BOMBSHELL A NEW REPORT shows the DoD (U.S. Department of Defense) controlled the COVID-19 program from the very beginning.

Going back as far as 2013, during the Obama Administration, and all that we are being told is political theatre in order to cover this up.

These documents were obtained from Sasha Latypova, former CEO of the Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization.

All the pharma companies, not just the pharmaceutical companies -- all "non-traditional" DoD contractors (this includes hundreds of companies and academic institutions) that were involved need to be held to account, as this was a widespread conspiracy to perpetrate crimes against humanity, and at the very least, treason.

They have taken blood money to design, manufacture and distribute biowarfare agents on civilians, including pregnant women, infants, and children, and military personnel, under the pretext of a "COVID pandemic response".

Warp Speed / Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR) reports, the United States Department of Defense (DoD) directed, oversaw and managed the development, manufacture and distribution of nearly all Covid countermeasures, largely utilizing DoD’s previously established network of military contractors and consortia.

And the documents show there is already a plan underway for a second pandemic' - see video

Slides from Operation Warp Speed/BARDA, October 22, 2020:

Latest update on the pre-planning of the Covid-19 pandemic - see the 'Redacted' video below.

View the full interview with Sasha Latypova on the REDACTED youtube channel here . Her interview starts around 38 minutes in.

You should also visit Sasha's substack channel, for in depth coverage, access to documents and more.

Additionally you can find her op-ed on COVID being a bioterrorism weapon here

Also essential reading for the diggers, American Domestic Bioterrorism Program see the following article on the Balliwick News site:

Building the case to prosecute members of Congress, Presidents, HHS and DoD Secretaries and Federal Judges for treason under 18 USC 2381. Further research and access to documents here

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