Dr Roger Hodkinson is one of the most eminent Pathologists in the world, with an extensive curriculum vitae. He is one of thousands of medical practitioners who are exposing the scientific fraud that has been imposed upon humanity for the last three years. Watch this short video in which Dr Hodkinson does not mince his words.

An unprecedented Horror Show - the Worst in Medical History

With a rich experience in medicine, Dr Hodkinson exhorts the listener to believe nothing we have been told, as it has all been a pack of lies from start to finish. He identifies the main drivers of this pandemic of fear as:

(1) The notorious PCR test, giving over 95% false positives in healthy people, which are then listed in the daily newspaper as "Cases"; and

(2) A brutal silencing of counter-narratives from three main sources: Politicians, Media and Physicians.

The mandates regarding lockdowns, masks, social distancing and travel bans have no consensus for effectiveness in the medical literature, according to Dr Hodkinson.

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Social Distancing (Source: https://discoverywall.nz/)

As a pathologist, I can tell you that death happens, life is risky - get used to it! Just like you do every day when you drive your car.

Dr Roger Hodkinson

Watch this video in which Dr Hodkinson speaks about a Substack article by Peter Halligan, an experienced analyst in the financial industry, and expert in translating statistics into a summary statement. Mr Halligan used government data to compile the global Covid-19 vaccine death numbers.

Mr Halligan's current estimate is:

  • 20 Million global deaths directly attributable to the vaccine.
  • 2 Billion serious, adverse reactions.

Dr Hodkinson warns us that the scale of the carnage is not over yet. In the above analysis, suicides due to lockdowns, still-births, diseases exacerbated by this damaging shot, and future deaths are not included.

Question everything!

Please do not be further intimidated or coerced by fear - there are too many questions and risks that remain hidden and censored. While politicians, media and general practitioners are only giving one side of the argument, you can easily do your own research online. We use a censorship-free search engine called www.freespoke.com, as Google and other tech-giants promote the current narrative and 'hide' results that are showing a counter-narrative. Shouldn't all sides of an argument be available so you can make up your own mind?

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