Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is a chemical compound similar to water (H2O), except with one extra atom of Oxygen, making it super-activated!


While its uses as an oxidizer, bleaching agent, and antiseptic are commonly known, did you know that it also has incredible health benefits?

Charlotte Gerson - The Gerson Institute (www.gerson.org)

Watch this short video where Charlotte Gerson (daughter of Dr Max Gerson who created the Gerson Therapy) lectures about ozone therapy and hydrogen peroxide (HP) treatments.

Dr Gerson asserts that H2O2 kills germs and viruses and even tumour tissue (cancers).

Hydrogen Peroxide, a readily available and cost-effective solution, has been found to exhibit greater efficacy compared to allopathic methods. However, it may not be recommended by healthcare providers due to the insane constraints imposed by the pharmaceutical industry, which often mandates the promotion of harmful treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, and drugs with adverse side effects. Always remember that Big Pharma benefits from you being sick.

The topical application of correctly diluted Hydrogen Peroxide on the skin results in its absorption into the bloodstream, much like any other external substance. This process oxygenates the blood and eliminates toxic cells, thereby promoting overall health and wellness.

hydrogen-peroxide-benefits (Source: www.earthclinic.com)

Always Research and Inform yourself before treating yourself - this includes the subject of Hydrogen Peroxide

As a responsible and informed individual, it is essential to thoroughly research any substance or treatment prior to incorporating it into your health regimen. In the case of Hydrogen Peroxide, it is imperative to understand its potential health benefits as well as its associated effects.

(Source: https://icaagencyalliance.com)

For further research on Hydrogen Peroxide treatments

A website of Hydrogen Peroxide remedies.

Hydrogen Peroxide Intravenous Therapy.

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