What is the Six Cities region?

Graphic of what a Smart City looks like. Source: Monitor.co.ug

In late 2021, it was announced that the Newcastle to Illawarra region has been designated as part of the Six Cities region. Incorporating the Lower Hunter, Greater Newcastle City, Central Coast City, Illawarra-Shoalhaven City, Western Parklands City, Central River City and Eastern Harbour City.

The Six Cities region is part of the Greater Cities planning portfolio for NSW and other Australian states.

It sits under the Federal territories and regions' Smart City Infrastructure Plan.

Greater Cities has been in the planning for years, with only occasional drip-feeds until recently from politicians of what is entailed.

Smart City/Greater Cities is the brainchild of Think Tanks such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Rockefeller Foundation and the United Nations (UN).

A global implementation of 'liveable, sustainable cities' has been discussed for decades at G20 summits, UN, and Davos meetings by our governments and unelected elite bureaucrats - the 5% who own and run the world.

Smart Cities - A Surveillance City

Smart Cities are presented as environmentally-friendly, socially-responsible, safe, secure, green and aesthetically pleasing, easy to access, condensed one-stop shops for all you need.

They are connected to the Internet of Things (IoT)/the Internet of Everything (IoE), a web of digital technology for DATA collection to which everything will be connected, including processes, people and nature.

The Smart Cities are promoted as utopian, supportive of a healthy happy life for residents, and are planned to support an influx of immigration over the next few years.

You would be correct if your intuition is telling you to run for the hills to an 'off-grid' region. Smart Cities will be open prisons and over-crowded ghettos.

Newcastle NSW has already commenced their Smart City installation. See what this involves and ask yourself what the actual benefit-to-disadvantage ratio will be.

Though it is promoted as being so convenient and beneficial for you and the broader community, the reality is anything but that. Don't fall for the safety and convenience trap, as you might end up choking on the carrot on offer.

The underbelly of Smart Cities

See below video of a Smart City conference our Editorial Team attended in Toronto, Newcastle, in September 2022. Dr Julianne Romanello and local Central Coast resident, Kate Mason, discussed the Smart City and World Economic Forum-backed UN Agenda 21 rollout in Canada, the US and here in Australia.

Newcastle is already well underway as a pilot Smart City. Dr Romanello unpacks overt and underhanded strategies used by government departments, think tanks and non-governmental organisations to implement the 'new normal' Agenda into communities.

The Smart City rollout should be a concern to all community members. It is imperative to inform ourselves of what these Smart Cities mean for us, our children and grandchildren.

Read more on the Federal Government Smart City Infrastructure

Common themes in Smart Cities are: CCTV and facial recognition cameras, LED smart lights and sensors, pedestrian trackers and monitors, smart meters on every utility resource, geo-fencing, light pole speakers, recording devices and Wi-Fi/5G, to name but a few.

These technologies will track, trace and monitor every resident 24-hours a day.

In China these technologies have been operational for around 3 years. They utilise voice and face recognition, health, DNA, and behavioural data.

Public spaces will all be connected to surveillance. Likewise, homes will be connected as the push for 'Smart' IoT-connected appliances become mandatory under the guise of Net Zero, and as going 'Green' comes into effect, also within residential and commercial planning and development.

How and where are they rolling out?

Find Bathurst Smart City plan here:

In this podcast Central Coast local, Kate Mason, unpacks the Smart City Implications with Jason Q Citizen and friends on TNT Radio

Find the Greater Cities Bill here

2 comments on “Did you know that the Central Coast is officially part of the Smart City region that links the Illawarra through to Newcastle?”
  1. What a lot of rubbish. Haven’t these thinktankers anything better to do than dream up ways to destroy our freedom of movement privacy and peace of mind. What is “green” about manufacturing and installing tonnes of electronic equipment and devices let alone maintaining them on top of already limited resources. What about vandalism. Oh they will be caught on camera. Better double up on cameras. It’s a good idea to plan, build, and use smart but not to inflict further apprehension and anxiety in our lives than already exists.

  2. So they can do all this yet cannot fix roads and drainage which causes the potholes they also can’t fix! Totally Amazing!

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