From a talk to a group of freedom-loving people at the Sunken Monkey in Erina NSW on 20 March 2024.
To show up in support for Pastor Paul, Andrew Katelaris and Patrick O’Dea's next court appearances, click here.

A summary of the above video

The journey of former musician and environmental activist, Pastor Paul Robert Burton, began about nine years ago when he met an indigenous woman by the name of Aunty Mimmie as he affectionately refers to her.

Aunty Mimmie, along with Auntie Hazel from the Gomeroi/Gamileroi Mob, had started a group called Grandmothers against Removals, which was focused on retrieving children who had been unjustly removed by the State (you can find them on Facebook here). 

Auntie Mimmie herself had lost two grandchildren to what was then called DOCS/FACS, and she had little to no contact with them at the time that Pastor Paul made her acquaintance.

This was the beginning of Pastor Paul discovering the dark reality of what he now refers to as "state-condoned child trafficking and child abuse."

Pastor Paul observed some red flags in regard to Auntie's granddaughter who was in out-of home-care. However, when he questioned FACS workers, asking if anyone had investigated whether her granddaughter was in an abusive situation, he was shocked that the department did not react in the compassionate way expected when legitimate concerns are raised by a caring adult about a child.

Upon investigating the whereabouts of the child, Paul discovered the child in question was living in a house with a lady who had five children in her alleged care, and was getting paid for each of them, making approximately $150,000 a year.

He says this "carer” at that time had a boyfriend with a substantive criminal history that included child sexual abuse and that it is, sadly, very common for this department to put children into much higher risk situations.

Pastor Paul says that when he voiced his concerns, the department began persecuting him.

Approximately one year later, the parents of a young indigenous child with cerebral palsy came to Paul for pastoral support.

Paul says the family later had their child forcibly removed based on known false grounds, and without delegated authority.

Pastor Paul and about seven others were pepper-sprayed and assaulted during the removal of the child, during this incident he was livecasting on Facebook. As a consequence, over 500,000 people saw what occurred within minutes, and over 4 million people within hours. 

Around six weeks later, Paul along with Dr Andrew Katelaris (who had also been independently helping the family) were summoned into the Court of Equity, and they are both still unable to say the young boy's name to this day, as they have had suppression on them for almost seven years now. .

They are currently still fighting in the courts, however as Paul is a permanent resident he is also facing deportation for allegedly saying the name of a child who "was or is, or is reasonably likely to be" in care, on social media, which is a two year indictable strict liability criminal offence under THE CHILDREN AND YOUNG PERSONS (CARE AND PROTECTION) ACT 1998 - Section 105.

Thousands of others also had broadcast the child's name publicly, including the media. However, they have not been charged with the same alleged offence as Pastor Paul. As a result of this incident, Pastor Paul has been before more judges and magistrates than any other self-represented individual in Australia. 

Parents are powerless and it could happen to anyone.

Pastor Paul says that in NSW, Australia, Family and Community Services (FACS) can abduct your child from you without a warrant by enlisting the NSW police force, with no evidence proven in any court of law and no opportunity for you to challenge the information.

All children's courts in Australia are closed courts, contrary to the founding democratic principle of open justice (for NSW, s104B of the Act). Regarding child removals, they all operate in civil jurisdiction, not criminal jurisdiction. However, the parents are often treated like criminals and hence denied all the democratic rights afforded to people who are criminally charged. Child removals are often done without any judicial oversight whatsoever (for NSW, see s43. of the Act), and are based on what at law is called “the balance of probabilities“ rather than “beyond reasonable doubt” (for NSW, see s93(4)(4)). Further to this, the children's court is not bound by the rules of evidence (for NSW, see s93(3) of the Act) unless the court itself decides otherwise. Note* The Act refers to The Children And Young persons (Care And Protection) Act 1998 NSW. There are equivalent Acts in each State and Territory with similar provisions.

Pastor Paul says that in the approximately 150 cases that he has been involved with in some capacity, he has never seen or heard of a magistrate deciding a case to be bound by "the rules of evidence."

Kids for Cash?

Pastor Paul speaks about how children are removed illegally in Australia. He says that all children's courts are closed courts, under the guise of protecting children - though it appears that who they are really protecting are the people who are removing and then abusing the children.

With this system in place, the public aren't privy to any possible sordid details of how children are being treated.

Paul states in no uncertain terms that Section 105, although purporting to protect the privacy and identity of children, was actually created to protect those who remove and (in some cases) abuse the children. It is this suppression that hides the child-removal industry from the public, together with the shocking outcomes of thousands of children who are forcibly removed from their loving families.

It is interesting to note that an average child in care costs taxpayers approximately between $41,358 and $881,113 annually per child (source: Productivity Commission Report under tab “Indicator results” and then scroll down to heading "13. Unit cost of care").

Size and Scope of the Problem

During 2020-21, approximately 293,585 children in Australia were the subject of some kind of intervention by the government (source: Productivity Commission Report under heading “size and scope").

Pastor Paul and other dedicated advocates claim that child-removal is structured like a business enterprise and that many are cashing in on it. The national recurrent spending on child protection and out-of-home care was $7.5 billion in 2020–21.

(Source: See Productivity Commission Report under the heading "Funding")

To read more about the case that has weighed heavily on Pastor Paul's life for the past seven years, and about what he calls "The kids for cash system," see this article by Sydney Criminal Lawyers Click here).

Please don’t look away, this is a much bigger issue than most people think

To see more statistics and important reports on the shocking outcomes of children in alleged care, click here.

Michael Coutts-Trotter, former Secretary of FACS/DCJ, Gareth Ward, Minister of FACS and Disabilities in NSW and Garfield Prowse, former Child Protection district director

Did you know that the former Secretary of FACS/DCJ ( Michael Coutts-Trotter), who was in charge of child removals in NSW for over 10 years, is a convicted heroin trafficker? Another person who later became the Minister of FACS and Disabilities in NSW (Gareth Ward) is currently awaiting trial for allegedly having sex with someone under the age of 18. Then there is former Child Protection District Director Garfield Willoughby Prowse, who was jailed in January 2024 for sexually abusing two children.

Under THE CHILDRENS AND YOUNG PERSONS (CARE AND PROTECTION) ACT 1998 - SECTION 250, it says that "the secretary" can delegate the power to remove a child. The secretary who was in charge at the time of the removal of the indigenous child, whose family Pastor Paul was assisting, was Michael Coutts-Trotter, who is a convicted heroin trafficker  

(Source: Wikipedia)

Gareth Ward became the New South Wales Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services from 2019 to 2021. Ward is currently awaiting trial for allegedly raping a 17-year old boy and a man in his 20s (Source: Illawarra Mercury).

Former Child Protection district director, Garfield Prowse was jailed after sexually abusing two children for years. The abuse that Garfield Willoughby Prowse inflicted on his victims, who were aged 5 and 6 at the time, took place between 2010 and 2018, a period for the majority of which Prowse was working at the DCP (source: ABC news).

Did you know the Northern Territory is the world leader for child removals?

"For the most part, child protection and family services should reconsider how they allocate their budgets and instead focus on assisting vulnerable families as opposed to the reductionist and minimalist approach of removing children. But the majority of child protection and family service workers are not skilled in any number of ways that should be requisite and are ill-qualified and inexperienced. In my interfaces on behalf of families with child protection workers I have been appalled by the low level of skills and understandings of the workers." (Source: The Stringer).

Sadly, a “staggering” 81% of Indigenous children are on long-term guardianship orders, which means they are in state care to the age of 18, and are thus “at serious risk of permanent separation from their families, cultures and communities” (Source: The Guardian).

Dr Russell Pridgeon, Patrick O'Dea and a grandmother

Pastor Paul briefly discusses how two Rhodesian friends, William Russell Massingham Pridgeon and Patrick Finbar McGarry O'Dea (along with a parent of two children, a grandparent of the other child, and three other people who it is alleged independently assisted them), were arrested and publicly defamed in the media and portrayed as being part of an international child trafficking syndicate.

Some of these people had never even met or ever spoken with each other.

Those children were then removed in the two separate cases from their parent and grandparent by the Police, and returned with the full consent of The Family Court of Australia to the very people they claimed had abused them.

All this happened because a number of people involved (including police officers) had concealed the disclosures of the children, claiming they had made no disclosures, when all the children had made multiple disclosures of abuse to multiple sources. 

According to Pastor Paul, one of the children had disclosed to a witness that one of her alleged abusers was a former prime minister of Australia. Paul also mentions that one of the fathers accused of sexual abuse was connected with some very prominent people, including members of parliament, while the other was a possible police informant.

The charges against these defendants of "conspiracy to defeat the course of justice" were eventually, after nearly six years in the courts, discontinued against all three defendants on 8 February 2024.

However, there are still six charges remaining against Patrick O'Dea. There is a fundraiser to support Patrick with his financial losses which you can find here if you wish to help.

To read a more in-depth explanation of the cases, click here.

Two brave boys from Bulawayo

Here is a wonderful article about Russell and Patrick, explaining how it all began when "Professor Freda Briggs, recipient of the ‘Order of Australia,’ awarded for her work protecting abused children, approached Dr. Pridgeon in his professional capacity and asked for his advice and assistance in a case relating to two young girls. At the same time, she handed over a report detailing their injuries compiled by some thirteen people, all professionals in the analyses and treatment of traumatised minors. Russell was shocked by what he read but at that point in time, there was nothing more asked of him ..." Continue reading article here.

Further reading

  • Everybody Knows By Dr Russell Pridgeon.
    This book chronicles the latest stage of the inexorable advance of the paedophile agenda in Australia. Ordinary decent Australians love their children, and abhor those who sexually abuse them.
    Without discussion or publicity, child rape has been decriminalised. It is now effectively impossible to prosecute the crime of incest. Convictions are rare and sentences are lenient. Paedophilia has been recharacterised as a legitimate sexual preference and paedophiles may apply for disability funding in Australia. Children are being sexualised in schools. Loved, well cared for children are being torn from their loving, caring, competent parents and given over to people who the children have identified as their abusers. This is carefully hidden by court orders and gagging orders.
  • Most ordinary Australians are completely unaware of this. Powerful, wealthy, highly placed people have driven this agenda which feeds the multibillion-dollar industry of child trafficking and pornography. Australians who oppose this are killed, persecuted, and forced into hiding after having their lives destroyed.
  • The defendants in the Operation Noetic prosecution are being prosecuted for the simple act of protecting children.

Purchase Book Here.

  • The Child Protection Racket By Dee McLachlan.
    This book documents the unwarranted, unlawful, often forced removal of children from parents in Australia via secret closed “star chamber” style courts. Although it is a major global industry, Australia is a world leader in child removals. You as the reader can decide whether they are abducted, kidnapped, stolen and/or trafficked in a “cash for kids” trade. The system fosters a dysfunctional society by destroying families, eroding love, and disrupting the sacred mother-child bond. The cruelty imposed on these families is indescribable and still today remains largely hidden from the public.

Purchase Book Here.

Here is a short film by Dee McLachlan

In this film, Dee discusses the unwarranted, unlawful, often forced removal of children for profit, by alleged child protection agencies, condoned by secret "star chamber" style closed courts in Australia.

"Regulation of child contact centres called into question as staffer alleges concerns about possible child abuse were ignored."

A recent article by the ABC documents a case that aligns with some of the issues these child advocates have been warning us about. Despite a young child alleging extreme abuse by her custodial parent to her mother, in the presence of a contact centre supervisor, the independent children's lawyer who was informed about the abuse, refused to report it. Read the ABC article here.

We need to build a strong community

Pastor Paul delivers a powerful message about how the evil in the world is trying to break us apart.

He points out that the Spanish word for devil is "diablo" which means "to divide" and therefore we would be wise to do the opposite and come together, build strong communities, support each other and give each other the strength to navigate this together.

He talks about the importance of balancing our lives with positivity and joy, in the face of such heavy issues involving our precious children.

What can you do to make a change?

Everyone has different skill sets - you just have to find what works best for you. Here are some suggestions from Pastor Paul and the Did You Know Team:

  • For people threatened by forced child removals, put up 'No Trespass' signs revoking the common law right of entry, available to print for free here.
  • Display signs or corflutes.
  • Letterbox drop or hand out flyers. We have some for free download, or you can order free hard copies here.
  • Ask local businesses if they will keep some flyers on their counters.
  • Talk to people and share information.
  • Put up stickers. We have some for free download here.
  • Become part of a network: e.g., a coffee group or A Stand in The Park.
  • Wear a shirt educating others. We have some available at cost price through a print-on-demand company here.
  • Subscribe to Did You to get access to the latest flyers, articles and other free downloads.
  • Generate unity in the community however you can.
  • Subscribe to Pastor Paul's website so you can stay informed and learn about important court dates, which you can attend in the gallery.

Upcoming Court Dates

For all Newcastle Court dates :
Meeting place before court.
Burwood Bench Cafe.
315 Hunter St, Newcastle (right next to the Court Building).
Anytime from 8am.

  • August 19th, 2024
    R v Paul Robert Burton and R v Andrew Katelaris.
    Newcastle District Court.
    343 Hunter Street, Newcastle.
    Court Room TBA.
    From 9am (TBA).
    One Day hearing where Pastor Paul has raised a notice of motion challenging their trial in October
  • October 14th, 2024
    R v Paul Robert Burton and R v Andrew Katelaris.
    Newcastle District Court.
    343 Hunter Street, Newcastle. 
    Court Room TBA.
    From 9.00am (TBA).
    Day one of a listed 7 to 14 day trial exposing state condoned child trafficking and child abuse, the continued genocide of First Nations people and a now near 9 billion dollar unlawful national child removal industry.

For all Brisbane Court dates:
Meeting place before court.
Coffee Club Cafe (directly opposite Court on the ground-floor main entrance).
Anytime from 8am.

  • Monday 26th August
    R v Patrick O’Dea.
    Brisbane District Court.
    415 George Street, Brisbane.
    Court Room TBA.  
    Time from 9am (TBA).
    Day one of the 3 to 5 day trial against whistleblower Patrick O’Dea for trying to help children who disclosed sexual abuse to multiple people on multiple occasions.

Other useful links supplied by Pastor Paul:

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