The World Economic Forum (WEF) states that ‘Covid-19 was a test of social responsibility, a huge number of unimaginable restrictions were adopted by billions across the world, which demonstrated the core individual responsibility'. They want to take the success of the Covid-19 lockdown compliance, and use that for imminent climate lockdowns, thus ensuring that any arising pandemic lockdowns will have well-trained citizens complying.

Highway to Hell

The Swamp

Oxfordshire, England: Home to Oxford University where climate lockdowns and Smart City geo-fencing of 15-20 minute distance travel limit will come into effect, approved and planned for 2024.

Electronic gates (geo-fencing) will be placed on all exit roads of the city and you will require permission to leave the zone. This is in line with the UN Sustainability and Climate goals to reduce carbon output and promote 'sustainability'.

In the post -pandemic cities such as is happening in Australia, life in climate lockdown will involve permits to travel, constant surveillance, and penalties for exceeding your quota of travel and carbon, akin to East Berlin but with invisible walls.

Community health management, "Healthy Cities" (as Australia calls it), digital currency, digital ID, carbon tracking, land grabs: all correlate and link to the World Economic Forum and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The big picture is reminiscent of an Orwellian dystopia, aka 1984.

Communism will save the planet!

World Economic Forum's communist city - coming to a town near you

Maybe Covid-19 lockdowns were a warm up, because current leaders have been signalling that they want to take away the life you are accustomed to for your own good and the health of the planet. Watch this video to see the scale of what is currently unfolding on climate lockdowns.

This article is entitled 'Is a "Climate Lockdown" in the works, to ban red meat (for us), car ownership (for us), and freeze us into submission?'

Prison planet

From the World Economic Forum website - ‘My Carbon’: An approach for inclusive and sustainable cities

The WEF spew the word 'Inclusion' out in every second sentence like fairy dust to fix the world's problems. Inclusion means that people are not segregated, that people feel a sense of belonging and equal value, that each person is respected, and that we are able to actively participate in society without any threats of harm or intimidation, and have a VOICE.

BUT there is NO voice, and NO equal opportunity to have a say in their plans for us. The climate lockdown and smart city geo-fencing IS segregation, it IS devaluing people, it IS NOT without threats of harm or INTIMIDATION, it IS NOT respecting individuals rights, and it IS a direct highway to the 'Hunger Games' HELL.

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