Farmers in Holland and other countries are being pressured to give up their farms for "climate change". However, as the Dutch gentleman in the video states, many do not believe climate change is the real reason behind the demand, but rather an economically motivated land grab, beneficial only to the Government and The World Economic Forum.

Read more here in an article about the Dutch Farmers speaking out against food production being slashed to half

Breaking: Sky News 4th December 2022:

What can be seen via a plethora of linked government and non-government organisations, banks and private sector venture capitalists (via the Paris Accord, G20 summits, Aichi Biodiversity Target, World Economic Forum, United Nations Agenda 21, Agenda 30, Agenda 50, United Nations Development Programme, National strategy for environmental economic accounting, the Department of agriculture, water and environment and so on), is the plan for a new financial economy under the guise of sustainability. This new economy is not just inclusive of the digital currency but is a carbon economy.

Why a carbon economy?

The CARBON ECONOMY is the future of wealth creation under the guise of saving the planet. It is a plan to create and store as much carbon as possible through re-greening the planet via reclaiming farmland, rural land and public lands. This land is managed (by planting carbon-rich flora) so as to extract the carbon credits from stored carbon, and then sell it off as a commodity. It is not being captured to reduce carbon, nor to help the planet or its people, but only for a select handful of people who will financially benefit from gaining or managing the sequestered land and the carbon they can produce, store and trade from it. Carbon is the new oil but, unlike oil, the value lies in its usefulness as a non-physical trade off.

The scam

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), "Carbon pricing can be combined with offset credits. The idea is to pay for emission reductions elsewhere rather than invest in the country of operation" (this relates to NACS) "or create a carbon market. In this scenario, companies buy and sell the ‘right to pollute’ from each other". As you can see, this is Carbon Economy and Trading, and they need the land in order to offset their pollution-generation in doing business.

Read the WEF 'How does carbon trading work' article here.

To fully clarify the United Nations Agendas is impossible with so many pieces of the puzzle scattered between hundreds of global organisations, government departments, corporate partnerships, financial institutions, and of course the altruistic wording they use. However, the end game is Agenda 30 - to have 30% of all earth's mass (30 by 30) by 2030, and Agenda 50 is to have 50% of all earth's mass sequestered and put aside for carbon capture. When E.O. Wilson said, "humans should retreat to areas comprising one half of the planet’s landmass, leave half for earth", this is what he meant, and is why these farmers' lands are under attack.

History repeating itself

Going back through history, we saw in the latter half of the 19th century how Australian Indigenous peoples were herded onto reserves and missions under the guise "for their own protection' from disease, and with legislation designed to 'protect' them. The Aboriginal laws gave governments much power over all aspects of Aboriginal people’s lives. They lost what would later be considered basic human rights like freedom of movement, custody of children and control over property, subject to near-total control for over a century.

The devastation of those times continue to reverberate today, and now it's a repeat for the whole world as global populations face a similar eviction from their land and lives, as has happened for millennia through history to almost every culture. People are misguided to think that civilisation has evolved from conquering thieving empires in only 200+ years. To work hard, earn and own land or even your own life has been an illusion, regardless of culture or race.

Disruption is a key term used by the WEF and the UN, think about that.

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  1. I like the little stickers with the QR code that this web site has.
    Can you produce some related to the Farmers who are fighting their govts
    Also 5G and CBDC’s
    I would be keen to distribute and post them.

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