Sadly many people have died or have been injured as a result of taking the the Covid-19 injection.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics there were no excess deaths in 2020, in fact they were below the historical average at -3.1%.

Excess deaths started to emerge in 2021 and skyrocketed to historical highs by June 2022, where they sat at an unprecedented 17% above the historical average, averaging out to 10.9% by the end of 2022.

This is the highest amount of excess deaths in Australia since World War II. Yet, for some reason, it wasn’t all over the front pages of the mainstream newspapers. According to statistics released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were 9.1% excess deaths in 2023. Source - Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Unfortunately these excess deaths are a global phenomenon as discussed in the video below.

Here is a video of Dr John Campbell discussing the global excess deaths:

Did you know there is currently a class action lawsuit against the Australian Federal Government?

Headed by lawyer, Melissa McCann, this class action is free to join. If you or someone you know wishes to join this class action, please go to: au

Here is a short video by Melissa McCann:

Detox protocols

There are a variety of different detox protocols that have been carefully put together by experts, including a leading Cardiologist.

Spike Protein Detox and Treatment Protocols

  1. Dr. Peter McCullough’s Base Spike Detoxification here.
  2. C19Protocols – Post-Vaccination Protocols here.
  3. FLCCC Alliance – I-RECOVER: Post-Vaccine Treatment here.
  4. World Council for Health – Spike Protein Detox Guide here.
  5. Herbal Stuff n Things – Dandelion Inhibits Spike Protein Bonding (2021 study) video here.
  6. Orthomolecular Medicine News Service – Cancelling the Spike Protein here.
  7. The Wellness Company Spike Support Formula here.

Would you like to tell your story?

In 2022 a lady in Tasmania started what is now known as 'Forest of the Fallen.’

The Forest is a silent vigil of laminated A4 posters, featuring victims and brave survivors of the Covid-19 injections. Each of their stories is mounted on a single bamboo stick.

So far over 600 people have submitted a story about themselves or a loved one. These bamboo sticks are erected at local parks and beaches all over Australia, on a weekly basis. The Forest is displayed peacefully as a silent vigil.

People are free to walk through it and read about the many tragedies that have been swept under the rug by our health authorities. If only the media gave these people a platform to be heard, then these displays wouldn’t be necessary.

However, thanks to the compassionate and tireless efforts of local community members, The Forest has brought an enormous amount of awareness about these injuries and deaths, offering survivors at least a small amount of comfort, knowing that people care and are willing to support them.

Furthermore, they can hopefully also receive justice and compensation for their medical expenses or for their inability to generate an income since being injured and unable to work. It is important to note that, in the majority of these cases, the Australian Government has abandoned these people and left them to pay their own medical expenses.

To visit the website go to

To start your own Forest of The Fallen display, go to

Here is a moving video showing what The Forest of The Fallen is all about.

Jab Injuries Australia

This is a website that publishes the stories of survivors and victims to spread awareness, and to offer support to those who are suffering ongoing issues from the Covid-19 injections.

Jab Injuries Australia collaborates with 'The Forest of The Fallen' to do what the mainstream media is failing to do, which is to inform the public.

Here is their website:
To contact them directly, their email address is
They also have an Instagram page:

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