Note to reader. This article was compiled by a mother who was pro-vaccine for over 40 years. I began researching after my own child had some unusual and concerning symptoms after their Gardasil shot which was administered at school. Whatever your stance is on vaccines, your child is worth at least looking at some of the research that has found risks, which appear to heavily outweigh any benefits.

This article will highlight:

  • the observed ineffectiveness of the HPV vaccine, and
  • feature victims and lawsuits around the world against the HPV vaccine manufacturer, Merck.

First and foremost, there is no clear evidence that the HPV vaccine is reducing cervical cancer

Considering that during the HPV pre-vaccination era from 1982 to 2007, smear screening (pap tests), reduced cervical cancer outcomes in Australia by almost 50%, it is baffling that such a large scale vaccination program is still being pushed on our youth, despite not showing any benefit in the decade-worth of data available.

In Australia in 1982, there were 14.3 incidences of cervical cancer per 100,000 people, which decreased to 7 incidences per 100,000 people by 2007.

Since the HPV vaccine rollout in 2007, there has been no further significant decrease in instances of cervical cancer as shown in the graph below.

As you can see the numbers have remained steady since 2002, which was five years BEFORE the vaccine rollout began in Australia.

Data sourced from AIHW Cancer Data in Australia

Could the numbers come down even more? One has to wonder about the possibility that the vaccine may give people a "faux" sense of security that could discourage them from seeking cervical screenings.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare estimates that during 2018 - 2021, only 62% of the eligible population aged between 25 -74 participated in a HPV screening test. Source.

Now that we can seen that there is no apparent benefit, is it worth the risks?

Sadly, since 2007 there has been an onslaught of HPV adverse reactions . There are 5,604 reports to the Australian Government's Therapeutic Goods Administration Database of Adverse Event Notifications for both the original Gardasil and the new Gardasil 9 vaccine, since they were first introduced. Of those adverse event reports, 77% were children aged between 12 - 17 years.

Interestingly, NOT ALL adverse reactions are listed on the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) website.

More than one hundred cases of reported adverse reactions after HPV vaccination have been excluded from Australia’s public Database of Adverse Event Notifications (DAEN) and are only recorded in the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s internal database called the Adverse Event management System (AEMS).

This was discovered by North Queensland mother, Michelle Stubbs, whose daughter Asha became seriously ill after HPV vaccination. Michelle submitted a Freedom of Information (FOI) request which you can view here.

Stubbs, who lives in northern Queensland, is organising a class action lawsuit against Merck, who manufacture Gardasil and Gardasil 9. A total of 150 potential claimants have come forward in less than two months.

Adverse reactions reported include death, multiple sclerosis, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, premature menopause, paralysis, auto immune issues, seizures, anaphylaxis, disability, brain injury, Guillain-Barre syndrome and more.

Is this worth the risk considering cervical cancer rates have not declined since this vaccine was rolled out? The teenage girls who now have premature menopause will not be able to have children of their own.

To search for the reported adverse events of this vaccine yourself:

The reports will be displayed and you can navigate through them.

90-95% of adverse reactions are not reported to the TGA

This is an estimate by the TGA itself. On its website it states “it is generally acknowledged that adverse events are under-reported around the world, with estimates that 90-95% of adverse events are not reported to regulators.” Source.

So if the above mentioned reports only represented about 10% of the actual adverse events, that means there could be up to 56,040 people who have suffered a reaction.

Other victims and lawsuits are documented below. Please note that these are just a handful of existing victims and survivors. Click here to skip to the victims.

This is a world-wide issue

VigiBase is a public database that was launched by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2015 (eight years after the HPV vaccine rollout). It keeps track of potential side effects of medicinal products. There have been more than 132,000 reports of adverse events relating to HPV vaccination reported to VigiBase. Sadly 50% of these adverse events are in the 12 - 17 year age group. Source.
Keep in mind the estimate that 90% - 95% of side effects are never reported.

There is no evidence that the HPV vaccine works

Apart from cervical cancer not decreasing in Australia as illustrated at the beginning of this article, HPV clinical trials did not demonstrate that HPV vaccines prevent cervical cancer. These findings are published in a scientific journal.

A systematic review of HPV vaccine pre- and post-licensure trials found that "the claim that HPV vaccination will result in approximately 70% reduction of cervical cancers is made despite the fact that the clinical trials data have not demonstrated to date that the vaccines have actually prevented a single case of cervical cancer (let alone cervical cancer death) - not that the current overly optimistic surrogate marker-based extrapolations are justified.

Likewise, the notion that HPV vaccines have an impressive safety profile is only supported by a highly flawed design of safety trials, and is contrary to accumulating evidence from vaccine-safety surveillance databases and case reports which continue to link HPV vaccination to serious adverse outcomes (including death and permanent disabilities). Source.

Victims of the HPV vaccine

We have compiled just a handful of the victims below.

Mother of 21-Year-Old Who Died After HPV Vaccine said that Merck Filed False Report and the CDC Failed to Investigate. Source.

From lawyers Wisner Baum "We just filed our first Gardasil lawsuit concerning a wrongful death. Noah Foley was 11 when he received only one Gardasil shot. The next two years of his life would be spent battling the autoimmune injuries he suffered after getting the HPV vaccine. He ultimately succumbed to the injuries and became brain dead shortly before he passed away at the age of 13."

The national law firm of Wisner Baum is a leader in the Gardasil injury litigation against the vaccine manufacturer, New Jersey-based Merck & Co., Inc. Since 2019, the firm has filed numerous Gardasil lawsuits against Merck on behalf of young men and women who sustained life altering personal injuries and devastating side effects after receiving the allegedly “defective and dangerous” human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. Source.

Noah’s Story

Colton Berrett was paralysed after receiving three Gardasil vaccinations. He was just 13 years old. He was diagnosed with transverse myelitis, a rare clinical syndrome in which an immune-mediated process causes neural injury to the spinal cord. He passed away four years later.

Colton’s Story

Zachariah (Zach) Otto received his first Gardasil shot in Orange County, California when he was 16 years of age. Now 24 and living in Denver, Colorado, Mr. Otto alleges multiple Gardasil injections caused him to develop life-altering injuries, including dysautonomia, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), Orthostatic Intolerance (OI), small fiber neuropathy (SNF), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), mast cell activation syndrome, autoimmune disease, and fibromyalgia, as well as a constellation of other serious health issues. Source.

A day after her first Gardasil HPV injection, Kayla (age 12) had a seizure-like episode which included a staring spell, facial swelling, slurred speech and a severe headache. She later developed severe migraine headaches, abdominal pain and a host of other debilitating health issues.

Just two days after the second shot, Kayla collapsed during P.E. class and was rushed to the emergency department of the Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

Her clinical diagnoses include dysautonomia, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), orthostatic intolerance (OI), small fiber neuropathy (SNF), neuropathy, mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), seizure disorder and endometriosis, among many others. Source.

She has undergone at least one surgery per year on her reproductive organs since the age of 15, and doctors say she will not be able to get pregnant and will not be able to pursue in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Dr Deirdre Little published a case report about three young women who went through early menopause after taking the Gardasil vaccine.

Three young women who developed premature ovarian insufficiency following quadrivalent human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination presented to a general practitioner in rural New South Wales, Australia. The unrelated girls were aged 16, 16, and 18 years at diagnosis. Each had received HPV vaccinations prior to the onset of ovarian decline. Vaccinations had been administered in different regions of the state of New South Wales and the 3 girls lived in different towns in that state.

This report was published in the reputable British Medical Journal. Source.

A short interview with Dr Deirdre Little

This video is in English with foreign subtitles

Sacrificial Virgins documentary

This film documents the severe life altering side effects and deaths that have occurred after a Gardasil vaccination.

One of the deaths that may have been caused by Gardasil is that of Jasmin Soriat, a 19-year-old student from Vienna in Austria.

Jasmin exhibited neurological symptoms after receiving a second dose of the vaccine, and suffered respiratory failure three weeks later. She died in her sleep.

British teenager Ruby Shallom from Bracknell, Berkshire, who is also featured in “Sacrificial Virgins”, received her first HPV vaccination in 2014.

She is now paralysed in three limbs.

Ruby says in the documentary that the only one of her limbs that works now is her left arm. She says she still goes out to see friends, but the pain and fatigue she suffers make this difficult.

Can Gardasil manufacturer, Merck be trusted?

The Australian sponsor of Gardasil 9 is the Merck subsidiary, Merck Sharp & Dohme (Australia) Pty Limited.
In 2007, as the Gardasil vaccine was distributed to Australians, Merck was fighting two legal battles:

  1. Merck had to pay $4.85 billion to end thousands of state and federal lawsuits over its painkiller Vioxx, in one of the largest drug settlements ever. Company officials estimated the deal, if accepted, would end 45,000 to 50,000 personal injury lawsuits involving U.S. Vioxx users who suffered a heart attack or ischemic stroke, the type in which blood flow to the brain is blocked. Source.
    Merck made 11 billion selling Vioxx so they still made 6.15 billion profit after the payouts and being responsible for between 88,000 and 139,000 U.S residents having heart attacks or strokes with as many as 40% of those patients, or about 55,000, dying as a result of Vioxx. This was reported by Dr David Graham, associate director for science at the FDA Office of Drug Safety, in a study he published in the well respected Lancet medical journal.
    No-one received any prison time for this and they were free to rollout the HPV vaccine. Source
  2. Merck had to pay more than $670 million to settle claims it overcharged the government for drugs and bribed doctors to prescribe its drugs. It's one of the biggest health care fraud settlements ever. Can we trust a company with our children, that clearly values profits over people? Source.

Litigation around the world for injuries and deaths following Gardasil vaccine

These are just some of the cases. There are too many to include them all:

  • Judge Appoints Four Lawyers to Lead Gardasil MDL-Multidistrict Litigation in Los Angeles, 2022, a federal judge overseeing the Gardasil MDL (multi-district litigation) appointed four attorneys to serve on the litigation leadership for plaintiffs who allege the Gardasil HPV vaccine caused them severe side effects. Source
  • A judicial panel on the 4th of August 2022 issued an order consolidating more than 31 lawsuits brought against Merck & Co. for injuries allegedly caused by its Gardasil human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. The panel was “not persuaded” by Merck’s argument that consolidating the cases would increase vaccine hesitancy and cause a flood of “meritless” vaccine injury claims. Source
  • The national law firm of Baum Hedlund Aristei & Goldman filed a Gardasil lawsuit against Merck today on behalf of a 19-year-old woman, alleging the company misled the FDA, legislators, doctors and moms about the safety and efficacy of its Gardasil vaccine. The lawsuit asserts Merck purposely downplayed the risk of Gardasil’s ingredients, including a proprietary aluminum compound (a potent neurotoxin) and secret and potentially hazardous DNA particles. Source.
  • Merck’s Gardasil HPV Vaccine Caused 16-Year-Old’s Debilitating Injuries, Latest Lawsuit Alleges. Source
  • A Class Action Lawsuit Against HPV Vaccine Filed in Colombia. A class action lawsuit has been filed in Colombia against the Colombian government and Merck Sharp & Dohme by a group representing 700 individuals. Source.
  • A MELBOURNE woman who suffered an auto-immune and neurological attack after being injected with the cervical cancer drug Gardasil is leading a class action against its manufacturer. And another seven Victorian women who are considering joining the court case against Gardasil manufacturer Merck, say they have suffered anaphylaxis and physical breakdowns as a result of the vaccine. Naomi Snell, 28, said her life was put on hold for more than two years after she lost the ability to walk, battled crippling back and neck pain, and suffered convulsions that started soon after her first injection in July 2008. "I never attributed it to my vaccine so I went back for my second and third dose," Ms Snell said. "My doctors said I was a case for Dr House. They were baffled. Source.

Ex-Merck sales executive blows the whistle

Brandy Vaughan worked for Merck selling the dangerous drug Vioxx, that ended up costing Merck $4.85 billion in settlement claims. She speaks about how Merck allegedly covered up the adverse effects of the drug. She discusses the conflicts of interest that arise when pharmaceutical companies fund scientific studies and how vaccines are the most profitable products. She also points out that vaccines don’t require the same rigorous safety testing as other drugs.

Whistleblower Brandy Vaughan

More information

HPV Vaccination Syndrome. A New Tragic Fibromyalgia Model?

Manuel Martinez-Lavin in Mexico.

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