Police takedown of 95 year old Grandma

Update 24the May: Clare Nowland had passed away from her injuries surrounded by family.

RIP Clare.

In the most recent case of excessive force, brutality and incompetent policing, a 95 year old dementia patient in a NSW nursing home was tasered, is critically injured as a result, and now Police are refusing to release bodycam footage of the incident. This disgraceful incident is being reported on worldwide, and the NSW Police Force should be deeply ashamed.

Australians would be justified in demanding not only the firing of the two officers involved for dereliction of duty, causing unwarranted grievous bodily harm and excessive force, but also demanding a full inquiry into excessive police responses on innocent civilians, such as also seen during recent peaceful freedom rallies across the country. Update 23rd May: the Officer in question has been stood down pending inquiry.

Clare Nowland, mother of eight, with 24 grandchildren, 31 great-grandchildren (who is 1.57 meters (5 feet, 2 inches) tall and weighs 43 kilograms (95 pounds)) relies on a walking frame, and could not possibly have been an intimidating threat to two experienced male police officers, who tasered her in two areas of her body, resulting in a fractured skull as she hit the floor.

"Clare Nowland, at some point, had left her bedroom, walking into the kitchen, and picking up a steak knife. By the time police arrived, they say she was in a small medical treatment room, by herself."

It’s pretty clear that the response in this case was heavy-handed and completely inappropriate and unwarranted.

Body-worn footage, which police will not release, captured the next moments in their entirety.

Police say they tried to de-escalate and get Nowland to drop the knife. They say she advanced on them.

She did so slowly and with a walking frame.

“At the time she was tasered she was approaching police, it is fair to say at a slow pace,” Peter Cotter, the NSW assistant police commissioner, said on Friday. “She had a walking frame".

The Guardian

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb is defending the force's actions. Such a disgrace - She needs to go!

Police Brutality and the war on the innocent has to Stop!

The inhumane treatment of Clare Nowland is not an isolated incident.

It appears police were given directives to use excessive force on protesters at freedom rallies - force which far outweighed the alleged crimes. In fact, there was no crime. It is not a criminal offence to protest, nor is it an offence to film police if you are not hindering their duties. The State Mandates were merely 'recommendations'; they were NOT Lawful. State mandates and even State laws are overridden by Australian Federal Laws and The Constitution (the same Constitution that protects individuals civil rights).

The Police declare an Oath to King (previously Queen) to uphold peace. The legal term 'peace', or King's peace (Latin pax regis), is the common-law concept of the maintenance of public order. However, also within Common Law is the premise of freedom from arrest or unfair interference from law enforcers unless you do harm to another or their property. In the cases we present here, that law/oath has been breached by the officers in each event.

The brutal assaults on Clare Nowland, Danny Lim and many others are inexcusable. The police are meant to Protect and Serve the people, not just the Government and King. The Monarch is also meant to serve the people, so if Officers swears allegiance to them, then they also by definition swear allegiance to us?

  • Why are police so heavy handed and poorly equipped to handle a non-threatening situation?
  • Is it due to a lack of proper and extensive training? Are police not provided with skills for advanced negotiation and respectful communication?
  • Are they just piss-weak armed bullies who revel in pushing innocent people around?
  • Are they intentionally trained to lack intuition, situational awareness and compassion?
  • Does the Academy fail to train recruits in advanced de-arming skills, or are they permissioned to be thugs and trained to see ALL citizens, young and old, as the enemy, because we are surely treated as such these days.

Police misconduct costs the Australian taxpayers $Millions every year.

"When police are successfully sued for brutality and other forms of misconduct, it is the taxpayer who foots the bill for damages and legal costs. And in many instances, despite their proven misconduct, the individual offices who are responsible escape disciplinary action altogether. Indeed, it is rare that officers who engage in criminal conduct are criminally prosecuted over their offending."

Sydney Criminal Lawyers

There are good and bad apples in every batch. The police in each State are quickly losing respect and trust. This must be difficult for those Police who do act reasonably and with genuine care for the community (being why they would have entered the Police force in the first place). Most of them are no longer seen as protecting and serving the people, but instead as uniformed aggressors against their fellow citizens.

One can only imagine how we will be treated by international officers who have zero connection with communities, and whom are being integrated into our police services, as is occurring in QLD and WA. And what are citizens rights to sue or have any legal rights against these foreign officers?

Danny Lim, a 78 year old peaceful activist and well know Sydney icon, had his head brutally smashed into the ground by Sydney Police Officers in an unprovoked arrest in 2022. This was a classic case of excessive use of force that was unreasonable for the situation at hand, and was utterly unprovoked.

In Victoria in 2021, a 70 year old woman was pushed by police, smashed her head on the road, and was violently pepper-sprayed by thuggish police. At the same protest, multiple journalists were also severely pepper-sprayed, with two of them arrested by Victorian Police. Regardless of whether you agree or not with the reason people were protesting, the fact remains that the Police were permissioned to use excessive force on innocent Australian civilians.

Law Professor and Sydney University students violently abused by Sydney police in 2020 during a student protest:

There is a petition circulating for the bodycam footage of Clare Nowland to be released by NSW Police. You can find it here.

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