Since the Covid-19 Vaccine rollout started, there have been hundreds and thousands of deaths globally, as sudden cancer diagnoses and an array of vaccine injuries sky-rocketed (including seizures, myocarditis and bells palsy).

In this post we look at the athletes who have been severely vaccine-injured or who have died, usually during training or a game post-vaccination. When these occurrences are being watched live by millions, you cannot deny it.

Numerous athletes have collapsed, some still in their teens and early twenties, with many also suddenly perishing. Matt Le Tissier is a world famous 17-year football league (soccer) legend (and 8-time world cup representative and sports commentator), who speaks openly about the unprecedented number of sportspeople keeling over.

The number of deaths or injuries are way beyond what the normal numbers typically would be.

The deaths and severe reactions will continue until so many people die that it becomes obvious the vaccine is 10 to 100 times worse than the virus it is supposed to treat.

These athletes are the canaries in the mine that warn us of imminent danger. The dangers are being hidden so people who are not paying attention do not see the warnings.

We only see the athletes because they are in the spotlight. The nobodies (i.e. most people) do not make the news.

To read the sadly inexhaustive list of over 1525 athletes since the vaccines were rolled out, scroll to the bottom of the page on this link for their latest updates. It is quite sobering to see the length of this list.

The vaccine adverse reactions are many. People are playing Russian roulette with their lives. SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) is a brand new label for the surge of non-classified deaths since 2020. Can you see the correlation to when the jabs and boosters rolled out?

Morticians are finding;

  • More young people under 40 dying than ever before
  • Myocarditis
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Blood Clots or Thrombosis

Is the culprit within many Covid-19 Vaccines found in the Graphene & Nanotech?

Dr. Pablo Compra Reports That Graphene Oxide Has Now Been Proved to Exist in 4 Trademark Vaccines by Micro-Raman Spectroscopy

"This research remains open and is made available to scientific community for discussion. We
make a call for independent researchers, with no conflict of interest or coaction from any
institution to make wider counter-analysis of these products to achieve a more detailed
knowledge of the composition and potential health risk of these experimental drugs, reminding
that graphene materials have a potential toxicity on human beings and its presence has not been declared in any emergency use authorization.”

GO is not disclosed by Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and the very corrupt FDA, but this known biotoxin known to cause blood clotting has now been irrefutably identified in all 4 vaccines by principled pro-human scientists.

And we see now that installing nanosensor networks has been a covert intention behind the inclusion of graphene in the vaccines."

Without Informed CONSENT

"A primary response of the blood to toxins is clotting, which prevents oxygenated blood flow to the lungs–and can explain therefore both the clotted blood of the vaccinated, described by many physicians lately and highlighted by Dr. Jane Ruby and the symptoms of choking, coughing, inability to breathe said to typify COVID-19–both of these understandable now as the body’s response to the chemical poisoning of Graphene Oxide, along with radiation poisoning".

Read an extensive report on the studies done on the ingredients, both overt and hidden, in four of the Covid19 Vaccines here.

  • Why are people being adversely affected?
  • Are graphene oxide and nanotechnology acting like an internal grim reaper for even the fittest of the fit to be dropping dead after vaccination?
  • Is it crossing the blood/brain barrier and causing clots, which then travel to the heart, lungs or brain?
  • Are the deaths caused by the toxic response to graphene nanotech within the vaccine?
  • What other horrors are to be found in the vaccines?
  • Are morticians finding graphene within the clots and the blood of these deceased athletes?
  • Are they bothering to even do an autopsy?

Australian doctor, Dr David Nixon, has also studied the Pfizer Vials of the Covid-19 Vaccine, and discusses his findings on Nanotechnology in this video with Maria Zeee. Is there self-organising nanotech in all of the vaccinated population. If so, what is its purpose and WHY is this hidden by the pharmaceutical companies?

We know this was a difficult post to read for many. Our thoughts and condolences are with all the families who have lost loved ones or have suffered adverse reactions, and have been denied validation of the truth and reparations through the government and these companies who have been given a free pass from indemnity. Nothing will ever bring these loved ones back, but those who have play their part in this genocide must be held accountable.

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