Intellectual heavyweight, champion of free speech and commonsense, Dr Jordan Peterson PhD, is being chastised by the College of Psychologists of Ontario (governing body) for his freedom of expression.

He is a renowned Clinical Psychologist, Author and former Professor at Toronto University, Canada. They are threating to revoke his practicing licence if he doesn't attend a 're-education' program to correct his thinking.

"I May Disapprove Of What You Say, But I Will Defend To The Death Your Right To Say It


“In a decision released Nov 22, 2022, the College of Psychologists of Ontario, Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee require Dr. Jordan Peterson to successfully complete a prescribed Specified Continuing Education or Remedial Program (SCERP). The substance of the SCERP is a Coaching Program to address issues regarding professionalism in public statements.” (Toronto Sun)

Peterson is accused of 'heresy', but has cancel culture gone too far in regards to freedom of thought and freedom of speech?

"Marginalised groups are infantilised by a culture of victimhood and offence-taking; political correctness threatens freedom of thought and speech; ideological orthodoxy undermines individual responsibility."

"In a nutshell: having failed to win the economic argument, Marxists decided to infiltrate the education system and undermine western values with “vicious, untenable and anti-human ideas”, such as identity politics, that will pave the road to totalitarianism."

Dr Jordan Peterson

David vs Goliath

This high profile case is a watermark moment in history, a momentous battle of David and Goliath. Similar has been occurring with other professions and their regulatory boards globally in the past 3 years at least.

This is a battle against the regulators, political leaders, legislation, mainstream media, social media, internet search engines and influencers who promote cancel culture through censorship and attack.

Should Dr Peterson prevail in this court case, it will be a big win for all who value free speech and intellectual thought. Should he fail, on the other hand, we will see an ever-tightening grip by totalitarian censorship proponents, which does not bode well for civil rights.

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