The carbon credits we will all soon be allocated, are part of the new carbon economy.

This new economy currently being introduced (via a range of varying avenues such as Natural Asset Companies (NACs), NET Zero, and the World Economic Forum's Circular Economy), includes carbon credits, which are classed as a commodity for trade.

Carbon Trading - New economy

What this means is that carbon will be measured according to the amount of carbon it releases or the offsets it produces, according to the manufacturing or energy used to make that product.

A value is placed on each tonne or part thereof. Depending on your usage, you will either be in carbon debt or carbon credit. If in debt, you will likely need to purchase extra.

Who can say whether this will just become a further added-expense upon your current outgoings, or if your additional purchases will be capped once you have used your carbon limit for the month?

Those who want to go beyond their carbon limit by travelling internationally, for example, could buy extra credits from poorer people who may not be purchasing excess credits beyond their means.

Carbon credits will not just be a traded asset, but also a parallel economy.

Commonwealth Bank Carbon Tracker

Of course this would all depend on how the allocations are worked out:

  • Is it means tested?
  • Does everyone in society receive a base amount of carbon credits?
  • Is it a purchasable product?
  • Is there a country-by-country carbon 'per population' limit?
  • How much $ per kilo of carbon?
  • How is each product valued in carbon measurements?

    We don't know this for certain, but we do know that banks and the government are already speaking of carbon wallets, and measuring and monitoring your carbon usage via your bank statements, so why are we not informed that this will be a compulsory economy for everyone?

The carbon footprint tracker

"... at the World Economic Forum’s recent annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, J. Michael Evans – the president of the Chinese e-commerce company, Alibaba – said something alarming:

‘We’re developing, through technology, an ability for consumers to measure their own carbon footprint. What does that mean? Where are they travelling? How are they travelling? What are they eating? What are they consuming on the platform? Individual carbon footprint tracker. Stay tuned, we don’t have it operational yet, but this is something that we’re working on."

The carbon footprint tracker is part of the digital ID, digital currency and surveillance totalitarianism regime of the 4th Industrial revolution.

Will climate lockdowns be next?

Lincoln Brown from the Spectator has produced an excellent article about carbon credit and carbon tracking and how, by declaring an emergency, whether it be health- or environment-related, opportunities are created for Australian states (by the power handed to them by Morrison) to invoke Machiavellian measures, including possible 'Climate Lockdowns'.

The 'emergency' would likely be pollution, carbon reduction or other NET Zero related directives. The carbon currency will be behind future opportunities for political climate catastrophists to tighten control over society, and enforce other collective measures such as digital currency, digital ID and passports, all in the name of climate change.

Meanwhile we see State Premiers declaring a 'Climate Emergency' to put false fear into people, thereby justifying the implementation of carbon tracking and tracing for individuals.

At the same time, mega-manufacturers and mining companies will continue to pollute at an unprecedented rate. The "Do as I say, not as I do" political modus operandi is is old as time.

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