The above video features a mother who goes by the name Debra, whose children first disclosed severe sexual and ritualistic abuse to her in 1989.

Their alleged abuse occurred at the Christian Life Centre which was later re-named Hillsong.

Debra describes the horrific satanic nature of the abuse, and also claims that her children witnessed the murders of several other children, one of whom was allegedly described as Helen Karipidis, who vanished from her home in Sydney's inner west on December 22nd 1988. Helen is still missing to this day. Despite Debra reporting what her children disclosed to her, to police, she says nothing was ever done. In fact, she says that the police did everything in their power to cover it up.

Debra sought help from a politician at the time named Deirdre Grusovin, who initiated an investigation and then encouraged Debra to go to the Wood Royal Commission.

Debra explains in detail about how she was completely shut down by members of the police force and DOCS when she tried seeking justice for her two children. Debra says she was even threatened by a policeman, and had to flee her home for her own protection.

Debra also speaks about the Mr Bubbles Case, which allegedly involved satanic ritual abuse and is discussed here in this article - demonstrating yet again how hard it is to get justice, even when there is medical evidence that substantiates the sexual abuse of children.


This is the second part of Debra’s interview, which goes into more detail about her allegations regarding Hillsong being involved with child trafficking in Australia, and how members of the church are placed in key positions of authority, where they can easily access children.

This allegation is given additional weight by the testimony of a man who goes by the name Lawrence, featured in the video interview below.

Another victim makes similar claims to Debra

Lawrence, an indigenous man, was allegedly the victim of sexual abuse as a child and a witness in the Royal Commission. Lawrence, like Debra, also implicates Hillsong as an organisation that procures children for "V.I.P" paedophile rings and the production of child exploitation material. Lawrence also claims that the church were involved in creating snuff films featuring children.

Lawrence is another witness who alleges that the church has members in key positions, working as the heads of charities such as the Salvation Army (see a witness interview here), the heads of foster care departments, the heads of adoption agencies, members of the judiciary and key members at the higher ranks of the police force. Lawrence claims that these people are placed in these key positions as a strategic move, so that they can easily access children and profit from their exploitation to the organised paedophile rings.

Lawrence also makes claims that Johnny Young and the Australian show "Young Talent Time" was a platform that was used to groom talented children, forcing them to participate in sexual acts in order to achieve fame.

He speaks about how this alleged organised cartel of criminals films people who have positions of authority in compromising actions. Then they use that material to blackmail them into carrying out their will, particularly in the political and journalistic arenas. (NOTE: Rachel Vaughan also make this same claim in an interview, as does Adrian Wells). Lawrence names a lot of well known people and institutions in the above interview.

To hear about other survivors of institutional abuse who accuse famous people of child sexual abuse, please listen to a short video of Dean Henry’s testimony and Tim Roy's Statement.

Proven paedophilia at Hillsong Church

In November 2018, Brett Sengstock told Liz Hayes in a 60 Minutes interview that he was sexually abused by Hillsong Church founder, Frank Houston. Watch interview here.

Frank Houston's son, Brian Houston, admitted he knew about his father's crimes at the Royal Commission into the institutional sexual abuse of children.

As a seven-year-old boy, Brett was repeatedly sexually abused by the high-profile pastor, who was supposed to protect him. Frank Houston was a leader of the Assemblies of God, a fiery Pentecostal preacher who condemned sin and preached forgiveness.

Frank Houston was also a serial paedophile who was never brought to justice for his crimes because his crimes were never reported to police - despite those whom they were reported to being mandated reporters. Frank was allowed to live out his days in luxurious retirement, while those who survived his horrendous attacks have lived with trauma and PTSD symptoms every single day of their lives.

Dean Henry claims he was sexually abused as a child by the head of the 'Wood Royal Commission', Justice James Wood

A short video of Dean Henry's allegations, from an interview that also features his wife

Dean Henry was a witness at The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Henry names quite a few well-known and powerful people, including Justice Wood who was the head of the previous Wood Royal Commission, which was also investigating paedophilia, and raises alarms about conflicts of interest.

Another famous individual that Henry names is Psychiatrist, Dr Antony Kidman, who was Nicole Kidman's father; someone who was also named by Fiona Barnett.

Full video of Dean Henry’s allegations

This is quite a long video but it delves into so much infomation about just how deep this alleged paedophile network runs in local communities. All Australians should be aware of this so they can protect their children.

The "Mr Bubbles" Case

In 1988, allegations of satanic rituals and blood sacrifice, child pornography and a ring of pedophiles preying on children attending a kindergarten on Sydney’s northern beaches, led to Anthony Deren and others being charged.

The Mr Bubbles case collapsed from lack of evidence, even though the charges included 49 counts of abuse involving 17 boys and girls aged between three and six, with medical records showing evidence of sexual abuse in the children.

This is all discussed in the above video. Deren had also confessed on the Derryn Hinch program that he had indecently assaulted two girls between the ages of 10 -13 in Papua, New Guinea. He admitted he had an urge to touch young girls' private parts.

One of the key witnesses for Deren was Ralph Underwager, who was one of the founding members of the notorious False Memory Syndrome Association discussed here. Underwager was called in from the U.S.A. He was paid $25,000 and gave crucial evidence in favour of Tony Deren, which lead to Deren walking free. The video above questions Underwager's credibility.

An excerpt from a Sydney Morning Herald article published on 26th October 1992:

"It happened 20 years ago when the Derens were living in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, where he was working as a Telecom technician, and she (Deren's wife) ran another kindergarten."

"Tony Deren says he was overcome with an urge to touch-up young girls -half-a-dozen times. In the space of 18 months, he indecently groped girls in the Boroko swimming pool, and in August 1972 he was caught."

"He was charged with the aggravated assault of two girls, and after a Magistrate’s Court hearing, was ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment. No conviction was recorded."

“I still don’t fully understand it,” says Tony Deren, “I went to see the psychiatrist six or eight times, but eventually he said there was no point in further treatment, it was something I would have to learn to control. I haven’t had those feelings since, and even if I did, I wouldn’t do anything. It gave me such a shock.”

It beggars belief that Tony Deren was able to walk free. This unfortunate outcome was the result of the pseudoscience cited by the False Memory Foundation. Victims were again dismissed in this case, as they were by Commissioner Wood during the Wood Royal Commission, when he too supported the idea of false memory syndrome to discredit victim testimonies.

Full Article here.

Child sexual abuse survivor of the Salvation Army

Here is a video from the Sydney Morning Herald YouTube channel, to give weight to the allegations made by the above survivors who have named this charity and others as being complicit in the trafficking of Australian children.

Are you a victim seeking justice or support?

You can go to this website that helps survivors rebuild their lives Warriors Advocacy
Head Office:
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Coffs Harbour Plaza, NSW, 2450

Phone:  02 8317 5444 Hotline:  1300 863 509 Email:

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