You can publish what you like, but if Google doesn’t like it, it is hidden from search results

The World Economic Forum (WEF) admits that they "Own the science and so do the Search platforms" and that Google is on their payroll to ensure you only see what they want you to see when you search for information.

What is evident is that this is a form of fascism, and reeks of the censorship enforced upon China and North Korea.

Australia welcomed Google in a $1Billion dollar deal in 2021, less than a year after Google threatened to end its search function for Australians due to a piece of legislation, the News Media Bargaining Code.

This Code would force Google and Facebook to establish agreements with Australian news organisations to pay for news snippets appearing on their platforms.

Clearly those codes were relaxed for the most part with the deal going ahead via weighty threats, displaying the monopoly of power these tech giants wield.

With Google's power well and truly entangled in Australia, and the WEF stating that they have Google on their payroll, spells out digital dictatorship.

You can do the math on what this also means in regards to unlimited biased information, not to mention collection of your data.

Source: Canstock
Source: Canstock

Censorship has been in place for decades, mainly due to moral and ethical standards for managing inappropriate content such as nudity, violence, sexual connotations and coarse language.

This related to television and advertising standards, and subsequently to search engines and social media platforms.

The ethical reasons are important to maintain a modicum of respect for social moral values. However, there seems to be an imbalance of information bias over the last few years as seen below.

The Book Burning of Free Speech

  • Fact-Checking and disinformation labels on non-approved search results.
  • Heavy censorship on what they deem as 'non-approved' science.
  • Heavy censorship on any non-mainstream discussion around Covid-19.
  • Heavy censorship on Doctors, Scientists & Psychology professionals.
  • Heavy censorship on comments questioning government or media narratives.
  • Federal laws passed allowing for authorities to access and control personal social media accounts, in partnership with search engines and social media platforms.
  • Politicians are exempt from censorship.
  • Only approved search results appearing on Google, Duck Duck Go, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • Relaxed censorship on pro LGBTQIA+ content.
  • No censorship on celebrities and influencers who are pro the Covid-19 mandates.
  • Other forms are debunking, discrediting and labelling opposition as conspiracy theorists, utilising left wing cancel culture.
  • Labelling differing opinions as dangerous or offensive.
Source: Canstock

The rise of the Kraken

If you are not towing the party line with what the WEF and Governments want you to believe and communicate, then watch out. I remember life without the internet. It was the very late 1990s/early 2000s before the internet was used in most homes, universities and colleges. However, newspapers, TV news and some books were censored, so we really only received information on what was disseminated right back to TV's first appearance.

The rise of the internet gave the misguided impression that we had access to information like never before. In a sense we did, because the world went crazy publishing content we never had access to before. However, with that came censorship on what we could access within the circulation of funded information.

Each country has its own rules on what their population can access via the internet. You cannot access everything, and the fascist censorship we witness now only increases.

This censorship is why the Dark Web became popular for researchers, academics and, of course, criminal elements.

Those controlling the biased, propaganda-based search engines, media, academia and public relations machines, rigorously define words and their meaning, and the context in which they are allowed to be spoken.

These days, anyone deviating from these definitions is ostracised in much the same way as people were excommunicated from the church in the Middle Ages for heresy.

Read this well-collated list on why Google should be the last place you search, including excessive censorship.

Freespoke - a balanced and uncensored search engine can be found here.

Way Back Machine - An Internet Archive of everything that has ever been published on the internet but can no longer be found on accessible search engines, such as Google.

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