Inside this house of horrors, young lives were destroyed. This was some of the most horrific abuse and it was covered up for decades.

DARUK BOYS' HOME located in Windsor, north-west of Sydney, was exposed by the Royal Commission as the scene of repeated, vicious and ongoing sexual abuse during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

In a 60 Minutes exclusive investigation, the 84-year-old politician, Alasdair Webster, who has been honoured with an Order of Australia Medal for his services to politics and education, was last night revealed to have turned a blind eye to the physical and sexual assault that took place at Daruk Boys' Home in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Three men allege that when they complained about the abuse they had suffered at Daruk to Alasdair Webster, he ignored them and often punished them instead.

Boasting a corrective military-style discipline, thousands of boys - some as young as 12 – were sent to Daruk with the hope that they would gain an education and the skills needed to improve their lives.

However, once inside the gates of Daruk, these troubled teens were preyed upon by those responsible for their care.

They were subjected to abuse that ranged from verbal intimidation to sexual assault. One victim claims he even had to suffer an illegal botched circumcision.

It has taken 40 years for these boys, now men, to come forward with their accounts of the shocking physical and sexual abuse they say they suffered at Daruk Boys’ Home.

Speaking to Coulthart about their ordeal for the very first time, Australian men Daryl Stanton, Carl Orme, and Gordon Parsons, confronted the terrors of their childhood.

“We were caged children at the mercy of a major serious paedophile ring,” Mr Stanton revealed.

Subject to a brutal regime of abuse, the young boys were often punished days at a time in an isolation cell nick-named ‘The Boob.’

But sadly that wasn’t the extent to their suffering.

At just 14, Mr Stanton alleges he was sexually assaulted in the public bathroom by Daruk staff carer, Christiaan Beullens.

Daryl escaped Daruk after the abuse but was soon found and delivered back to Mr Webster. After notifying Mr Webster of the abuse, Daryl was taken directly to The Boob and was beaten by older teenage boys.

“He [Webster] was standing in the doorway of The Boob, of the cell… He's ordered them to strip me down,” Mr Stanton told Coulthart.

“All of a sudden there's this [older boy’s] hand being forced right up my rectum… Then he [Webster] turned on his heels. The door slammed and I was left there.”

The abuse has left Mr Stanton with lifelong medical and emotional problems.

The second victim to speak out, Gordon Parsons, was just 12 years old when he was first sent to Daruk.

Soon after, he was sexually assaulted by one of the most notorious paedophiles at Daruk, medical officer John Munger. 

As other boys did, Gordon reported the abuse to superintendent Webster, but says every time he complained, he was punished with more solitary confinement in The Boob.

“He [Webster] did nothing to protect us,” Mr Parsons said.

“His job was to oversee the people looking after us and it just never happened.”

In fact, Munger’s sadistic sexual obsession with the 12-year-old was allowed to continue in the most horrific form.

“He [Munger] said, ‘We’re going to circumcise you, we have permission to do that',” Mr Parsons revealed to Coulthart.

Munger wasn’t qualified to do the circumcision and botched the operation, which has resulted in Mr Parsons never being able to have an adult sexual life.

Third victim, Carl Orme was 14 when he was sent to Daruk. He said one of his tormentors there was a welfare officer, Robert Barracluff.

“He used to punch me, slap me,” Mr Orme told Coulthart.

“One time he slapped me, right across the side of my head. He knocked me down. He also squeezed my private areas.” Mr Orme said he reported Mr Barracluff’s violence and sexual assault to Alasdair Webster and was ignored.

“I told him everything. And he just wasn’t interested. He didn’t care.“He virtually said to me, ‘It’s not the first time I’ve heard this, mate. You’s are always complaining. You expect us to look after you, then all you do is whinge about us'.”

Mr Orme also alleges he was taken out of Daruk, plied with alcohol, and raped by staffer William Thomas Wright.

Source: 9News Article

To this day, abusers are still being employed at child care institutions and going unnoticed for years

A 45-year-old Gold Coast man and former childcare worker was arrested in August 2022, over the alleged production of child exploitation material. He has been charged with 1,623 child abuse offences, including 136 counts of rape, against 91 young girls at a dozen early learning centres in Brisbane, Sydney and overseas. The abuse occurred over a 15-year period (2007 - 2022).

It is alleged that up to 99 paedophiles preyed on hundreds of children

Boystown was Australia's biggest mass action over child sexual abuse. Why have so many government institutions been involved in damaging Australian children?

Ashley Youth Detention Centre

Another institution that reportedly covered up horrific and unimaginable child sexual abuse and torture, despite many speaking out and asking for help, including a psychologist who asked for an investigation.

Are you a victim seeking justice or support?

You can go to this website that helps survivors rebuild their lives Warriors Advocacy
Head Office:
PO Box 6886,
Coffs Harbour Plaza, NSW, 2450

Phone:  02 8317 5444 Hotline:  1300 863 509 Email:

Facebook Page: Warriors Advocacy

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