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The Australian Government is already an Authoritarian Regime, that you never thought possible. They have referred to themselves as a regime on many occasions over the past few years, in case that slipped your attention. (via DuckDuckgo: Free to Share and Use Commercially)
Digital Prison (Source:

Just look at how easily they locked the country down in globally choreographed precision. They can now access and monitor people's social media accounts, and have long had the power to freeze or confiscate people's accounts if citizens disagreed with the political ideology.

This authoritarian regime is not only here in Australia, but also in Canada and the US.

Punishing those who speak out against current regimes has long been part of history. Celebrated freedom-fighter leaders like Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi and Mahatma Gandhi, were considered dissidents and made examples of to silence the masses. Jails won't be needed anymore, as control over your Digital Currency, your ID, and access to all assets and essential services will suffice to ensure civil obedience.

You may think the governments righteously punished people for protesting during the Covid lockdowns and mandates; that these people were criminals, or that it was done for the population's own good.

However, this punishment was against normal civilians who recognised and opposed tyranny and abuse of power. It was clearly a practice-run on total control to see how much the population would comply out of fear. CRISIS is used to bring increased powers to the elite and those who rule - powers such as harsher laws and more draconian control over society. CHAOS is used to bring forth ORDER. Funnily enough, we are seeing a lot of crisis and chaos.

Behind the scenes, the big decisions are often made by unelected, unaccountable officials. Even our public servants (Government, Members of Parliament, Councils, etc) don't listen to the people – they are following a much bigger plan than democracy and patriotic service to their countrymen.

The Australian Government have signed up to the UN, NATO, the World Economic Forum (WEF), the G20 and all the other agreements which align Australia with a new world order (which Klaus Schwab terms “The Great Reset”).

You may or may not have noticed that our government just roll through every law and policy they choose behind closed doors. This is done even when parliament isn't in session, so they cannot be opposed. Most of these laws and policies are ones that benefit the economy only, to the detriment of the Australian people. These laws result in the gradual loss of our freedoms, and allow the government to spy on its own people, or other matters in line with the WEF and UN Agendas. Digital Currency is an integral part of that puzzle.

The first 21 minutes is the key part you want to watch

Digital Currency - A Trap

Follow the money
Digital Currency = Digital totalitarianism

Central Bank digital currency means you will have a direct account with the Central Bank who issues it, not with your chosen bank. In Australia, the Central Bank is called The Reserve Bank. They will have TOTAL control over your money and spending.

Digital currency is a blockchain technology, a programmable code that has no value other than what is it allocated. It sits in the Cloud, is reliant on the internet, is non-physical, and is essentially valueless. It is linked up to all other digital records that currency is attached to.

This includes virtually every essential service utilised in your everyday life:

  • Consumable goods and services
  • Individuals bank accounts
  • Employers PAYG
  • Government programs and services
  • Digital ID
  • Green Pass/Vaccination records
  • Investments
  • Superannuation
  • Bank-based carbon credit tracking
  • Possible attachment to social media accounts

Still not concerned? You truly should be

Lockdowns demonstrated the level of control governments hold over you. Covid was a PRETEXT to implement the Digital ID and associated digital currency, all in the name of Safety. Imagine if you donate to or support peaceful protesters, the wrong political party, follow someone on Facebook who opposes a political ideology, and your account gets frozen as happened in 2021 in Australia and Canada.


The CCP social credit system is well underway in China. Currently, all other UN signatory countries are adopting the same practices and passing mirrored legislation.

The social credit system includes the use of tracking citizens' behaviour using their digital ID and facial recognition, which also links up to their bank accounts.

Instant fines are given if you jaywalk. Points are deducted if you buy alcohol, cigarettes, and fast food. If you speak out against the communist regime in any way or associate with a dissident or unfavourable person, the same control measures are imposed.

With the Digital Currency, governments and banks will have TOTAL control over your money and your access to essential goods and services. Digital currency is essentially a VOUCHER or coupon. This may come in the form of digital credits for food allocation, clothing allocation, travel allocation and carbon usage, depending on your social credit score. What happens when you have used up your QUOTA of carbon, meat, clothing, fast food, alcohol, travel, fuel, or air travel?

Viral on Social Media. No source
Card Declined - it's only a matter of time

We have heard firsthand of someone in NSW being knocked back on a house loan, even though they earned well above the loan payback affordability. The loan officer told them they 'spent too much at bottle shops'. The carbon tracker is also being implemented by Australian Banks - can you see where this is leading yet? This social credit control system is well in play here in Australia.

Digital currency can be easily ABUSED as the ultimate control weapon when linked to the digital ID. The late Dr Ron Paul is a former US Politician who is the father of Rand Paul, a current US Senator. Dr Paul has been warning the world of the dystopian shadow of the loss of liberty and freedom that has been creeping through the halls of government for decades. This article gives an overview on the real dangers of a programmable digital currency, and why we should all take heed of the red flags waving in our faces.

Remember that Lockdowns controlled where you could go, who you could see, where you could shop, who you could hug, whose funerals you could attend, and where you could eat.

The lockdown mandates encouraged/forced online shopping, online food, online groceries, and even stopped the crossing of your LGA and State borders, in some cases contributing to the death of newborns. So how do you think it's going to go with everyone hooked up to a lifeline of digital currency. With CLIMATE LOCKDOWNS on the near horizon, digital currency will come into its own to completely control your life.

Shifts power from the individual to the STATE

PRIVACY will no longer be your RIGHT. It doesn't matter if you are a model citizen. Do you want this for your children and grandchildren - a total Orwellian control? Once this currency is in place and we are switched over exclusively to digital money - there is NO freedom left. Freedom will be a word with no meaning, lost to the history books.

State of Control: The new tools of dependence on the digital system for many aspects of our lives is well in play. The powers that be repeatedly use the word TRUST when they speak of digital platforms run by banks and government. They say this to create an illusion of safety. They say we get to CHOOSE what information we share but this the biggest lie of all. Digital platforms and digital wallets are the least trustworthy place to have your information, livelihood and money. Public policy principles on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) that are programmable, will ensure it is only spent on essentials that an employer or government deems 'sensible'.

Digital ID and Digital Currency implementation has been implemented in Africa, Mexico and South American countries first. Bribing the poorer nations to adopt this sinister Machiavellian system - why? It is because they are more easily controlled and are desperate to receive food and services, especially from the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) who have for decades been making these poorer communities dependent upon them. These poor people have had their freedom and autonomy removed through dependency on the State, and Digital Currency will make us all totally dependent too.

Disadvantages & Concerns

  • Security and hacking concerns
  • Runs on a blockchain - all digital non-physical asset
  • Social credit score
  • Carbon footprint tracking
  • Control over your purchases and withdrawals
  • Not backed by hard assets
  • Not able to withdraw your 'credits' if the bank is in trouble
  • Will control your lifestyle choices
  • Handing over complete trust to the banks
  • Banks are untrustworthy
  • Digital currency monitored and taxed
  • Connected to the ATO - every cent traced
  • Coded and programmable - its usage can be digitally controlled
  • Stopped from buying the 'wrong' things
  • Can be locked down or deleted
  • EVERY transaction taxed
  • Your privacy, autonomy and freedom will be in danger
  • Government sets the rules on your receiving and spending
  • Instant e-fines
  • Used to punish anyone who steps out of line
  • Control the money = control the people
  • It won't be just a "Trial" - it will switch over to full digital without your permission

What can you do? TAKE BACK CONTROL

  • Petition for Australia to be independent of the World Bank and Reserve Bank (both privately owned)
  • Question your bank and communicate your intention to remove your money
  • Use CASH ONLY at all shops
  • Shop LOCAL with Cash only as much as possible
  • Refrain from ONLINE shopping as a convenience
  • Stop using your Smart Phones for payments and shopper rewards
  • Pull out of rewards cards that collect your information
  • Write to your local MP to voice your concerns
  • Take your business elsewhere for shops that refuse cash - cash is LEGAL Tender, and they cannot refuse it.
  • Stop being lazy and relying on credit and debit cards - that's why we are in this mess
  • Give CASH as gifts rather than digitised gift cards
  • Pay handyman and cleaners with cash only
  • Encourage your family to pay or gift cash only
  • Buy bullion (Gold, Silver, Platinum) metals as a back up
  • Minimise use of Menulog, Uber Eats, etc, which rely on digitised/online payment
  • Don't fall into the cryptocurrency-as-payment trap. Crypto is fluid in value and unsecure

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