Child abuse - depriving babies of oxygen

It is December 2022, three years later, and we still see people driving in cars by themselves with masks planted firmly over their facial orifices. Firsthand anecdotes of solitary mask-wearing in the home and office, and masked people walking down an isolated beach. Is this ongoing obsession linked to Mental Illness?

It appears to others not sharing the same level of fear or nonsensical civil obedience as an odd behaviour - one that alludes to serious concerns for the mental health of obsessive mask wearers. Why would wearing a mask in solitary, and breathing in one's own carbon dioxide all day, be better than fresh air for one's health? We most certainly are NOT going back to any form of 'normal' while this display of folly continues.

Is mask wearing an infantile Freudian Outlaw fantasy?

WHO - Worldwide Hypocritical Overlords

The World Health Organisation (WHO) made recommendations that healthy people should not wear masks.  People were also advised not to drive with masks on due to oxygen deprivation and increased risk of accidents. In spite of this, people still continued on blindly obeying ill-advised mask mandate recommendations, which defied scientific research to the contrary, even that written by the infamous Dr Fauci himself.

Clearly, some people have a good reason for wearing a mask in public - for example, if they are undergoing chemotherapy or suffer an immune-suppressed condition. Prior to Covid, It was rare to see someone wearing a mask in public. On occasion you might see it, usually attracting stares, unless it was obvious that they were undergoing chemotherapy.

On Sydney buses and trains prior to Covid, you might see the occasional Asian nationals wearing a mask. They were looked upon as strange and over-paranoid about germs. Keep in mind that in China and other highly-polluted countries, the wearing of masks has been common practice for years, but not here in Australia. Hence the sight was one that attracted bemusement and scorn, clearly demonstrated on fellow commuters' facial expressions. How those attitudes have now changed.

Monkey See-Monkey Do

The interesting observation made over the past three years is the immediate and ongoing obsession with germ paranoia, and total obedience in wearing a face muzzle. We can only speculate as to what the psychology is of those who continue to wear masks with no serious underlying immune conditions. Suddenly individual and mass psychosis is physically manifested out of the invisible realms of private mental illness, for everyone to see via a face covering.

People curious about the human condition observe the behaviours of those who continue to virtue-signal and live in fear of their fellow man against an invisible and (as yet unproven) boogieman. They scratch their heads at the depths of ingrained fear and collective compliance within the community psyche. Where does the inclination to stay in the fear come from?

Why were the masses so easily coerced and brainwashed by government and media? And why have they not awoken from their Stockholm syndrome and questioned the many contradictions displayed, even on the hypnotising black box? Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum has openly admitted that Covid was a "social experiment", so why aren't people listening yet?

What makes people comply without question?

  • Were people afraid of fines from authorities?
  • Are people liking this new sense of socially-cohesive purpose?
  • Are people addicted to this daily sense of foreboding and fear of illness?
  • Is it an OCD issue, a phobia issue, irrational fear, or a mental illness issue?
  • Possible unhealed emotional trauma that creates fear of the unknown and invisible?
  • Is it blind trust in the government that they have your wellbeing as their priority?
  • Past fear patterns from narcissistic parents or partners demanding obedience?
  • Is it childhood based obedience conditioning, 'go along to get along' mentality?
  • Are people afraid to stand against the flock and risk being ostracised?
  • An opportunity for control freak bullying and making others comply to your orders?
  • Is there a fear that for, the first time in history EVER, this is truly a never-ending pandemic of many comically-named strains?

Fashion accessory for the Narcissists

The other side of mental illness we have all now been privy to is the need for virtue signalling within accordance to perceived social moral constructs, POSING as an apparent caring member of society. With this social behavioural demonstration came a righteous sense of self and the belief that individuals have a right to chastise the unmasked strangers in their midst, in a condescending and often aggressive manner. But is this behaviour just a symptom of irrational fear?

Another immature child ego state and negative characteristic trait is the narcissistic one of expecting everyone else to wear a mask so that the person demanding it doesn't get sick. What has happened to self-responsibility? Prior to Covid, people who had chemo or a suppressed immune system didn't expect the rest of society to wear a mask to protect them. They wore one perhaps to protect themselves; it was their responsibility to look after their own health. It is not everyone else's responsibility, and you don't get anymore narcissistic than that! It is a sure sign of the 'woke' times when individuals publicly display a grossly overstated sense of entitlement and expects the world to bend to their will and needs.

Society needs to grow up and develop self-responsibility and a set of kahunas. It appears that the last 25 years of helicopter-parenting, self-congratulating, entitlement, and award winning losers that have been churning out of the school system, has also sadly rubbed off on much of Generation X and Baby Boomers. Social conditioning, the death of self-responsibility, and encouraging the "victim mentality' and 'wounded child' complex will do that.

The proof of that came out over the last three years, and many brown shirts are still wringing out every inch of misguided power in order to lord over their fellow peasants.

Is this a result of the government mandated permission for people's innate bullying and narcissistic tendencies to arise in the public arena, thus considering it was their justifiable civic duty to chastise perfect strangers? Or is it deeper than that, with the answer lying in psychological imbalance or unhealed emotional trauma?

The sheer arrogance of chiding a complete stranger for not complying to the same level of fear, or for even having a valid mask exemption. Furthermore, expecting that person to disclose evidence of their mask exemption was astonishing to watch, not to mention the illegality of demanding private medical information.

Mental Illness and fear of invisible threats

Is this a mentally healthy person?

A detailed scientific study from the National Library of Medicine explores unique characteristics of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in the context of the current coronavirus pandemic, and the stress experienced by people with OCD in dealing with their obsession of wearing masks.

We must ask ourselves is this obsession with the ongoing wearing of masks even when alone, an OCD issue, a phobia, a mental illness, or a complete and utter brainwashing based on fear and belief in the government narrative. Follow the studies within the link for more in-depth research into this area.

The state of the mind

" the case of obsessional fears of contamination, it may not really be about any of the objective characteristics of viruses and germs, but instead, how these personified life forms desecrate and violate one's own self and personhood, not dissimilar from feelings of contamination that may arise following imagined or actual violation..." In a nutshell - IRRATIONAL FEAR.

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