In relation to the much-proclaimed energy crisis, this video discusses the green ideology and subsidies that have corrupted the market globally. The 'renewable energy' agenda is very anti-human in theory and in practice. Governments are making the energy that powers agriculture and fertiliser too expensive, which is crucial to growing food for 8 billion people.

This is creating global food shortages because farmers cannot afford to fertilise crops. With the de-carbonising of farmland, farmers cannot not keep up with or afford many of the required Net Zero changes the governments are forcing upon them via new regulations and financial punishment if they do not comply. Farmers around the world are reporting the same issue with increases of fertiliser prices rising nearly 300%.

Alex Epstein suggests we need much more pro-human thinking in relation to energy sources, and not this guilt-fest that humans are being put through.

It's hitting Farmers globally

New Zealand farmers are also standing up and protesting the Carbon Taxes being thrown at them, which will of course reduce production, and this ends up being seen in supermarkets as supplies dwindle and prices soar. We would love to bring you more Australian content on this issue, but unfortunately the media is either censoring it or it hasn't hit our farmers' back pockets as yet. There is not much coming out except a deafening silence from Aussie farmers. Although the Australian Agriculture Minister, Murray Watt, says that this bovine burp tax is not coming our way, you can rest assured that the carbon emission tax is.

Watch New Zealander Farmers speak out in this video

Emissions Tax for farmers will cripple them unless they are mega farms

Read more from New Zealand Farmers here on the Agriculture Emissions Pricing system

See more from the Irish Mirror here on the rise in cost for fertiliser destroying small farmers ability to produce food

What does this mean for Aussie Farmers?

Australian Farmers are under pressure to reach the same carbon reduction targets being rolled out under WEF and United Nations agricultural guidelines, and filtered down to government policy globally. From an article in The Guardian, John Sweeney, a climate expert at Maynooth University, says he is skeptical about slow and humane emission reductions.

“Various tried and untried methods have been advanced to suggest compliance with the 25% emissions ceiling. They were insufficient", Sweeney said. “Only a reduction in numbers can achieve the targets in the short term.”

Considering they have been talking about reducing carbon emissions for over 30 years, this sudden and derisive crack down is INSANITY and makes no sense, when they have had decades for a slow steady reduction. Something doesn't add up with what appears to be a swift and aggressive strike against our food sources.

The rush to genocide

It is easy to see that while the claim for saving the planet is touted as urgent, there is a real hypocrisy in their tactics, where food crops are destroyed or left to rot, animals are culled and slaughtered, and farmers are brought to their knees financially. There is nothing humane about these tactics. The article goes on to highlight the costs of such insane rushed moves. "Cutting emissions by a quarter will drive many farms into bankruptcy and could force the culling of hundreds of thousands of cows". Multiply this by millions of farms globally, including Australia, and we see a vile act of genocide playing out.

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