The destruction of the Free World has been in motion in its most active period since the early 70's; some would speculate since WWII. Rather than outright revolutions, Modern-day Communists employ coup d'état tactics, operating through infiltration of universities, think tanks and government over decades, in a methodically planned placement of influential and cashed-up saboteurs and their minions.

Marxism is Communism, which is an ideology that over history has caused extreme poverty, high surveillance, economic control, land confiscation and starvation to millions of people, via fascism and tyrannical dominion.

Any country and historical populace which have experienced Communism have not fared well as a society, except for the very wealthy and those with privileged connections.

Just look at past and present countries which experienced Communism: Czech Republic, China, Armenia, Russia, Cuba, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Poland, East Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Dem Rep. of Congo, Somalia, North Korea, Chile, Spain, and Vietnam to name a few.

How many of those countries experienced huge numbers of genocide against their own people during the Communism years, either directly against their own people or via collateral damage from policies, internal revolutions or war? One thing is clear, in each of these communistic totalitarian regimes, there have been cases of disappearances and imprisonment of dissidents, mass graves, widespread food shortages, starvation, repression, oppression, lack of access to basic resources, strict internal border control/border lockdown, enforced incarceration and genocide, committed by Marxist regimes throughout history.

The human cost of Marxist Communism

  • Vietnam over 3,800,000
  • China: 82,000,000
  • Cambodia: Over 2,400,000
  • North Korea: Over 4,600,000
  • Russia: over 21,000,000
  • Yugoslavia: 1,172,000
  • Australia: To be advised - including Mandatory Vaccination, lockdown deaths and historical Indigenous genocide data.

The slow-soft sell of Communitarianism, woke culture, societal unity through humiliation, and finger-pointing moral righteousness, has been cleverly crafted to corral you into accepting opaquely-disguised Marxism. Most people wouldn't dream it would ever happen here on this freedom-loving continent, but it already has, and one of the major sign-on points for this was The Lima Declaration.

The other sign-on's which have allowed Communism to infiltrate global governments and societies were the United Nations (UN), World Economic Forum (WEF), International Monetary Fund (IMF), The World Bank (TWB), The Paris Accord, the Kyoto Agreement, The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), The World Trade Organisation (WTO), The World Health Organisation (WHO), and NATO et al.

South Australian Senator - Alex Antic

How have they done this?

  • Signing up to the above NGOs and agreements for global governance
  • Climate Change - environmental scare tactics/fear manipulation
  • Diversity - my land is your land, rights only to minorities
  • Equality - Equal Rights - your individual rights given over to the whole
  • Discrimination acts - protects everyone's rights but yours
  • A global pandemic - wealth transfer for elites, and global destruction of small business
  • Land rights/claims - to reduce general public access and sequester Carbon Credits
  • Cyber scares to introduce Digital ID and constant surveillance
  • Lack of referendums - Citizens have zero say, and Government passes bills without public scrutiny
  • Pandemic - promoting fear and division, disposing of the elderly
  • Lockdowns - domestic prisoners, enforced disconnection to loved ones and society
  • Confiscation of Farms - reducing food production globally
  • Censorship & Fact Checking - totalitarian control over freedom of speech and critical thought
  • Enforced vaccinations - individual rights, privacy and choices obliterated
  • Discrimination against a minority group's medical status - the new Jew
  • Move to digital economy - taking individuals' control of cash away - tax on every cent
  • 15-Minute Smart Cities -surveillance, shared accommodation and resources, forego cars
  • Amalgamation of Councils - State Administered and Controlled
  • Identify & Intercept legislations - control over freedom of speech and civil backlash
  • Fuel crisis - pushing electric vehicles, minimising travel, crippling the poorest
  • Electric Vehicles - minimising independent travel and distance travelled
  • Conspiracy theorist labels - create division and hide the truth through diversion
  • Environmental lockdowns - reduce your ability to be free, which isolates people and reduces political revolutions
  • NET Zero - reduction of farming, meat, clothing, travel, land grabs, carbon allocation & tracking (30 by 30, 50 by 50)

Consider if the above is what you want for Australia.

Death of Democracy

Ratified in 1992 by the United Nations and signed by Australia as a participating country, The long-planned Agenda for the 21st Century (Agenda 21) began to be implemented globally as the New World Order. This is the same Communistic NWO that President Reagan warned the world about in 1964, even though he later signed America up to the UN in the 1980s.

Australian media and politicians have been slipping out the term, New World Order, over the past 3 years. It is the same concept that sits behind their global rhetoric phrase 'The New Normal'. These terms have been peppered through news presentations and public addresses, so that we'll get familiar with them. The more comfortable one is with a concept, the more it will be accepted by the masses.

Marxism ideology takes from the needy and gives to the greedy, as can be seen with the coming NET Zero agenda, Agenda 21,, NACs 30 by 30 and 50 by 50 plans.

The Blitzkrieg of the 21st Century

Problem (which they created), reaction (the public's response), solution (which they implemented). Australia has signed up to this Marxism solution, 'the final solution' which was voiced numerous times on Australian mainstream media from 2020. This solution tactic is derived from the World Economic Forum, United Nations, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Monarchy, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Bank of International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, The World Bank and World Trade Organisation et al, in a cleverly planned attack on the free west.

Klaus Schwab - the most Dangerous man in the World

Take off the blinkers. It is right before your eyes for all to see

In the video below, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, John Anderson, speaks with Chapman University Presidential Fellow, John Kotkin, on feudalism and a return to the Dark Ages in the West. This is where the few control everything, a concentration of power and wealth to the few, and where the common people have no rights and own nothing.

Australian Senators are speaking out

The Great Reset

In Scott Morrison's speech in the video below, it is the underlying meaning and subtext that is of concern. He parrots terminology used in WEF and UN policies and agendas, and is clearly aligned with them. He speaks of business-led recovery which is code for utilising 'expertocracy' through Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). These are a partnership to place big corporations and organisations in control of executing provisions to the public, while government takes on a overseer role. PPPs allow for immunity from responsibility to the general public through the power of corporate protections. They do NOT serve the people, and remain unaccountable as we saw with the big pharmaceutical giants during Covid.

Morrison mentions much of the Marxist Agenda 21 Plan through his speech - referencing the pandemic as an apparent unprecedented opportunity. It sounds like it has been planned as a lead-up to implementing a digital economy, digital implementation into the physical, digital identity, trade, decarbonisation, and a deep transition to global energy provision (Net zero).

Google is investing a billion dollars to extend its reach in Australia, assisting social media companies to employ censorship of alleged disinformation and misinformation. 'World Order', Digital B2B and the online technical tools behind Google's investment, is an underhanded way to ensure that all businesses and citizens are under surveillance, in line with the Marxist UN Agenda 21.

Marxism is destroying democracy, the family unit, open debate, and common respect for others. Dr Jordan Peterson and Dr Yoram Hazony dig deep into the psychology of Marxism, and how it has infiltrated governments and society, steering us to where we are now. They discuss why both young and old people have been easily influenced into Marxism-thinking.

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