Did you know that, before COVID, there was another huge public health cover-up?

The Infected Blood Scandal is one of the worst public health failures in Australian history. From the late 1970's to the early 1990's, it is estimated that tens of thousands of Australian patients, including 1750 Haemophiliacs, were exposed to blood and blood products contaminated with HIV and Hepatitis C.

Australians were mostly infected via blood transfusions through the Red Cross or contaminated blood products supplied by Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) - then owned by the Federal Government, though has since been privatised.

Did you know that Commonwealth Serum Labatories (CSL) manufactured the COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine here in Australia?

Infected blood victims are not isolated to patients with a poor prognosis who would have died without an urgent transfusion. They are from all walks of life and include all demographics.

Men, women and children have had their lives destroyed, and an even worse tragedy is that it is intergenerational due to the transmission of infected blood from spouses and/or mothers to their children.

The problems facing surviving victims of contaminated blood and their loved ones are manifold. These include death, chronic comorbidities, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, financial hardship and discrimination.

In 2004 an Australian Senate Committee made a number of recommendations in response to Australia's infected blood scandal.

It included formulating and delivering an apology to victims and their families, improving service delivery and, most crucially, funding treatment expenses and providing home care and home nursing for victims.

The senate also made recommendations for the provision of alternative medical treatment. None of these recommendations were ever implemented, and the suffering and death continues.
The same thing happened in the U.K. Click here to see a report on Sky News.

We cannot let this happen again. To skip down to sign the petition for unvaxxed blood, click here.

Charles McKenzie speaks on the Infected Blood Scandal.

Senator Rennick's Infected Blood speech on March 6th 2023

Did you know about the privatisation and indemnification of Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL)?

An Australian Haemophiliac explains the birth of Australia’s first $100 billion company - CSL.

Why was the Australian Red Cross advertising for blood donors in sexually explicit publications during the 1980’s HIV crisis?

How can you help these victims?

  • Write to Australian Health Minister, Mark Butler, at mark.butler.MP@aph.gov.au
  • Head to the website www.infectedbloodaustralia.com and click to support a call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry.
  • Head to the website to give a one-time donation to help the victims whom the Government are ignoring.

For more information including interviews with victims, evidence and news articles, please go to this website:

To email Infected Blood Australia: cjm@infectedbloodaustralia.com

Sign the petition to demand the availability of unvaccinated blood

We should be able to have access to blood donated by people who have not taken the COVID-19 vaccinations. Our human rights enable us to choose what we put into our bodies.

Click here to sign the petition and have your voice heard.

2 comments on “The Infected Blood Scandal and the need for an unvaxxed blood bank”
  1. Vaccinated blood has all sorts of toxins including graphene, aluminium and mercury, not to mention aborted fetal cells. As vaccinated blood has been contaminated, people should have the option to have unvaccinated blood if they require a transfusion.

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