Global Covid-19 Overview

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in an apparent +300 million (3.74%) people infected worldwide, with more than 5 million (0.062%) deaths out of a global population of 8,015,894,050+ billion, at time of writing.

The percentage of those affected doesn't appear to balance the proportion of fear mongering and ongoing vaccine coercion rates, does it? Keep in mind that 'death from Covid' reporting included people with prior morbidities to increase cases for the purpose of alarmist-reporting. Death was not necessarily from Covid, but they happened to have reportedly had Covid at the time of death. Hospitals were paid extra per Covid-related treatment, and more for Covid-related deaths.

Studies have been coming out from scientists and those countries who are reporting the true numbers of neurological effects of the Covid-19 vaccination. Some report these as rare, a case of Russian roulette of whether you are at risk of being the unlucky one developing these effects, but a considerable risk just the same. The Covid-19 vaccination, which technically is still classed as a therapy and for a virus which to this day has STILL NOT been isolated - formally identified.

Government health departments and doctors under duress from AHPRA may tell you that the risk of adverse side effects is worth the price for assumed protection from Covid, whether they believe that or not. And although the "Covid pandemic" may be officially now over, the Covid-19 Vaccines are still being pushed.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is moving to enforce their International Health Regulations in the form of the International Health Treaty with nearly every country globally, including WHO-signatory, Australia. Australia as yet has not signed up to the new Treaty (see petition to stop this health dictatorship below).

This will mean that once a pandemic (or 'possible' pandemic) is declared, the WHO will determine the lockdown and treatment measures. You will NO LONGER have any choice or say in what treatment they recommend. See more on this in the Dr John Campbell video at the end of the article.

The reason for this is that if Australia signs this treaty, they are obligated to ENFORCE the WHO's recommendation regardless of your civil human rights and individual choice. They have stated that they WILL restrict people's rights during what they determine as an 'emergency'. This translates to a repeat of manipulated enforcement of big pharma meds and experimental vaccines, and increases in severe adverse reactions and sudden death due to a rushed-through treatment in response to a declared global health emergency that they chose.

Neurological Effects from Covid-19 vaccines

Hundreds of research articles have been written on the adverse neurological reactions, some not included due to being deemed 'irrelevant, no relevant outcome or early phase studies' according to '' managed by the COVID-NMA - an international research initiative supported by the WHO and Cochrane, both with a conflict of interest and biases on the research outcomes. All one needs to do is look at the cited studies in a few of these articles to see the monolith of scientific proof of psychiatric onset problems and other physical adverse reaction concerns.

Published case reports have documented the association of psychosis with the use of the 'vaccine'. Some of the reports indicate that psychosis could be an outcome of autoimmune encephalitis. Studies have shown that SAR-CoV-2 is known to trigger a powerful immune response, which includes the release of large amounts of pro-inflammatory cytokines. The COVID-19 vaccine may increase the risk of psychosis by triggering a cytokine storm which can lead to increased production of dopamine.

Dr John Campbell discusses the presentation of Multiple Sclerosis after vaccination.

Recorded side effects from viral vector and mRNA vaccines

In one study in January 2022, "A total of 32 cases were identified, with female predominance (68.8%) and median age of 44 years. 11 cases were reported after Pfizer vaccine, 8 following AstraZeneca vaccine, 6 following Moderna, 5 following Sinovac/ Sinopharm vaccines, and one following each of Sputnik and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. The majority of cases (71.8%) occurred after the first dose of the vaccine, with neurological symptoms manifesting after a median of 9 days".

  • Seizures
  • Transverse Myelitis
  • Psychosis, hallucinations, delusions
  • Paranoia
  • Catatonic presentation
  • MS - Multiple Sclerosis Most MS-like episodes (9/12) were triggered by mRNA-based vaccines, while TM occurred following both viral vector and mRNA-based vaccines.
  • Self harm/Suicide
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • CNS demyelination. the Sinopharm BBIBP-CorV and the AstraZeneca AZD1222 vaccines as potential triggers for CNS demyelinating diseases
  • Guillain-Barre syndrome
  • Encephalitis
  • Polyneuropathy
  • Sensory disorders

Patone, M., Handunnetthi, L., Saatci, D. et al.

Australians start class action against the federal government over COVID-19 vaccine injuries - watch video below:

Watch Maddie's Story, a 14-year old vaccine-damaged child, suffering from demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy, fibre sensory neuropathy and orthostatic intolerance from the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination:

Matt Bain, MD (Neurologist with Indiana University Health) testified before an Indiana Senate Committee on February 16, 2022, telling senators that after the COVID-19 vaccines were introduced, he began to see a sharp increase in neurological disorders among his patients. Watch the full video below.

Dr John Campbell discusses how Australia finally bans Astra Zeneca in March 2023, even though it is not the only COVID vaccine to cause major side effects and deaths. See neurological disorders including psychiatric disorders and side effects from 2m40s onwards.

The WHO International Health Treaty is discussed in the video below:

If you don't want an unelected elitist organisation determining your health choices, placing you and your children in a position of playing Russian roulette (in respect of severe adverse reactions such as the aforementioned), and enforcing lockdowns worldwide whenever they deem fit, then please sign and share this petition asap.

Click here to sign the Petition

It is imperative to know that this global treaty is reflected in the Health Cities program, an aspect of the Smart City plans being rolled out across Australia and globally. These plans propose total control over your food choices, consumption of alcohol, exercise regime and medical choices.

Do you really want that level of dictatorial control over your life and body?

Do you want to continue to be forced to take booster after booster after booster of an experimental vaccine or other medical intervention?

One comment on “Mounting Evidence of Adverse Neurological Reactions to COVID-19 Vaccines”
  1. Never.
    It clearly is not fit for purpose and is dangerous .
    With only 53 adverse reactions the H1N1 vaccine was removed .
    I would guess 100's of thousands if not millions have died or been catastrophically injured by this largely untested , still unapproved DRUG .

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