What caused a cardiologist, who was a huge proponent of the Covid vaccine, to change his mind about it 180 degrees? To find out what he discovered, watch this 20 minute interview with Clayton Morris of Redacted.

Dr Aseem encouraged the public to take the Covid vaccine when it came out. His first red-flag came when his father suffered a cardiac arrest just after taking the injection. Then he noticed a global spike in young people suffering strokes, myocarditis and pericarditis.

He now is pushing for a total cessation of administering the Covid vaccine to anyone.

Many imminent doctors around the world have seen an abundance of data of harms caused by the vaccine, including autopsy findings which show clear evidence that the damage was caused by this injection.

Under the Hippocratic Oath, doctors are required to give informed consent, which includes warning patients of possible side-effects. This has not been done.

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Dr Malhotra states that, in the original trials undertaken for this experimental injection, the evidence made available to the public was deliberately distorted. The findings demonstrated that the rate of serious adverse events from taking the vaccine was 1 in 800 people. Secondly, the only conclusion that could be drawn was that someone was more likely to suffer serious adverse effects from the vaccine than to be hospitalised with Covid-19.

From the beginning, this injection should never have been authorised.

The Root Cause of this Medical Misinformation Mess

As they say, "Follow the Money". Big Pharma, corporations and big-tech ("the Machine") are the controllers and funders of the Covid narrative. If a research team is funded by the Machine to compile a report regarding the vaccines (or anything in the interests of the Machine), those researchers will say exactly what is expected. If they do not, they lose the research money. It is that simple.

By the way, if you want to know more about how Covid has made the rich even richer, read this.

The Shareholders in Big Pharma do not stand to gain from a healthy population, hence their silence and willful blindness when the evidence of damage is blatantly obvious. This Machine has more power than people realise - power over universities, lobbying, politics and the media. Deliberate deception by the Machine is rampant in order to create wealth, at any cost. Big Tech works hard to suppress the truth around these vaccines.

This behaviour is psychotic in nature, displaying a deceit and uncallous lack of concern for the safety of others.

Screenshot from video https://rumble.com/v20veic-dr.-aseem-malhotra-exposes-the-deadly-causal-mnra-vaccines-data-with-clayto.html
What you CANNOT say - Youtube Terms and Conditions re Covid as at December 2022

This love of money is the main reason the mainstream media give one version of the story only. Counter-narratives are not allowed, definitely are not funded by the Machine, and silencing or banning follows any attempt to show another facet of the blood diamond.

Lack of Knowledge - a major issue in today's society

Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”
― Oscar Wilde, De Profundis

Oscar Wilde is basically saying, "Most people's thoughts are other people's opinions". This is absolutely true! Our perceptions of life are formed by those external to us from cradle to grave. We are told something is true, and we believe it.

However, it is not true to say that all people remain in these molds that we were poured into from infancy. Always, society has had humans who question everything, and probe deeply into the truth or otherwise of what they are told is the way things are.

These are the divergents and independent-thinkers of our world. With new questions come new answers, and deeper understandings of why things are the way they are. In that frame of mind, a person can critically analyse and decide for themselves whether to submit to decrees given (by governments, media, corporations and leaders of our world). Don't allow your thoughts to be formed FOR you any longer! Ask questions, do your own research, look in corners that have been hidden, and see what you uncover.

We submit these articles because there is a dearth of knowledge across our world - increasingly. People like Dr Malhotra are shut out from mainstream society, because certain interests do not want the population to know anything other than what is proclaimed.

When only one side of an argument is permitted, that is called propaganda. Look into other angles. It will be a transformative experience!


Dr Malhotra calls for the immediate suspension of all Covid vaccines in the following video:

Further reading:

Read part 1 of Dr Malhotra's review article: https://bit.ly/3dJuN3W

Read part 2 of Dr Malhotra's review article: https://bit.ly/3dMKIhV

No-one has challenged his review paper to date.

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