What do you mean our lands are being sold off?

From whom do corporations and governments receive permission to assume ownership of millions of hectares of public land, forests and parks of our country, for the express purpose of keeping humanity off these lands? 

The sell-off of Australia's natural resources is being managed by Australian and international banks and investment companies via the Stock Market, where our natural resources are listed for sale.

Natural Asset Companies (NACs) are corporations "... that will hold the rights to the ecosystem’s resources produced by natural or working landscapes ...". Rabobank is one of those corporations.

Natural ecosystems are becoming no longer publicly-owned and openly accessed commons, but are now an investible traded asset.

Populations will be herded into high-density Smart City regions in order to free up and re-green useable land for carbon capture and trade, and our natural assets will be out of reach for the regular person.

Read more about the NACs on the New York Stock Exchange website here

Why the big sell-off and why is it hidden from public view?

The sequestration of millions of hectares is not for environmental conservation alone, but for carbon capture and the carbon economy.

That is why they want it, and why they have developed carbon capture, store and trade, and also why NACs exist. Everything else goes hand-in-hand: reduce the population, migrate us into smart cities, and have us all controlled.

The intention is that we don't travel far, because the land will be owned or managed by corporates or government, and we won't be allowed on it.

Each natural asset (land, forests, national parks, sequestered private land, and farms that are carbon capturing) gets a monetised carbon offset value, which is then sold on the stock exchange.

The endgame of all of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals is control of the landmass for carbon offsetting. Carbon is the new future, the new wealth generator and the new economy.

That is why they need more land, and have planned for this via the 30 by 30 plan, UN Agenda 21, Agenda 30 and Agenda 50.

Watch the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Pollution is the New Commodity

According to The World Economic Forum on Carbon Trading, "Carbon pricing can be combined with offset credits. The idea is to pay for emission reductions elsewhere rather than invest in the country of operation (NACS) or create a carbon market. In this scenario, companies buy and sell the ‘right to pollute’ from each other," (Carbon Economy and Trading).

They need the land in order to offset their generation of pollution. In doing so, there is NO reduction of pollution, but there are limits for regular folk, and your carbon limit will create the offset the polluters need to maintain the balance sheet. Perhaps, Net Zero does not mean zero carbon emissions. Instead, what if it means that the balance sheet on emissions versus carbon storage will break even instead?

They have no plans to reduce manufacturing or pollution, but the big boys will continue with a new type of TAX and additional wealth commodity business model which will see US in the community paying more. Read more from the World Economic Forum on carbon trading here. 

Acorn and Rabobank are two examples of companies who are in the business of carbon tracking and trading. They do this by using LiDAR technology to measure the carbon in any given area: "...the CO2 sequestration is calculated, finally enabling us to issue carbon removal credits. LiDAR helps us calibrate our models by 3D mapping agroforestry plots, allows us to get a better understanding of the ecological region".

This information is then listed as a stock, and companies can trade by buying carbon credits from these areas. See a miniscule example of Microsoft's purchase history of carbon storage measured in tonnes (5th Column), in the image below.

LiDAR Imaging

Read more about Natural Capital, Private Finance from the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

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