Did you know that the TGA is almost entirely funded by Big Pharma?

What is the TGA?

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is part of the Australian Government Department of Health, and is responsible for regulating therapeutic goods including prescription medicines, vaccines, sunscreens, vitamins and minerals, medical devices, blood and blood products.

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) asked six leading regulators in Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, the UK, and US, a series of questions about their funding, transparency in their decision-making (and of data), and the rate at which new drugs are approved. 

Of these countries, Australia had the highest proportion of budget from industry fees (96%), and in 2020-2021 approved more than nine of every 10 drug company applications. Furthermore, 50% of the TGA’s committee members declared a conflict of interest.

Donald Light of Rowan University in New Jersey, US, who has spent decades studying drug regulation, says:

“Like the FDA, the TGA was founded to be an independent institute. However, being largely funded by fees from the companies whose products it is charged to evaluate is a fundamental conflict of interest and a prime example of institutional corruption.”

British Medical Journal

Critics also point to a regulator-industry “revolving door” that has seen many agency officials end up working or consulting for the same companies they regulated.

An example of this regulator-industry "revolving door”, discussed in the article, is the former head of the TGA, Professor John Skerritt. Professor Skerritt recently retired and was appointed to The Medicines Australia Board, which is a pharmaceutical industry leader, who discover, develop and manufacture prescription pharmaceutical products, bio-therapeutic products and vaccines. (Source: British Medical Journal Article)

This is an unacceptable conflict of interest. Do we trust the people who profit from big pharmaceutical companies to regulate the safety of drugs produced by those same pharmaceutical companies? Is this is a case of the fox guarding the hen house?

No independent testing - the TGA took the pharmaceutical company's word for it

If you opened up a restaurant and told the council you had already conducted your own health and safety check, would you expect them to simply take your word for it?

The TGA claim they carry out “stringent and rigorous drug safety testing". However, when the Independent Medical Options Party (IMOP) reviewed the TGA’s Australian Public Assessment Reports for prescription medicines (AusPARs) for the COVID vaccines, they found that ALL of the clinical trials used for their assessments were by vaccine manufacturers and developers, and NONE were independently conducted by the TGA. 

This process of assessing drug safety is neither “stringent” nor “rigorous” as claimed by the TGA.
(Source: Article)

Additionally, a Freedom of Information request (FOI) was made by a member of Doctors For Covid Ethics to the TGA in February 2021, to ask:

* Did the TGA request the raw data from Pfizer?

* Did any of the committees approving the vaccine look at the raw data and/or discuss it?

The response from TGA shows that that they never saw or requested the patient data from Pfizer, and simply accepted their reporting of their study as true. (Source: Article)

Pharma-funded Regulatory Agencies:

  • TGA 96% (Australia)
  • EMA 89% (Europe)
  • MHRA 86% (UK)
  • PDMA 85% (Japan)
  • FDA 56% (USA)
  • Health Canada 50.5%

Are drug regulators for hire?

In the below video, Dr John Campbell discusses this issue:

Until a few years ago, new drugs were required to have local safety testing, and went through a process that took years. This ensured a higher degree of safety. During the COVID period, the TGA waved approvals through for new technologies (e.g. mRNA injections) and new drugs in a matter of months. Included in this new streamlined approval process were Molnupiravir and Remdesivir

Despite the anti-viral drug Remdesivir being declared by The World Health Organisation Guideline Development Group as having no meaningful effect in the treatment of COVID, the TGA went ahead and approved it for use in 2022 anyway (Source).

It is interesting to note that a for a typical treatment course of Remdesivir, the pharmaceutical company charges a whopping $3,400AU.

Molnupiravir is another drug that is shown to be ineffective for people who are hospitalised with COVID; yet this is the #1 drug on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. Australia spends $650m a year on Molnupiravir. (Source: No benefits for those hospitalised with COVID-19: British medical journal article).

Is this why the noble prize-winning medication Ivermectin was falsely claimed to be nothing but a horse dewormer by the mass media? This misinformation was made possible because Ivermectin, which is used to treat humans, is also available for animals.

Ivermectin has an outstanding safety profile. However, the Ivermectin-plus-zinc combo is only approximately $40 per prescription, which is not going to generate anywhere near the same amount of profits for the pharmaceutical companies.

Is this also why important studies have been suppressed? For example, this Brazilian study of over 8,300 people showed that Ivermectin reduced deaths in COVID patients by 92% for 10 cents a week. To view 247 more Ivermectin COVID-19 studies that show positive outcomes and yet were not given any attention, click here.

How can medical trials be distorted and/or sabotaged to get favourable results?

Do you read medical journals in your spare time or look into how drug safety trials are conducted? Neither do most people. Most people are not interested, nor do they have the time because the majority of us are busy working to afford the cost of living.

This is why many of us unquestioningly trust the so-called experts and the results their studies yield. However, if we take a closer look, we will find that it isn’t very hard to manipulate a study to favour an expensive drug over a ridiculously cheap one. An example of just how easily a study can be distorted can be found in this well put-together article, which shows two studies investigated by the same professor, with some key differences.

The $707 per-pop drug that had already made a pharmaceutical giant over 7.2 billion in sales, fared much better than the $1 per-pop drug. However, as we can see, there appears to be manipulation of study conditions in the expensive drug's favour.

To read a more in-depth report about this, click here.

Did you know that an Australian vaccine developer of a COVID-19 vaccine was rejected by the TGA because he didn't have millions to pay lobbyists?

Professor Nikolai Petrovsky, Chairman and Research Director of Vaxine Pty Ltd (Adelaide-based biotechnology company) is a vaccine creator, who worked at Flinders University with over 20 years experience in vaccine development, including great success with a swine flu vaccine that his team developed in 2009.

Professor Petrovsky had developed a traditional protein-based vaccine for COVID-19 (no experimental mRNA was included in his vaccine).

In this video Professor Petrovsky explains that he was told his vaccine would only be supported if he matched the millions that pharmaceutical companies were paying liberal lobbyists.\

Silence on unprecedented adverse-reaction reports

Did you know that as of the date of this article, there have been 140,030 reports to the TGA of adverse events notification database (DAEN), including 1,020 deaths suspected to have been caused by the COVID-19 vaccinations?

These numbers make up approximately 22.5% of ALL adverse events ever reported to the TGA from EVERY drug on record! Why are these safety signals being ignored?

Source: TGA Database of Adverse Event Notifications

Instructions on how to search the DAEN

  1. Go to: https://www.tga.gov.au/safety/safety/safety-monitoring-daen-database-adverse-event-notifications/database-adverse-event-notifications-daen-medicines
  2. Select search 'DAEN medicines.'
  3. Select ‘I have read and understand the above.'
  4. Type in the medicine you would like to search. For example, for COVID vaccines, simply type in ‘covid’ and then select all the boxes.

More transparency is needed

The Australian government indemnified COVID vaccines. This means that the many Australians who have sustained injuries from this experimental injection cannot sue the manufacturer. Read our article on vaccine injuries here.

When senators have requested documentation made available through Freedom of Information (FOI), they have received documents that are in some cases completely redacted. Is this acceptable? Our safety regulators should be looking out for people's best interests rather than those of pharmaceutical companies.

The below video of Senator Rennick is just one example of such a heavily-redacted document, which conceals important data that should be made known to the public - especially when the public was mandated to take a drug which, in some cases, people took just to keep their jobs.

When asked through FOI to show safety data on specific vaccine batches that were tested, the TGA produced 70 pages that were completely redacted - so essentially blank pages. What are they hiding?

To access the Freedom of Information document yourself, click here.


This article gives just a small glimpse into how financial interests can be prioritised over safety. It is important that we make sure the information we are receiving is not biased and/or generated by people or organisations with vested financial interests in the pharmaceutical companies they are responsible for regulating.

This article does not exist to discredit the use of pharmaceuticals. We have demonstrated above that drugs like Ivermectin can be very beneficial.

However, have you noticed that natural remedies are rarely ever promoted - natural and simple remedies like making sure we are getting enough vitamin C and other beneficial vitamins in our diets, or getting our vitamin D from the sun?

One of the reasons why this may be the case is because patents cannot be issued on these natural products; thus, they cannot be profited on as greatly by any individual pharmaceutical giant.

What are some good alternate sources of information?

After reading this, you may want to explore other perspectives on health. We recommend the following sources of information (We have no affiliation with these groups):

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