatty acids and things, that the animal goes on to produce milk or meat with," said Dr Battaglia, CSIRO scientist and Director of Future Feed.

According to Melbourne University's Professor Richard Eckard, when speaking to ABC Rural, "Farmers know they have to be down this (carbon reduction) track in order to have the social licence to operate and that's what's going to drive the change". In our book, this means social guilt and industry pressure-based coercion.

Australia intends to become carbon neutral by 2030. Australia is a much larger country and population than NZ, and a larger meat export market than NZ. However, with a Net Zero target 20 years earlier than NZ, it just doesn't make sense. What extreme measure will be taken in Australia to reach that goal?

The above food supplement development is targeting a very small part of the apparent carbon emission problem. Has it been tampered with by CSIRO scientists? All our future food could potentially be produced using gene-editing methods, supposedly because it is ‘sustainable’ ‘green’ ‘resilient’ and ‘ecofriendly’. Food labelling does not require disclosure of gene-edited food as GMO, and manufacturers can promote it as ‘natural’ if used in the livestock feed only.

In a move to protect their agriculture and cultural food heritage, Italy has banned lab-grown meat. Many countries have also banned Genetically Modified food and seed (GMOs) to protect food integrity, heirloom seeds, people's health, human DNA integrity (regarding which there is much debate regarding genetic safety). Australia would do well to follow suit.

3 comments on “The Global Beef against Livestock”
  1. Why are farmers playing into this?. I heard that the UN wanted Ireland to cull 2 million cows.
    What farmer would go along with this?
    I can't believe people are believing this madness.
    Something has to be done.
    I'm a vegetarian but I don't like most of the pretend meat substitutes. And I am an animal lover. Why aren't animal rights organisations fighting this too?
    This is how evil takes over because the population do nothing. History has shown this again and again.
    It must be stopped

  2. The methane emissions problem is dishonest junk science, just another tool that they are using to reduce food supply in order to exert control.

    It is dishonest because.........

    Uneaten grass that decays on the ground emits the same amount of Methane as if it is eaten by an animal.

    Animals are part of the natural carbon cycle; they do not introduce any new carbon into the environment.

    Methane absorbs outgoing Infrared radiation in the frequency of 4 microns, this frequency of IR is already absorbed by water vapor, if any more methane was added to the atmosphere, it could not make any difference to the greenhouse effect.

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