Barry Young, a former employee of New Zealand’s Ministry of Health, who has a Masters in Science, has risked going to prison for seven years for releasing anonymised information from a Government database which he helped build.

This data identifies COVID-19 vaccine batch numbers and the corresponding deaths of individuals within a very close timeframe of receiving their dose of the immunisation. The data he presents shows that some batch numbers had a fatality rate of up to 21.38%.

Some of the data Barry Young shared in relation to vaccine batches:

Batch ID 1: Total Vaccinated 711, Death Count 152, 21.38% Dead

Batch ID 8: Total Vaccinated 221, Death Count 38, 17.19% Dead

Batch ID 3: Total Vaccinated 310, Death Count 48, 15.48% Dead

Batch ID 4: Total Vaccinated 364, Death Count 37, 10.16% Dead

Batch ID 6: Total Vaccinated 1006, Death Count 101, 10.04% Dead

Batch ID 2: Total Vaccinated 1018, Death Count 98, 9.63% Dead

Batch ID 7: Total Vaccinated 38, Death Count 3, 7.89% Dead

Batch ID 72: Total Vaccinated 5882, Death Count 278, 4.73% Dead

Batch ID 62: Total Vaccinated 18173, Death Count 831, 4.57% Dead

Batch ID 71: Total Vaccinated 11019, Death Count 498, 4.52% Dead

"The underlying mortality rate in New Zealand should be only 0.75%," said Young. So the odds of all these deaths happening by chance is approximately 100 billion to 1.

"So statistically, what we're saying is that there is no chance that this vaccine is not a killer," declared Young.

Philanthropic supporter of medical research, Steve Kirsch responded to the case:

"The data is legit; that's why they are arresting Barry. He's a hero for exposing the truth.”
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A short video of Barry Young explaining his findings.

The arrest of Barry Young on 5 December 2023

Even though the data Mr Young presented was anonymised, he was arrested and now faces Court.

An interview with Barry Young Since His Release From Jail

Barry’s latest Court appearance on 23 February 2024

Whilst Barry is feeling positive about the legal proceedings, he is calling for more whistleblowers to speak out as he has. He believes that doing so will save lives and lead to justice for victims and survivors.

One comment on “Whistleblower Reveals COVID-19 Vaccine Death Rates!”
  1. Watch all the media presstitutes who screamed "Trust THE Science" now either ignore this entirely or attempt to argue that mathematics and meticulous record keeping, combined, do not constitute "science". Amazing what can be achieved by paying presstitutes to advertise your crimes as a public "service".

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