When is enough, enough!

Drag Queen Story Time at the Michelle Obama Public Library, California. 2017

Promoted under the Department of Education's progressive Safe School Program, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQA+) (gender-expansive, non-binary identity, pansexual, gender-fluid alphabet minority) is being touted as an 'anti-bullying program' to protect children who identify as any one of the hundreds of identity-crisis pronouns. This includes gender-neutral toilets.

The NSW Government are fully on board with it, and are rejecting parents' rights when they speak up against this.

Even day-care centres are teaching transgenderism and pansexuality to pre-schoolers (3-5's), promoting the LGBTIQA+ flag, confusing children about their gender identity, and promoting non-binary genders (other than a girl or a boy).

They started with the National 'Sorry Day' national apology to the Indigenous Stolen Generation infiltration into preschools 25 years ago. (I know, because I was teaching at the time and nearly lost my job over speaking out against it for the children's emotional wellbeing).

They scared the life out of little children by telling them how Indigenous children were ripped from their mothers' arms and their beds, never to see their families again.

They instructed the children to all say sorry and be sorry for events they were not responsible for in any way. The 'Sorry Day' Program is still running to this day, indoctrinating non-indigenous tots into racial guilt and shame for historical atrocities. That was the start.

Strip club performer Sasha Sota, wearing no knickers under his mini-skirt. engages in a paedophilia act of 'exposure to minors' reading to pre-schoolers in Minnesota 2021
Roseville Kids Kare calls police on parents for rightfully complaining about transgender , non-binary, queer, pansexual promotion to pre-schoolers

Now we see the same left-wing 'progressives' shoving the gender woke agenda, inappropriately onto little ones in a program that is rolling out globally.

Parents are fed up with their children being exposed to sexual content, sexualised gender lessons, and gender identity crisis being taught to both young and older children.

Twisted truth

Western Sydney University (WSU) conducted what they called a Nationwide study - this is a lie. It was in fact a small sample group through the WSU.

"Most parents want gender and sexual diversity education in schools, a new nationwide study has found".

The study by Western Sydney University researchers involved 2,000 parents of public-school children from Kindergarten to Year 12. They CLAIM that "over 80% of Australian parents support the teaching of gender and sexuality diversity in schools".

In case you didn't notice, this is what they do to play the game. They get you thinking you are a minority thinker. Then they disclose through the media how a certain percentage of people want or believe this, when in truth it is the opinion of the 80% of the sample group, which is a mere 1,600 parents.

How do you get 80% of nearly 26 million people being in agreement with this study from 1,600! Absolute bull!


The Woke's Grooming of Young Children

Leftist sociology propaganda and sexual identity politics is being taught to early childhood and primary aged children. They are essentially teaching our children to put everyone else's inner identity crisis, sexuality choices, and need for self-identity security above their own.

They encourage pandering to those who are vocal in claiming their rights over your child's rights. The child learns to feel guilt and shame if they do not accept and align with the woke agenda (which also aims to capture the gender fluidity of childhood).

What should be taught is basic respect for others, healthy morals and values, and an attitude of “live and let live”. However, a child being pressured to understand and accept the gender choices or mental health of their peers or adults is not acceptable. Keep the explicit sexuality and LGBTIQA+ out of early childhood and primary school classrooms - problem solved!

Convicted child molester, Miss Kitty Litter, at Drag Queen Story Hour, - Austin Texas. USA

Gender dysphoria is essentially an identity crisis as a child or young person goes through normal development of their sexual identity (i.e., are they a boy or a girl). Most children grow out of gender dysphoria naturally.

Sexual preference (as in LGBTIQA+) doesn't usually come into play until puberty when sex hormones kick in around 12-13 years of age. However, the number of children identifying as transgender is skyrocketing now due to peer contagion/peer pressure and enforced LGBTIQA+ knowledge .

Australian libraries are promoting explicit books about young children's experiences with sex, inappropriate sexual language, violence against pregnant women, transgenderism, oral sex, and paedophilia. We can probably assume public school libraries are also promoting these books.

An excerpt from a book titled "Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out" reads:

"From six [years old and] up, I used to kiss other guys in my [neighbourhood], make out with them, and perform oral sex on them. I liked it. I used to love oral. And I touched their you-know-whats ... We were really young, but that's what we did."

See more on this book in the video below.

More than meets the eye

In Canada, a school board survey was sent to parents so the school could gain information on 4-8 year olds - for the 'apparent' support of their learning and wellbeing (see below).

As the author of this post also happens to be a parent with a Masters' Degree as a qualified Early Childhood Lecturer (with 25 years in the education industry), I can speak with some modicum of knowledge on this topic. I see very disturbing patterns occurring for parents and within education.

There is a concerning issue which stands out, which is that the school has worded this survey assuming 'ownership' over the child. Instead of using the term 'your child' which would presume parental rights, they use 'your student' and 'my student'.

This presumes the child is seen as only a student, not a child. Keep in mind that when a child is within the school gates, the school legally and by policy has responsibility over the child (akin to handing your child over to the State), and the parent has no influence.

This issue is aside from the content of the questions asked, which are absolutely not age-appropriate topics nor cognitively understood by the younger age groups.

.Using the wording of 'your/my student' instead of 'child' has subtle connotations of removing parental rights from the equation in relation to the census content. Why?

It is a very clever way around getting 'consent' to push this gender rhetoric. Does the use of this specifically-chosen wording have legal connotations that may arise and, by interpretation, support the school board rights rather than the parents rights - should the parents litigate against the school based on the census and curriculum content? Something to consider, should you come across it personally.

  • Gender identity refers to a person’s internal sense or feeling of being a girl or woman, a boy or man, both, neither or anywhere on the gender spectrum. What is your student's gender identity? You may pick more than one.
  • People who are transgender have a gender identity that is different from the one they were assigned at birth. Is your student transgender?
  • A person’s appearance, style, dress, or the way they walk, or talk may affect how people describe them. How do you think other people at school would describe your student?
  • At this school, my student is encouraged to think or learn about human rights/social justice issues related to: Answers are yes or no or not sure.
The Limestone District School Board (LDSB) Source :Rebel News

The War on Gender

When boys are publicly shamed by the school for being boys.

Why parents should be aware and concerned

Children are influenced by and develop a sense of identity from the feedback given by society around them.

In Nature versus Nurture theory, Nature is the biological aspects we are born with, including physical characteristics and temperament.

Nurture is the external influences from the outer environment (i.e., social feedback, information and messages absorbed from significant others like parents, teachers, family, and peers). As the children develop into their teens, the greater macro-environment such as world events start to play a part in identity development.

To put it in simple terms, the development of infants and young children is malleable as they absorb all information around them. They accommodate this information into aspects of themselves (such as self identity, self worth, knowledge of the world, skills, social relationships and emotional development).

Therefore what they are exposed to on a regular basis will affect and influence not only how they perceive the world and their place in it, but also their identity.

You can thereby see why these topics of non-binary gender are being pushed on young children across the Western world. It is NOT about creating a 'safe space' or 'protecting' LGBTIQA+ children from 'attack' or bullying. If it was, another tactic could be used to deal with 'bullying and respectful behaviours' only.

The museum was more concerned about the 'safety' of the man with the exposed package in the ladies knicker fetish outfit, than the children. May 2022.
Can I, a heterosexual, go and expose my bits in just my knickers at the Museum also? I think not. This privilege is only for LGBTIQA+ who lack social and moral etiquette.

Young children are being propagandised with trans/LGBTIQA+/gender fluid/agenda via exposure, in the curriculum and woke pedagogy, sexually explicit content in books, media, libraries, celebrities, gaming, social media and museums.

The purpose is sexualising children at younger ages, normalising sexual activity at very young ages, softening the subject of paedophilia, and basically grooming the children to accept it as non-threatening and normal.

Premature sexualisation of children is psychologically harmful and places them more AT RISK of Sexual HARM.

We are NOT saying gay or trans people are paedophiles, because that is simply not a truth. However, there is some bigger LGBTIQA+ radicalisation agenda behind all of this exposure that is being pushed by government, media and education. Perhaps the push is also encouraged by actual paedophiles in powerful decision-making positions.

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