Did you know that plans have been in the pipeline for decades for Corporations, Think Tanks and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to take control of national matters?

The world has been run by Elites and Corporations for decades

There has been a push for private entities to take control of global and national policy-making and agendas, resources, interventions, and to provide solutions due to their “expertise”.

This ensures that federal government plays only a capstone role, and global governance takes the lead.

This is what the Greater cities/Smart cities plan is based on.

  • It was created by un-elected global players, and promoted as a beneficial plan to assist the environment and for the betterment of humans.
  • The World Economic Forum describes these private entities as "Non-State Actors".
  • It is crucial to comprehend how large corporations across the world may contribute to a societal shift which moves more money into the hands of $billionaires, thereby creating a new depth of poverty across the world.

Central Coast local resident, Kate Mason, unpacks the Smart City/Greater Cities regional plans and UN Agenda 21 goals in the below video.

The Greater Cities/Six Cities/Smart Cities regions (all one and the same but with multiple titles to confuse and deflect too much attention from citizens) that have been allocated for Greater Sydney run from Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, to the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra, encapsulating Sydney and the Central Coast in its centre.

As Mason explains throughout the presentation and highlighting Rosa Koire's research, the Greater Cities/Mega Cities/Regional Plans, via the Greater Cities Commission, is directly related to United Nations Agenda 21 and the World Economic Forum's formerly-titled New World Order.

This is achieved via the implementation of One World Governance, as communicated by Klaus Schwab himself.

This One World Governance intertwines with the UN 17 sustainable development goals where it is written that inventory of all land, humans, animals, energy, natural resources and so forth, is captured via data.

This data is then to be valued, managed, controlled and utilised by global governance partnerships. These partnerships include; Blackrock (link to short video), Vanguard (link to short video), State Street and the other top 500 Forbes-listed companies.

The second tier of management will come via local public sector organisations such as councils, non-profit organisations, local businesses, so-called philanthropic foundations and advocacy groups.

Keep in mind that your personal information will be shared with all of these groups via your Digital ID data, when these Smart City 'partners' have been established to provide a service to you or the community as a whole.

Watch the World Economic Forum's Global Technology Governance Summit 2021 below. They speak of how 80% of data globally comes from individuals, and that the majority of that data is 'controlled' by 4 major US companies (I'll strike a wild guess at Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street owned companies) and 2 Chinese companies.

These are NOT your elected government departments, yet they talk as though they have been given every right to YOUR data. That's because they have, behind your back.

They discuss the issue of public mistrust, and how they need to create trust so that more people will hand over their personal data. We all should be seeing major red flags on the use of our personal data.

Larger private entities, including The World Economic Forum, The UN, The Rockefeller Foundation and The World Bank (a private entity) work side-by-side with federal and state governments, with great influence and power.

This is why we saw Scott Morrison wash his hands of the Covid-19 crisis, handing all mandating and legislative power over to the World Health Organisation and each State.

He allowed the Premiers to act like dictators, enforcing illegal mandates that contradicted Federal Law and the Australian Constitution.

Read the below direct quotes from the Global Governance 2025 paper.

Further Infiltration of Non-State Actors

On page 27 of the Global Governance 2025 paper, they describe their role as "agenda-setters", non-state actors who are essential sources of knowledge and expertise.

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), an intergovernmental scientific body gathering the paid contribution of thousands of scientists worldwide to assess the evolution and impact of climate change, is perhaps the most prominent case in point.

Expertise will become more salient in all fields of international policymaking, from managing the implications of technological innovation to food and resource scarcity. Watch South Australian Senator Alex Antic discuss concerns regarding NGO control here.

On page 37 of the Global Governance 2025 paper, they describe in black and white their overreach into global governance:

"Opportunities exist to expand the interaction between state and nonstate actors and enhance the performance of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).

First, old and new policy domains would benefit from greater engagement of nonstate actors as partners in standard-setting, monitoring, and verification and as providers of scientific advice and field experience.

These include, among others, biosafety and biosecurity standards, the global health domain at large, transfers of green technologies and of dual-use technologies".

Our analysis:

With NGOs infiltrating the role of governance, in each state and nationally, they control the responses to local issues and control the means by which they do so.

The PPPs are littered all through the Greater/Six Cities documents as resources to assist in providing services and to implement the Smart Cities plans.

Thus they have been given the power to dictate the rules on public transactions that we make, whether that be socially, for resources, or for access to services, and even exercise of our freedom.

We will not have a comeback to the Australian Constitution or law if we don't like how they operate, as these NGOs largely do not have to abide by human rights or our Constitution, for they are often foreign entities with a global nationality, and corporate protections and indemnities.

Furthermore, these NGOs control not only the economy and all data, but also where and how we will live via the Smart Cities.

A takeover of every aspect of our lives

Our Analysis:

NGOs and private corporate entities are permitted to take control of populations with interference and intrusion within public government office and media, driving influence on human behaviours, via influence on social virtues, social morals, threats, fear triggers, perceived incentives, perceived safety and security, as well as manufacturing social constructs - meaning social behaviours and engagement deemed appropriate by those entities.

There is mention of the 'imperfection of current human populations' and that, as an 'economic' consideration, there is a need to 'improve upon the human condition to ensure economic participation and growth'.

OECD/Global Governance as The New World Order
OECD/Global Governance as The New World Order

Read more about the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and 'resource inventory and value' here

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