Plans for Smart City, digital infrastructure and Net Zero roll out under the guise of sustainable living, environmental and social corporate governance, and what is best for the Earth.

One must ask who bears the financial cost of these globally implemented business models.

Private capital - especially pension funds - have been responsible for stepping up to fund much of the world’s future digital infrastructure requirements.

The people pay

Read Macquarie Bank's disclosure on the subject here

The cost of the Smart City implementation is $150 -$170+ trillion. Did you know that you and your children will be paying for the "Net Zero Smart City/Smart world agenda" for at least the next 30 years? 

The REAL price to be paid

The cost to freedom, humanity and privacy far outweighs the $trillions of dollars we will be forking out.

Under the Chinese dystopian surveillance and social credit system, CCTV and personal data on every citizen and visitor is collected and monitored. Fines for offences such as jaywalking immediately are debited out of your bank account, within seconds of committing the offence.

The CCP rollout of digitally-connected smart cities is a couple of years old.

That structure is the blueprint for the rest of the world, and provide a bird's eye view of where Australia is headed. These technologies and Smart city infrastructure are based around these exact concepts.

The Smart City is not about safety or public wellbeing, it's about control, revenue, and data as an economic commodity.

The Australian 'Nanny State' is about to become a tax payer-funded open prison, a Machiavellian dystopia.

Voice pattern recognition is via 'smart poles', which also manage iris-scanning and collection of DNA information in order to trace all family members and geographic origin.

PCR tests were also being used to collect DNA. However, because it is illegal in most countries to obtain it without personal consent, the documentation on DNA data collection is concealed.

A New York perspective

Read about the hidden costs of Net Zero and Smart Cities here

Original article source

For more information on the annual costs of Net Zero and Smart City Technology from The Bank of America (BofA) please email us for the PDF source document.

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