Robert Muller, Director of UNESCO 1946-1948 and 'Father of Global Education - The World Core Curriculum, which received the U.S Department of Education's stamp of approval through the National Diffusion Network for use in public schools. in 1989.

"He who is unfit to serve his fellow citizens seeks to rule them." Ludwig von Mises

One of the wealthiest men that ever lived was John D Rockefeller. He started an oil company, eventually having a monopoly on the industry through hard work and intelligence.

The Pennsylvania oil rush started in the late 1850s, and John realised that refining oil would become more profitable than just drilling for it. Today his companies have an estimated net worth of at least $400B.

During the 1994 annual ambassadors' dinner, held to honour the United Nations (UN) diplomats and secretariat officials, the U.N. Business Council awarded its annual medal to David Rockefeller. During the dinner Secretary General Boutros-Gali introduced a video describing the founding of the United Nations and the history of the Rockefeller family’s involvement in world affairs.

We have dissected the pertinent points within the video to highlight what we found. Should you be interested, you can watch the full video via this link and view other meetings which are not otherwise publicly available.

United Nations/Business Council Annual Ambassadors Dinner/meeting 1994

Multiple meetings are held each year, with all politician and non elected elites, showing who runs the world and their influence on how the world turns and their plans for humanity.

These meetings continue and include the DAVOS meetings in Geneva where the Elites, non-governmental rulers and colluding governments discuss and plan our existence.

The full video can be found here, and we have highlighted some timestamps for you below:

Our Excerpt of Timestamps

  • 14.19-14.25 - We would like to know what's the secret in the chocolate they all seem to be amused about?
  • 25.24 Rudy Giuliani lets slip that New York City is the capital of the world, the reason being the UN is situated in New York (New World Order headquarters). He was Mayor of NYC from 1994-2001 (during the September 11 World Trade Tower attacks), clearly strategically placed because since when do Mayors have so much power and standing with the richest man in the world.
  • 26.12 Giuliani gushing over the David Rockefeller Family telling us that they and America are partners. That this family helped build the UN Institution through John D Rockefeller and the League of Nations, and how the New World Organisation was conceived via the UN. A Global Brotherhood?
  • 12.00-23.05 of this clip: Positive measures in life expectancy is a negative impact. Dramatic improvements in the human condition which, in terms of economic growth, poses a threat to the environment (via improvement of lifespan) and over-consumption of resources by a growing population.

    Economic growth is best managed by the Private sector (World Trade Organisation). The advances in technology and human wellbeing are also creating new problems which will create a possible catastrophic disaster in the biosphere we live in.

    Even with the moral divisiveness on the topic, the UN should play a part in finding a satisfactory way to stabilise world population, in a way that is sensitive to moral and religious considerations.

    (Our interpretation: - the Elite plan to de-populate the world to what they consider an acceptable level. The over-consumption of energy resources by the plebs is just not on. Sounds like they want the resources for themselves, and there are too many of us, which apparently denies them.)
  • 10.02 Rockefeller discusses the World Order they have been working towards for global interdependent cooperation to be built. That 'we' (they) must act forcibly to protect their own (America's) interests. (We now see this manifested in the World Economic Forum and UN's Sustainability Goals. It is not hard to see through the intentionally opaque power structure of the Rockefellers and the UN, and how they shadow-govern behind the scenes.)

It is not only the Rockefellers who are powerful directors of global policy and direction. There have been many over the last 100+ years that are not in the public eye. There are also the public megalomaniacs such as the Rothchilds, Bill Gates, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, the Clintons, the Bush's, Robert Muller, the Carnegie Family, and others.

A few of the worlds rulers. Awarded exactly 2 months after Sept 11 WTT attacks

Note on the entanglement of organisations, and their infiltration of the world since 1945

These organisations are all entwined together with tentacles reaching back to the UN, some have seen name changes over the decades. They include, World Trade Organisation, World Economic Forum, United Nations (originally The League of Nations whom openly promoted Eugenics), UNESCO, NATO, International Bank of Settlements, The World Bank, Reserve Bank (owned by Rockefellers), Roosevelts, the Bilderberg Group, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Club of Rome, International Monetary Fund, World Health Organisation, World Wildlife Fund, Commonwealth of Nations, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and the International Commission of Diplomacy and Global Affairs - the list goes on.

Who are these people and do they really belong to a secret society who believe their birthright is to rule the world and all who reside here?

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