“What we are very proud of, is that we penetrate the global cabinets of countries with our WEF Young Global Leaders. (YGL)”


The Governor-General’s Australian Future Leaders Programme as reported by the ABC is a taxpayer-funded program which has not publicly disclosed their activities. This leads folks to suspect that it’s a secret club of some sort.

These ‘young leaders’ are positioned into roles within politics, military, corporate leadership roles, think tanks, and other influential roles that determine and execute policy, especially World Economic Forum and UN policy, even here in Australia.

Original Wikispooks source

Over $18 Million dollars of taxpayers’ money has been allocated to this Future Leaders Program, which is the Australian arm of The World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program.

The article highlights the fact that this program which we are paying for is lacking any transparency on their activities, the identities of those involved, and how it benefits the people. “… they have delivered the money without having any evidence that it’s going to deliver real results for Australians.” Read more here.

You can find the complete list of Young Global Leader Graduates via the Malone Institute here.

Young Global Shapers

In 2012, Schwab and the WEF founded yet another institution, the Global Shapers Community, which brings together those identified by them as having leadership potential from around the world who are under 30 years of age.

Approximately 10,000 participants have passed through this program to date, and they regularly hold meetings in 400 cities. Global Shapers is a second layer of penetration by the transhumanist, Klaus Schwab, and his World Economic Forum. So, who pays for the programs these young people are engaging in to learn how to turn your life into a living serfdom hell? YOU DO, through your country’s WEF annual contribution.

Our governments and leaders are taking recommendations on how to run the country, including developing economic, social, welfare, health and infrastructure policy from brainwashed, pumped up, entitled 18-30 year old pretentious WEF brats with ‘important’ titles who have only ideology, academic and programmed rhetoric to rely on, with virtually no to little life experience or wisdom. These invertebrates are placed into positions of power, influence (Greta Thunberg is the prime example) or leadership, including penetrating Government through think tanks, advisory roles, lobby positions, and political office. Think about that long and hard.

Sydney Chapter of Global Shapers

Global Shapers has offices around Australia, New Zealand and in 160 other Countries, just as Young Global Leaders does. This is a replication, if you will, in order to penetrate thought leaders, national policy and social construct.

The Young Global Leaders and Global Shapers also collaborate on Agile and global governance, including law, cities, urbanisation, health and civic participation. They are essentially creating and implementing the New World Order for the geriatric Marxists masterminds or, as Klaus likes to call it, the Great Re-Set.

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