Political corruption is so prevalent now that people apathetically accept it as normal

When was the last time we had an honest and incorruptible Politician in NSW, or any other State for that matter, who truly stood for the people rather than for political power or bowing to their masters? You can't think of one, can you?

By the time you get to the end of this article, you may seriously want to consider voting in some independent candidates who operate with integrity and honour this time around.

It is time for a change in the guard.


"Politics then (and now) was a honey pot for some: needy, greedy ministers and MPs were looking to benefit from public works, jobs, development and government contracts, as well as through the manipulation of the criminal justice system.

NSW has also always had a sleazy subterranean network of fixers and door-openers who could influence decisions for the right price, bound together by their joint interest in plunder."

ABC News

With Parliament no longer a forum for accountability, there have been ones whom people may have a had a preference for. This especially applies for investors and business owners who have a vested interest in who is placed in power to ensure a modicum of lobbying and tendering success.

Eddie Obeid

We have spent decades having our money stolen by political cartels and thieves in suits as the Australian public listen to empty promises and inverted meanings of broken political policy statements.

What is given to us is taken away with slighted hand or outright callousness, but always with the twist of it being for our own or the economy's good.

Many have been supported as they ride the 'equality' ticket or show some modicum of human empathy, but it's all a show, people. At the end of the day, they do not serve the people; they only serve their own interests.

If nothing has taught us in the past that these politicians are mostly in it for themselves, then 2020 onwards most certainly has. A prime example was watching an array of politicians flaunting their social parties and non-compliance with lockdown mandates, while the rest of the country were encouraged to abandon social contact and dob in neighbours like good little Nazis.

We also had Victorian Premier, Dan Andrews, forging through with the Chinese-partnered Roads and Belt Initiative, even after Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, had taken the CCP initiative off the table for reasons of security concerns. Yet Andrews barrelled on through with it, in opposition to the Federal message, placing security at risk and handing jobs to offshore labour, rather than ensuring Australian businesses and residents benefitted.

Other traitorous events which jeopardised local security interests, from the Australian Labor Party (ALP) NSW Branch officials, members of Chinese Friends of Labor and other affiliated parties were found guilty of serious corrupt conduct, to the current disclosure of Premier Dominic Perrottet's moral skid into representing a Nazi at a fancy dress party in his youth. Let us also not forget a conflict between Ms Berejiklian's public duties and private interests when she was in a relationship with former Liberal MP, Daryl Maguire.

Back in 2014, Political editor Malcolm Farr stated that "just four federal MPs have faced jail time up until that point, but you could fill a prison with the number of State MPs who have broken the law".

Quinten Dempster lays out the web of backscratching in NSW politics

  • Former minister and power-broker Eddie Obeid's extraordinary influence on the Labour governments of Morris Lemma and Kristina Keneally (whose police officer son has faced corruption charges) was a long-played game, and let's not skim over the fact that this is the same 'Obeid' controlled office that our current Prime Minister, Albanese, galumphed out of.
  • Bob Carr in a 2005 inquiry into his office's alleged preferential treatment of Frank Lowy's Westfield.
  • The ICAC delivered a corrupt conduct finding against former Labor Minister, Tony Kelly, over the signing and backdating of a letter relating to the sale of the Currawong site at Sydney's Pittwater.

We have seen corruption in both Federal and State parties and departments, which shake the confidence of the Australian people in the politicians and governmental services who are meant to work in the best interest of the people and the country. For example:
Scott Morrison impersonating 5 other ministers, Centrelink's Robodebt, Ex Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, State Police, The Justice Department, Abuse, Sexual Misconduct, the Australian Federal Police et al.

A non-exhaustive historical circus parade of corrupt and allegedly corrupt Former NSW politicians

Current Liberal Party Member Jean-Claude Perrottet: allegations of misconduct, serious and deliberate attempts to avoid receiving summons issued.

Current Liberal Party member Charles Perrottet: allegations of misconduct, serious and deliberate attempts to avoid" receiving summons issued. 

  • Current Liberal Party Member, Christian Ellis: Allegations of misconduct, serious and deliberate attempts to avoid" receiving summons issued.
  • Former NSW Deputy Premier, John Barilaro: Alleged criminal and corrupt conduct (miraculously cleared by ICAC 6th March 2023. (The list is long).
  • Former Labor minister Ian Macdonald: Dodgy awarding of coal licences.
  • Former Liberal Party Resources and Energy Minister, Chris Hartcher: Corruptly receiving payments.
  • Former Liberal MP for Wyong Darren Webber; Corruptly receiving payments.
  • Former Liberal Upper House MP Marie Ficarra: Corruptly receiving payments.
  • Former Liberal MP, Member for Newcastle Tim Owen: Corruptly receiving payments.
  • Former Liberal MP, Member for Swansea, Gary Edwards: Corruptly receiving payments.
  • Former Liberal Member for Londonderry, Bart Bassett: Corruptly receiving payments.
  • Former Liberal Member for Port Stephens, Craig Baumann: Corruptly receiving payments.
  • Former Liberal Central Coast Liberal MPs Darren Webber and Christopher Spence: Corruptly receiving payments.
  • Central Coast Former Federal Labor MP Belinda 'Don’t You Know Who I Am' Neal: Alleged altercation and Inappropriate conduct.
  • Former Labor MP John Della Bosca (Husband of the above Ms Neal): Public scandal over an extra-marital affair.
  • Former Liberal MP Tim Koelma: Corruptly receiving payments.
  • Former Liberal MP Raymond Carter: Corruptly receiving payments.
  • Former Labor minister Joe Tripodi: Misuse of their influence.
  • Labour Minister Tony Kelly: Misuse of their influence.
  • Former Labour MP Eddie Obeid, Close business associate of disgraced stock broker Rene Rivkin: misuse of their influence and misleading ICAC.
  • Di Girolamo: Misleading ICAC.
  • Former Labor MP Craig Thomson: 'Cash for Visa' fraudulent scheme.
  • John Sidoti: Corruption.
  • Liberal Premier Barry O'Farrell: Falsely denying a 'gift'.
  • Former Labor Secretary Kaila Murnain: Knowledge of Chinese Friends of Labor donations.
  • Former NSW Labor minister Milton Orkopoulos: Sexual assault of minors.
  • Former Industry Minister Christian Porter: Alleged Rape.
  • Former NSW Nationals MP Michael Johnsen: Alleged Rape.
  • Former NSW MP Gareth Ward: Alleged Sexual Violence.

And the list goes on and on and on

Years of accusations are seen, whether alleged and investigated or substantiated. Parliament (whether State or Federal, Liberal, Labour, Nationals or the Greens) is a cesspool of despicable behaviour and violation of trust in their ability to act ethically, professionally and responsibly in their public service roles. Most are shuffled into other positions within the party, land cushy jobs, end up as Lobbyists, or continue to benefit via their networks, therefore still wheeling and dealing behind the scenes.

With the Perrottet Brothers embroiled in allegations of a MP seat fixing scandal, one must ask if this 'paid for political placements' is not so unfamiliar to the Perrottet family? We watch the current unelected 'selected' Premier unashamedly engage in distracting the spotlight via transference of blame onto other parties, instead of promising to bring the accused siblings to justice or clear up the allegations. The fact that they are refusing to re-enter Australia using their current overseas status as an excuse to avoid an inquiry, just goes to show the lack of mettle and integrity of these men.

The Federal Government is not immune, with numerous scandals and allegations over the years. They are meant to lead by example to the States, yet they seem to have their portfolios filled by bottom feeders.

Has the age of parliamentary entitlement gone?

Time to Stop Acquiescing

It's time for a renewal - a move away from corruption, internal bullying, sexual misconduct and fee for favours.

In the next State Election, Vote for someone who is an Independent in every sense of the word - independent from corruption and 'favours' and, most importantly, independent of Party power brokers.

Written in the Public's Interest.

One comment on “Politically Corrupt NSW - A chip off the old block”
  1. Our constitution has not been taught in schools for generations. If people do not know their rights then they have none. Go to commonlaw.earth under ‘educate’ 1960, 1967, 1973 where amendments were made to our constitution without referendums. This is treason.

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